Will There Be a Good Omens Season 2?

May 27, 2020

Good Omens was a very good novel and it actually managed to become a very impressive and quite exciting Amazon TV series. In fact, it got some great reviews and the ratings were very nice. This is definitely one of the most interesting ways to test out something new and different. It’s a typical series and not that much. Basically they do have the serialized aspect, yet there are some simple stories too. The Good Omens 2 thing is really hard to know because you can’t expect a season to appear out of nowhere and just see how good it can be.

It needs preparation, a lot of hard work, and commitment, and you need to handle this accordingly and at the highest level. It will bring in challenges, especially with the pandemic pushing a lot of shows, but in the end, it will be worth it as long as they end up doing this. You will appreciate just how committed they are to bringing the show, and it seems that if they do the second season, they will also have to do a third one. It’s safe to say that the plans are indeed there, but it will certainly take a little to take them to fruition.

Will there be a second season?

While there is more content in the books, Good Omens was always planned as a miniseries. It was not a multi-season thing, although it might actually become one. The focus for them was to create a one and done thing that will be very good and inspired by the books. And they did it, which made everything pretty impressive and exciting for everyone involved.

That being said, there is more content to check out and lots of interesting ideas that they could add to the story. That doesn’t mean we will get to see all that content, but there is a lot of potentials there and in the end, we could see a season 2. When is the Good Omens Season 2 going to come? That’s not up to us, they are still planning to see whether they will actually have one. But yes, there is potential and they might even do one if there is a lot of demand.

Will There Be a Good Omens Season 2?

When Will It Release?

For now, there are no plans for Good Omens Season 2, so we can’t expect this to air until 2021 or 2022 at the earliest. That is if we will have an eventual Good Omens Season 2. It would be a shame to leave it as a miniseries, but it happened to other shows and it can happen here too. That’s why we need to just enjoy the first season for now and wait for news on the new one.

What Could Season 2 Be About?

There’s not a lot to know about Good Omens Season 2 other than speculations. The author suggests that there will be more potential angels that we can follow and that on its own is a good idea to pursue. But as we mentioned, we don’t know exactly what they would cover and what they would do. It’s still nice to see that there are plans for something like this, and we will see it come to light eventually, which is great. Will we have Good Omens Season 2? It’s still in talks, but we hope it will eventually come into play. The series was amazing, it has a lot of fans and the potential for great content is definitely there. We hope people will enjoy it and love it enough to show those content creators that they deliver very good value and quality. It really is an amazing achievement, and a great show that hopefully continues soon!

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