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March 27, 2020
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What Is 123Movies?

Are you looking for a website where you can stream the latest movie that’s showing in the theaters or on Netflix? If yes, you are among the millions of internet users that stumble upon 123Movies on their Google search results. 123Movies was first established in 2015 but had to go down like other streaming sites when Motion Picture Association was out on a witch hunt in 2018. Now the website is back, and there couldn’t be better news for those looking for a place to watch the hottest films for free.

Many sites promise to offer exceptional movie quality, but only 123Movies has managed to deliver. During its peak, there were over 100 million users on the site. 123Movies has an ever-growing collection of movies to its visitors from around the globe. You don’t have to subscribe because the service is free.

Features of 123Movies

Before visiting the site, it’s a good idea to know the features you expect from it. After that, you can confirm that the available content can be accessed without many challenges. Here are some of the outstanding features from 123Movies.

  1. A range of move genres – From the homepage, you will see a variety of movie genres. You may also choose from your category of choice. Some of the common ones include series, movies, A to Z list, and country-specific films. The groups will make browsing easier for users.
  2. Requesting for movies – If what you would like to watch isn’t available, 123Movies allows you to ask for films. They will then take the appropriate measures to ensure that the movie is available to you as soon as possible.
  3. Powerful search feature – As long as you have the title of the film you wish to see, the search feature will get it for you. There is no need to cram other details.
  4. Suggest movies – Those who aren’t sure of what they want to watch can find an exciting film on 123Movies. That is because the website suggests movies. You can discover a massive list of suggestions from the site.
  5. Stream media content – 123Movies allows users to stream media content too. The host servers are based in China, South Korea, U.S, and the U.K. That way; you are bound to have a premium streaming experience.

Is 123Movies Legal And Safe?

Local laws govern the legitimacy of streaming sites like 123Movies, and every country has different regulations. Some authorities allow streaming, while others impose strict streaming rules. There is no doubt that 123Movies is a site you can trust for your entertainment needs. However, if you want to be 100 percent sure about the legality of Internet use, you ought to consult a legal expert in your country. That way, you can easily make an informed decision.

Free Alternatives to 123Movies


It is among the best options to 123Movies because the two sites have striking features. Both are recognizable by their similar website design and colors. Also, they have limited advertisements to ensure that users have a fantastic experience.


Just like 123Movies, GoStream allows users to watch films without many distractions by traditional advertisements. While there are links that lead to sponsored sites, you can avoid them easily. The website features several genres, from childhood classics to the latest Hollywood films.


It is a lot like 123Movies in that users don’t have to subscribe, yet it features premium content. All you need is to key in the name of the movie you wish to watch and then play it. Every movie has a short synopsis to guide you on what the film is about. SolarMovies suggests movies that are close to what you are watching.


Just like 123Movies, Movie4k is a video directory that features films as well as television programs. It can be comparable due to the fact that both sites function similarly with a striking resemblance. The advertisement on this site is also regulated so you can enjoy your movie with much disturbance. Movies are normally in English but since this site is diverse, it also shows Russian or German languages too. It is totally free to use and sign up.


G2gmovies is an amazing website and also one of the best alternatives for downloading movies just like 123Movies. You can stream tv shows or movies online and you also have the options to download the movies too. What you just have to do is to click on the tv series or movie you want to watch and it would take you to a streaming video player with a download option at the bottom. It is such a relief for users who want to download movies.


Just as the name states, this site gives users the coolest experience when it comes to tv shows and movies and this is done all for free. You can easily download movies that are high quality just by clicking on a link found in the description. Movie2k is also found as part of the best alternatives to 123Movies. This means you can also watch movies online for free without any fraction of a price. The web layout when it comes to the Movie2k site is just like the one found on the 123 Movies website.


Popcornflix is another amazing movie site. Also it is one of the most popular sites for downloading movies and TV shows and also a top alternative for the 123Movies. Also, users can see and also get the latest trend of movies, tv programs, and shows on the homepage. It is also available and accessible if you make use of the search bar on the top part of the screen. When you click and search that region you can watch movies with HD video quality any time, any day.


This is another website for users to freely download high-quality movies. They can choose or search the movie according to the year of release, name, genre, etc. There is also an area in which movies are available according to their popularity and reviews, which is very helpful for the users to choose any movie to watch in their free time. The View47 website will prove to you to be a good choice to accomplish your streaming task for sure without any obstruction.


M4ufree is one of the best sites that give users a selection of massive libraries with a lot of media content. Amongst these features movies in terms of quality, genre, and the release date that users can search for. You can always make use of this site. Most premium movies or movies you actually pay money to watch are free on this platform. The only way you pay is through a series of uncomfortable ads constantly firing at you when you click lost places. Once you click your movie, you can start watching online as soon as possible. One thing we loved about this site is that you don’t need to even create an account to access the video files.


Popcornmovies offers users instant playback of a wide selection of movies and shows. It uses a traditional for renting network which is constantly updating its library and it is also a prominent alternative to 123Movies. There is no restriction on which movies and tv series you can watch. You can decide to stream it on your Android Tv, windows, mac, iOS as well as android. The template, design, and interface is just like the 123Movies and it might be much easier to go through the video collection without having any problems.

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