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Horror movies is a movies genre on Gomovies

Despite the narrow audience coverage, the popularity of horror movies increases every year, so horror movies are always in enormous demand among movie fans. The absence of such films at prestigious festivals has no influence on this fact. Mystical legends, stories about mad maniacs and other cruel crimes inspire filmmakers.
By embodying conceived ideas, they embellish them by adding more ruthless scenes. It is not about the plot but achieving a creepy atmosphere where the viewer wants to hide under the covers and is afraid of the surrounding rustles.

Fiction is a movie genre on Gomovies

Bringing forward new theories about the forecasted future and the latest technology inspire reputed filmmakers and the ones who just start their career to create exciting film plays. They try to predict the coming times by showing their own vision of the future fate of mankind in their projects.
Meetings with amazing representatives of other civilizations, wandering through the Universe and changes on the native planet appear before the admired sight of the viewer, who decides to devote the evening to watching a good fiction movie. But despite the futuristic nature of the surrounding objects, quite vital modern topics are brought up, which are impossible to get rid of even in hundreds of years.

Fantasy is a movie genre on Gomovies

Almost every modern citizen dreams about changing a boring and monotonous life on exciting adventures forever or at least for a couple of moments. Many people go on reading literature, but a lot of movie fans take pleasure and admiration to take the opportunity to dip into the fantasy world and go on fabulous trips provided by reputed filmmakers.
Meetings with elves, wizards and dwarves, fight against fences, uruk-hai and evil magicians will distract you from the grey routine days and will give unforgettable impressions and emotions.
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