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Ages: 13+
 Leslie Bibb, Josh Duhamel, Kevin Alejandro
Summary: Attempting to assemble her life back after the demise of her significant other, Libby and her kids move to her antagonized Aunt’s goat ranch in focal Texas. After the abrupt demise of her better half, Libby is compelled to move in with her exacting mother.
Directors: Vicky Wight
Genre(s):  Romance
Rating: PG-13
109 minutes

What’s The Story?

The Lost Husband is a 2020 American slant film directed and created by Vicky Wight and which includes Leslie Bibb and Josh Duhamel. It relies upon Katherine Center’s 2013 novel with an exact name. The film was published to digital platforms on 10th April 2020.

After the death of her loved one, Libby also loses her home and in return she gets no place to live in as a single parent of two (Abby and Tank). She moves in with her mom, Marsha, an excessively basic lady. Marsha, who smokes a great deal and has been hitched on different occasions, has consistently had a rough relationship with Libby. In the wake of lamenting her significant other for a half year, Marsha gives Libby a final offer pushing her to get a hold of her all the more rapidly.

The Lost Husband 1

This winds up being the issue that is at last an excessive amount to endure for Libby, closing she can no longer take living with her mother. Subsequent to appearing at the farm, Aunt Jean trains James O’Connor to give Libby the general tour of keeping up the property. Libby isn’t excited about the thought, however acknowledges in light of the fact that she needs a vocation. Gradually, Libby and the youngsters begin becoming acclimated to their new life at the homestead.

Libby builds up her ranch aptitudes and starts holding with James O’Connor. One night, they unintentionally lock themselves in the farm’s enormous ice chest, experiencing the night together until Russ saves them the next morning. As they go to the bazaar to trade the cheese, they come across to three strangers that were once Libby’s friends, who insulted Libby for dressing like a beggar and consider hr as a bad luck for her husband.

The children at that point get to know James, who likes to play with Tank and enlightens Abby regarding how to spare herself from a harasser at her school who experiences her for having a shuffle. Abby gets suspended from school for punching her domineering jerk and, despite the fact that Libby is angry with James for showing her karate, she understands Abby believed James to inform her regarding the harassing issues while she had been too hesitant to even consider talking about it with Libby and adding to her pressure.

Later in the movie Abby is suspended again for using abusive words with her harasser, who had hit her in the head. Libby goes with James to pick Abby from her class, and when he comes across her harasser, he threatens James.

The family additionally meets and bonds with Aunt Jean’s sweetheart and his granddaughter. One night, Libby is taken by Sunshine to her old house which is believed to be the house of Aunt Jean, but was abandoned after the death of her husband Frank. Daylight proposes Libby attempt to speak with her dead spouse. In spite of the fact that Libby doesn’t take conversing with the dead too genuinely, she has a wistful and crude second conveying a speech as though she were conversing with Danny. All through the following days we gradually observe Libby get a feeling of conclusion about her better half’s demise.

During Aunt Jean’s birthday celebration, we get familiar with James. Following 5 years of marriage, his significant other succumbed to another man and requested a separation. A few months later, after the death of her husband, she had a heart attack and required intense care from a heart doctor. James then came into her life as his wife had left him alone in the difficult phase of his life.

The Lost Husband

At some point later, Libby decides to go to the Aunt Jean’s abandoned home and there she stumbles upon a picture of herself with aunt and her husband. She converses with Aunt Jean about the image and finds that Marsha had left her with Aunt Jean to care for her grandparents. Nonetheless, because of their sensitive wellbeing, it was Aunt Jean who had thought about her for a long time. 4 years later, Marsha returned for the grandma’s old age home and subsequent to perceiving how energetic Aunt Jean was with Libby, took her back. Libby at that point goes to Marsha’s home to stand up to her about it. Marsha says she was just 18 by at that point and anticipated that Libby answers that she ought to have starting late left her with Aunt Jean and she could have had an unmatched life.

Libby returns to the bequest and requests that Aunt Jean let her refurbish the house, so she can live there with her kids, promising her that she will keep dealing with the homestead. Finally we see Libby fixing the house when James makes an excursion to reveal to her that he had been helping his ex move in with her kin, so they could deal with her. Acquiring conclusion to that part his life, James reveals to Libby he is back and prepared to keep chipping away at the homestead. They are considered kissing to be the credits begin rolling.

Is it any Good?

Stream it. In case you’re generally a sucker for Nicholas Sparks or the previously mentioned messy sentiments that plague our TVs and streaming stages nowadays, The Lost Husband is a welcome, shockingly moving expansion to the assortment. In spite of its liberal length, its solid exhibitions and delicate nature might be sufficient to win your heart.


Getting end to that segment his life, James tells Libby that he is back and is keen to continue managing the estate.

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