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Corona is still ruling in many countries, but our life is coming back on track. Hence, now we can expect new movies from the entertainment industry. If you are also looking to watch any new story, you should think about “The King of Staten Island”. It is the latest release of this month, 12th June 2020, in the USA.

The movie is starring Pete Davidson as Scott Carlin, Ricky Velez as Oscar, Bel Powley as Kelsey, and Moises Arias as Igor. Additionally, the list includes Lou Wilson as Richie, Marisa Tomei as Margie Carlin, Carly Aquilino as Tara, and many more.

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The story is all based on the life of a young man. He gets serious about living his life after her mother is dating a guy who is a firefighter, the same as his deceased father. It is filmed all over New York City in June and July 2019. Its story is also known as semi-biography based on the life of Davidson, who battles with the depression after losing his father.

The movie is based on a 24 years old Scott Carlin, who is a high school dropout and lives with his sister and mother. His father died while fighting fire on a hotel when Scott is a young age. After this loss, he got much affected and had gone through many medical issues like ADHD and Crohn’s disease.

He is spending time with his friends; he is an unemployed guy, and have a habit of smoking marijuana. He is also in a relationship with Kelsey but fears to commit to continuing his relation forward. He is dreaming of being a tattoo artist! One day a man Ray asks Scott’s mother for a date, but Scott is not happy with this relationship of his mom.

Further, he got a job to work as a busboy and got close to his sister and Harold(Ray’s child). Later he gets to indulge in a robbery at the pharmacy store, but it goes awry. Luckily, Scott escapes from the situation, but his friend Oscar is shot, and the others are arrested. Scott further meets Gina, the ex-wife of Ray. She informs him about all the negative habits of Ray.

He forwarded all this information to his mother, but she ultimately kicks out both of the men from her house. Scott gets homeless, but he is allowed to stay in Ray’s firehouse against doing some odd jobs. Now, what’s happens next? If you want to know more, then you need to better experience by watching it yourself!

5 Interesting Facts about the Movie

If you are a kind of person who loves to know more about beyond-the-camera facts about any film then here is something interesting for you.

1) Steve Buscemi was a firefighter at the New York City before changing his complete profession to a professional actor.

2) Stephen is the Grandpa of Pete in real life as well.

3) When Pete was seven in his real-life, his dad passed away, who was a firefighter. His father died while doing his duty after the famous terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on Sep 11, 2001.

4) At the start of the film, Scoot is watching a horror movie with his friends, 2018 titled “The First Purge” that was starring Marisa Tomei.

5) Maude Apatow, who played the role of Pete’s sister in the movie, is the daughter of actress Leslie Mann and director Judd Apatow of the film.

Is it any Good?

If you love watching a movie of 2 hours 16 minutes having a blend of both Comedy and Drama, then this is something that you cannot skip. Overall, it is an exciting movie to watch, especially in the second half, where the story becomes more moving and compelling.

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According to IMDB, until now, it has rated 7.2 out of 10 from about 5k voters. On Metascore, the film has got 68 based on 46 critic reviews and a user score of 7.5 as per 43 ratings.

In rotten tomatoes, the movie has got an average critic rating of 6.78/10 from about two hundred votes that equated an overall score of 71%. As per the audiences, it has got a total score of 90% by 860 ratings, with a star rating of 4.38 on average from 5.

By the way, Critics are happy with the performance of the star cast, especially Pete. Most of them liked how a mature subject is portrayed in the movie.


The movie has comedy, emotions, and an excellent performance by the casts to engage its audiences well. It is an inspiring story that has been composed by Dave Sirus, Pete Davidson, and Judd Apatow.

It was produced by Barry Mendel and Judd Apatow with Judah Miller, Micheal Bederman, and Pete Davidson as executive producers. Universal pictures had taken the responsibility to release it!

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, the makers had decided to release the movie only in 100 theaters of the country where most of them are drive-ins. However, unfortunately, two days before the release of the film, theaters had got legal notice that no movies will be shown. So the only platform of its release was via on-demand TV.

If you interested to watch it, then you can do it at home anytime! It is currently available to stream on rent at VUDU, Apple TV, Fandango Now, Amazon prime video, Google Play, Xfinity, and more.

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