March 27, 2020
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What Is Genvideos?

Imagine how amazing it is to stream full-length movies online for free. That’s enticing, right? Genvideos is a remarkable website where you can stream movies and TV shows for free. Although there are several sites like this one, they are usually shut down fast. Genvideos has managed to stay afloat for a few years now, and it has been entertaining at zero cost. The website is pretty simple, and you can find any movie you wish to watch by the genre or year or release. In case you are in the spirit of getting entertained but aren’t sure of the film to watch, Genvideos has a “Most viewed section,” where you might find an interesting video.

Features of Genvideos

  1. Several URLs – Genvideos platform has many domain names, which means that you won’t run out of content to watch. If one of the links is down, another one will be up and running swiftly. They are and m.Genvideos. Both sites are operated from the U.S. 
  2. Several quality levels – It’s nice to watch movies in HD, but when your internet connection is slow, you won’t like it. When using Genvideos, this will not be a cause of worry. The site offers an array of quality formats to choose from. 
  3. Incredible design – Nothing beats the ease of navigating a website. The last thing you want is to spend hours tracing the movie you wish to watch. Genvideos has a simple site architecture that will take you little time to spot an exciting film to stream.
  4. Fast streaming speeds – Genvideos will rarely allow you to download the films for later unless you use a third party service. However, you are assured of super-fast streaming speeds from the website. 
  5. Popular website – Genvideos is continually updating its playlist. Therefore, you can turn to Genvideos for the most recent releases, including those that are showing in cinemas. 

Is Genvideos Legal And Safe?

So far, there haven’t been any complaints regarding the security of Genvideos. However, you should restrain from clicking on ads that pop-up as you navigate the platform. It is also best if you can include an ad blocker to your browser to avert malicious malware and viruses. The legitimacy of Genvideos is yet to be determined. While it doesn’t own the copyrights of the videos on the website, it wasn’t pulled down like what happened to 123Movies a while back. So, it’s best if you exercise caution while enjoying free entertainment from the platform. 

Free Alternatives to Genvideos

If the Genvideos website is experiencing downtime, here are other great sites you can turn to:

It is a top-rated free film-streaming website like Genvideos. It attracts a vast amount of traffic and countless viewers. Its interface is incredible, and it houses an extensive database of TV series and movies for users to indulge. The best way to describe would be that it has an interface similar to Netflix, yet you get it at zero cost. 


Here is yet another website that is similar to Genvideos and has been attracting loads of attention. Putlockers supplies its users with the latest films and TV shows for free. Whatever genre you think of, name it, and Putlockers will have it. From crime to reality, thriller, family, and mystery; everything you could ever think of is supplied on this site.


It is packed with famous TV shows, the latest movies, and documentaries. From the top of the site to the bottom, you will see an array of the upcoming film, the recently added and the best-related films. The download is available in HD. All you ought to do is to click on the thumbnail, and it shall be supplied. 


View47 is a free online tv show and movie website in which users can download full movies. These movies are of high quality with the best visual and audio qualities. The site is home to an array of tv series and contents which span across various genres such as war, superhero, horror, comedy, etc. Each of those genres features its own movies which are constantly updated to keep its users up to date with movies happening around them.


Popcornmovies for years now have been one of the best sites and it also serves as an alternative to Genvideos. While there are countless Genvideos alternatives, none of them is as stunning as this site too. This site has a very fine or beautiful structure which features just a few ads unlike most movie sites and it has one of the faster players in the online streaming community. All you have to do is to select your movie then click on it to stream or download it.


M4ufree is a unique site due to the fact that it is a combination of both HD and best movies you can find online. You can easily browse through its server to get live streaming movies and connections which you can also download. It is very easy to use. All you have to do is to go to the search bar, type on the required name of the movie you are planning on watching then search. After that click the video to get access to watch or download it. This site also helps users get information about movies they want to engage in.


This site is amongst the best alternative sites you can find which can replace Genvideos easily. This director contains tons of movies and tv shows which you get to stream in optimum quality. From the name x, you don’t have to confuse it with all the adult and porn sites online. This site deals strictly with blockbuster and old movies. You get to watch movies on this platform for free without even downloading. If you want to download movies on this platform, you have to create an account so that it would allow you to easily carry out the task.


CouchTuner is more like Genvideos due to the fact that it has an attractive interface just like the latter site. This site mostly shines a light on TV series and shows. If you want to watch tv series for free or download them into your local store, this is an alternative for you. One of the best things I like about this site is the fact that it is constantly updated to add more shows to its database. Once you get notified of a new episode on tv, you can get it in less than two hours on CouchTuner.


G2gmovies is one of the best top sites that can be compared while replacing Genvideos in times it might be down. It is totally free and it doesn’t cost any dime to use. It is also easy to use and the interface is beautiful just like Genvideos. This site features Hollywood blockbusters that span across countless genres such as horror, war, comedy, and action movies.


When writing about alternatives to Genvideos, the list would be incomplete without a site like Movie4k. This site offers so many options in languages making it easy for people all around the world to visit and use it. You can also download videos with the line placed in a different mirror link so you can get to watch your favorite movies offline. The interface is beautiful although you need to use some adblockers too.

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