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The movie Wasp Network is entirely based on the rivalry of America and Cuba. This film is directed and scripted by Olivier Assayas. This movie is of secret agents of Cuba that were disguised in the American province in the 1990s. Wasp Network was premiered on 1st Sept 2019 at the Venice Film Festival. This was then released on 29th January 2020 in France by Memento Films, and then finally was streamed on 19th June 2020 on Netflix.

The movie takes place in Havana the capital of Cuba in the early 90s, where a Cuban military pilot named as René González has left behind his beloved family in his home country in order to take a fresh start in his life in the USA. René steals a plane and flies it secretly under the radar to Miami. René quickly joins a group of Cuban deportees and Castro enemies, Cuban Brothers to the Rescue, who work from Florida and act against the Cuban government by doing their own military operations and also plans to collapse the tourism industry of Cuba. A Cuban underground organization known as La Red Avispa also is known as the Wasp Network in English.

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The Brothers and CANF (Cuban American National Foundation) to the Rescue not only commence publicity flyers about Havana, or to bring balseros from Cuba to the Florida coast, but also smuggle drugs and weapons. They also made revolutionary activities in Cuba which were organized by Luis Posada Carriles. In 1996, 2 Cessna Skymaster planes from Brothers to the Rescue were shot down by Cuban MiG planes, killing the four pilots in the Caribbean Sea.

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Juan Pablo Roque, a Cuban pilot who came to shore by swimming asks for a political refuge at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base comes to Miami and to settle down in Miami he gets married to Ana Margarita Martínez, but a few years later he goes back to Havana which made it very clear that he was a spy who had infiltrated anti-Castro relations. After going through many political procedures and a long time later, René’s family were allowed to travel from Cuba and reunite with René in Miami. But before Olga could leave the country, Viramontez tells her that her beloved husband René is not a traitor to the Castro regime but definitely is a hero and a spy who successfully invaded the CANF, which Olga must hide from everyone to ensure the safety and security of her family and the Wasp Network.

Wasp Network

In1997 in El Salvador, Raúl Cruz León is enlisted by anti-Castroists to plant C-4 explosions in Havana hotels. Due to this activity a tourist from Italy dies and he is arrested by the Cuban police. After being arrested the secret agency dumps him to his own fate. Finally, the FBI was able to arrest the criminal alleged and the whole Wasp Network faces the charges of murders and all the illegal activities done by them in the United States and is sentenced long prison terms by the judge Joan A. Lenard of the federal court. In an investigation interview, the spy Fidel Castro accepts the existence of Cuban spies on the American land. René did not cooperate with the FBI even when they offered to reduce his prison terms if he gives them the information.


Olga was sent back to Cuba after finishing her 3 months in prison. René was released from prison after 12 years on 7th Oct 2011. Manuel Viramontez was sent to the prison until he is no more, but was released after 15 long years in the prison as a part of a secret agents swap program in the United States of America. Ana Margarita sued the government of Cuba for their evil actions, upon which she was given approximately $26 million dollars in disciplinary damages.

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