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Ages: 17+
Adam Sandler, Lakeith Stanfield, Julia Fox, Kevin Garnett, Idina Menzel, Eric Bogosian
Summary: It is a movie about New York Jeweler named Howard Ratner who was addicted to gambling. He always looks for a big opportunity where he can cash out. He was deep in debt and always hoped that one day he will fully pay his debt. He made a series of bad decisions in his life which made his life worst.
Directors: Benny Safdie, Josh Safdie
Genre(s):  Crime, Drama, Thriller
Rating: R
135 minutes

What’s the story?

This movie is directed by Josh and Benny Safdie and written by Ronald Bronstein. The cast of this masterpiece includes Adam Sandler who played Howard Ratner, LaKeith Stanfield (Demany), Kevin Garnett, Idina Manzel (Dinah Ratner), Julia Fox (Julia), Eric Bogosian (Arno) and many more.

Uncut Gems is a movie filled with thriller and crime. This thriller movie was directed by Benny and Josh Safdie and co-written by Ronald Bronstein. This is a movie about a person who was addicted to gambling. The movie starts with a Jewish miner who finds a rare Black Opal in the African Welo mine in 2010. Then the movie shifts to the year 2012 and shows the life of Howard Ratner who was addicted to gambling and also runs KMH. KMH is the name of the jewelry store which he runs in the Diamond District of New York City.

Uncut Gems

Howard was struggling with debts due to his gambling addiction. He also owes 100,000 to his brother-in-law Arno. His personal life was also very disturbed. He split his time between his Girlfriend Julia who was also his employee and his wife Dinah who was ready to divorce him. One day Demany the business associate of Howard bring Kevin Garnett the NBA star in KMH. While Keven was looking around in the store, Ethiopian black opal arrives at KMH. Kevin becomes obsessed with Ethiopian black opal. Howard agrees to give that rare gem to Kevin. After Kevin leaves the store with Ethiopian Black Opal, Howard places six-way parley on Kevin Garnett in that night game. Howard wins 600,000 in his bet, but Nico and Phil the bodyguards of Arno ambush him at the school play of his daughter. After beating him up Arno his brother-in-law reveals that he stoped his six-way parley because he was placing that bet with his money. Howard then looks for Demany and found him in the party of The Weeknd.

Demany tells Howard that his rare gem is still with Kevin Garnett. Then he found out that his girlfriend Julia was snorting cocaine with The Weeknd in the bathroom. He thought that Julia is cheating and start fighting The Weeknd. He then breaks up with Julia and asks her to move out. Kevin Garnett then comes back with Black Opal before the auction and gives the offer of 175,000 to Howard for Black Opal but he refuses. Howard discovered that the price of that Ethiopian Black Opal is less than his estimation. To raise the price of Opal he convinced his father-in-law Gooey to place a bet on that opal. But his plan was destroyed by Kevin Garnett when he stops placing bet. Gooey give that Opal to Howard after the auction. Phil and Nico again then show up outside of auction and assault Howard. Howard after getting assault reach KMH is blood and tears. Julian is KHM comforts Howard and they patch-up. Howard then heard the news that NBA player Kevin Garnett is still willing for that Black Opal.

Howard then sells that Black Opal to Kevin Garnett and place that money on the bet on Garnett. He then convinces his girlfriend Julia to place a bet on his behalf. Phil and Nico reach the store to thread Howard but Julia successfully escapes and Howard traps them inside the store. Howard than start watching the game after trapping Arno, Nico, and Phil inside the store. Garnett’s team won that game and Howard also win 1.2 Million dollars in that game. Howard became very happy and free Arno and his bodyguards. Arno becomes happy for Howard but Phil was in deep anger. Phil then Shot Howard and Arno. After killing them Phil and Nico escape from scene and Julia there leaves the game with all the winnings of Howard.

Is it any good?

It is a movie filled with thriller and drama. This is the story of a gambler who was struggling to pay back his huge debts. There is always hope in him that he will pay his all debts one day. But no one trusted him always see him as a junkie having and gambling addiction. This movie show audience the cracked world of Howard. He owns a jewelry shop in New York City.


Demany was his associate who hustles clients who were interested in jewelry. The latest client of Howard was Kevin Garnett NBA player. Howard then shows Kevin the Ethiopian Black Opal who Kevin borrow for good luck. This was the first of many bad choices that Howard make in the movie which makes his life worst. His life was full of bad decisions, his wife was about to divorce him, his daughter doesn’t like to talk to him and he has a girlfriend who was also his employee.

This movie is not just a story of a junkie gambler but it is a movie that gives the audience an experience of Howards messed up life. It is a movie that shows people the result of making bad decisions in life. Howard is the man who doesn’t care about the world and humility. Adam Sandler played his role as Howard in this movie perfectly. It is very fascinating to watch the acting of Adam Sandler in this movie. This is a worth watching movie for people who like thrillers.


Uncut Gems is a movie filled with thriller and study of a character who was addicted to gambling. It is directed by really talented Josh and Benny Safdie. Howards is the person who was addicted to gambling and making bad decisions in his life which made his life a mess. He was an avatar of depression, anxiety, lust, greed, and bad decisions.

Howard also does not have a good relationship with his own family. His daughter not even like to talk to him and his wife was full of him and his gambling addiction. Cast in this movie played there role really well. It is kind of a movie that keeps you on the edge of thrill and also makes you feel like you are also making some bad decisions in life like Howard.

The audience will fell into different emotions while watching this movie. The story of this movie was very compelling and acting in this movie was superb.

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