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Ages: 13+
Dakota Johnson, Tracee Ellis Ross, Kelvin Harrison Jr., Zoë Chao, Bill Pullman, Eddie Izzard, Ice Cube 
Summary: The High Note is a Native American romantic-comedy-drama which revolves around music concerts which are held in LA. The movie involves a high rated singer, her personal assistant who has overworked due to the tight schedule, and later on comes up with a plan to change her way of living forever.
Director: Nisha Ganatra
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Drama
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 113 minutes

What’s the story?

The movie “The High Note” is written by Flora Greeson and is directed by Nisha Ganatra who previously directed the movie “Late Night”. The producers of the movie are Eric Fellner and Tim Bevan. The executive producers of “The High Note”are Alexandra Loewy and Nathan Kelly. The movie was set to release on 8th May 2020, but due to the global pandemic the theaters are not opened yet, the movie will be released on 29th May 2020 on Premium Video-On-Demand (PVOD) and not released in any of the theaters worldwide. This kind of movie releasing was also done by some other popular brands such as Disney and Universal as they released their recent movies online due to the situation going on around the world and had entertained their fans through Video on Demand (VOD).

A while ago when Universal Studios decided to cut-off from theaters and released their movie The King of Staten Island on VOD following the DreamWorks animated movie Trolls World Tour which also published on the Video-On-Demand. The theaters were not happy because of these releases but couldn’t do anything due to the global pandemic. In some of the states the movie theaters are open for public but the movie will not be shown there as it will be released online.

The High Note

The main cast of the movie includes Tracee Ellis Ross who played the main character of the movie as Grace Davis, Dakota Johnson who played the character of Grace’s personal assistant as Maggie Sherwood, Ice Cube who played the character of Grace’s manager as Jack Robertson. The co-stars were Kelvin Harrison Jr. who played his character as David Cliff, Zoë Chao who played her character as Katie Davis, Deniz Akdeniz who played his character as Spencer Cliff, June Diane Raphael who played her character as Gloria, Diplo starred as himself, Eddie Izzard and Bill Pullman.

Is it any good?

The movie is entirely based on the music scenes of Los Angeles, United States. The story of the movie is of a hit singer grace Davis whose talent and self-worth have reached the sky. Her overworked personal assistant Maggie who’s very much stuck in the day-to-day life but dreams to be a music producer in the future. Then there is Jack Robertson the manager of Grace who gives his advice to Maggie that could change the direction of her career. Upon listening to Jack’s advice both Grace and Maggie come up with a plan that could change their way of living forever. All the stars of the movie which include Maggie the personal assistant, Jack the manager, and the rest of the cast works together for Grace the singer to help her in the recording of her new music album.

As seen in the trailer of the movie, we can clearly see that there is a singer known as Grace Davis who is very arrogant and wants everything and everyone to perform the way that likes and if any kind of mistake happens she would scold and disrespect the other people that are working with her as background performers and musicians. Later she recruits a personal assistant (Maggie) for herself to whom she gives all her work, Grace doesn’t care whether its day or night she wants her work to complete. Because of this hardworking schedule Maggie becomes overworked and gets frustrated with her way of living her life.

The High Note 1

Maggie has a dream of becoming a successful music producer of the future, later she tells about her dream to Grace’s manager (Jack Robertson) and he gives her life-changing advice. Then Maggie implements Jack’s advice which gives her a little help in moving forward in her career, But faces a lot of difficulties in pursuing her career as a successful music producer.

She then tells Grace about her plan and she decides to help her in such a way that the work given to Maggie was completed as well as Grace trains her and give tips on how all the things should be handled and how to talk to the media persons as well as the artists with whom she is willing to work. While on training with Grace, Maggie struggles a lot but she was not perfect in all ways so she does a number of mistakes, but she does not stop doing her work. In the meantime while all this is going on Maggie falls in love with a boy who also helps and encourages her to reach the heights of her career. In the end Maggie succeeds and becomes a successful and well-known music producer of the industry.


The movie “The High Note” is basically of a hard-working personal assistant, who has a dream of becoming a well-known music producer of the music industry but is stuck in her daily life routine which has a very tight schedule and requires non-stop working. The work includes completing all the work which is given by her boss who is a very high rated singer but is arrogant and does not like any kind of clumsiness happening by her co-workers. Grace has a manager who gives Maggie a bit of very great and life-changing advice in order to start her career as a music producer, but the way is not easy and Maggie faces a lot of difficulties while doing so, but she never stops later Maggie tells about her dream to Grace and after listening to her, Grace and Maggie make a plan that could benefit Maggie. In the end Maggie becomes a very successful music producer. The movie will release on Video on Demand (VOD) on 29th May 2020.

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