Will There Be The Umbrella Academy Season 2?

July 22, 2020

Netflix had officially confirmed about the Umbrella Academy Season 2 in April 2019. The shooting of the series has already wrapped in Nov 2019 after then the post-production work is in progress remotely.

This series on dysfunctional Hargreeves is on the comic book of Dark Horse titled “Umbrella Academy”. It is penned by Gerard Way and further illustrated by Gabriel Ba. As per this live-action TV show, in October 1989, some unconnected women with no sign of pregnancy inexplicably gave birth to 43 infants.

The novel’s story is just a blueprint by the writers to pen the TV show but has a dramatic change from the comic book. In the Netflix story, seven of them are adopted by The Monocle (Reginald Hargreeves, played by Colm Feore), a billionaire. He is the Umbrella Academy’s creator and gives the task to his children to save the world.

Will There Be The Umbrella Academy Season 2 1

We will see the Hargreeves siblings in their grown-up versions in season 2 that includes:

  1. Number One/Luther – Tom Hopper, having super strength.
  2. Number Two/Diego – David Castaneda, having the ability to control the projectile trajectories.
  3. Number Three/Allison – Emmy Raver-Lampman, can turn people to perform anything that she wants them to do.
  4. Number Four/Klaus – Robert Sheehan, with the ability to talk to the dead.
  5. Number Five/The Boy – Aidan Gallagher, having the ability to time travel or teleport.
  6. Number Six/Ben – Justin H Min, who can do weird tentacle things.
  7. Number Seven/Vanya – Ellen Page, from nothing to everything.

Will there be a Second Season?

The show’s upcoming return has been teased in a quarantine video conference. It features the cast of the superhero franchise based on a comic. As per an Instagram post, five of them have gathered on an on-set family reunion with a declaration that season 2 will be coming soon.

When Will It Release?

The series is all set to release at the end of this month, i.e., on Friday, 31 July 2020. So we can expect the official trailer sooner.

What could be seen in Season 2?

Teleporting number five might reunite the siblings who went back to the 60s. It happens to face a nuclear doomsday threat that occurred because of their timeline affecting activities.

As per EW, new characters will be seen that include Raymond, a leading figure, Lila, a ‘chameleon’ character, and a housewife Sissy. Marin Ireland as Sissy, who is fearless and a no-nonsense Texas mom. She is keen to rediscover what love and life have to give, and married young for the wrong reasons.

The official Twitter account of the Umbrella Academy has announced 3 new characters in the cast whom we will see in the coming season. The details of them are as under;

Yusuf Gatewood, as Raymond, he is a devoted husband and a leader by birth. He can disarm anyone with a single look as its innate ability. He possesses confidence, gravitas, and smarts never to need to prove it to anybody.

Will There Be The Umbrella Academy Season 2

Ritu Arya, as Lila, her sense of humor is twisted, sarcastic, mischievous, and unpredictable. She is a chameleon who can become clinically insane or brilliant as per the situation.

Both Reginald, and the robot mum, i.e., Grace Hargreeves(performed by Jordan Claire Robbins) of the children, might be seen in the next season. Also, chances are Detective Patch (Ashley Madekwe), and deceased Pogo (Adam Godley) will appear either in time travel or in flashback form!

Steve Blackman, who is the executive producer, will be the showrunner for the next season. Overall, the series will be about what happened next with the Umbrella Academy.

Final Thoughts

Three volumes of the book “Umbrella Academy” are written by Ba and Way till now named Hotel Oblivion, Dallas, and Apocalypse Suite. So no doubt after season 2, there will be a higher chance that the TV series makers will present the third season of the series.

More than 45 million user households already streamed season one of The Umbrella Academy. We cannot assume what will happen next since the Netflix adopted story differs from the comic’s source material.

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