March 30, 2020
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What Is Putlocker?

Thanks to the high use of the internet space, the popularity of streaming websites has skyrocketed. Putlocker is one of the popular online streaming services. It was established in 2011 in the U.K. and has since exploded in popularity. The site offers hosted T.V. series and movies. They also have links to places where you can find the media.

In 2016, Putlocker was shut down through a court order. Before it went down, the website was attracting more than 800,000 visitors daily.  It was among the 150 most visited sites in the U.S. and the top 250 most viewed websites around the globe. Luckily, they are now rebranding and will be coming back to the scenes stronger.

Features of Putlocker

  • Endless multimedia files – The site hosts an array of multimedia files that you can access from an online directory. You can download, stream, or view the media. The site rarely hosts the content; instead, it acts as a directory for links to the file-hosting services. You can think of it like a massive telephone book where you can access anyone that’s listed, but nothing is stored there.
  • H.D. content – If you are looking for a place where you can watch high-quality content, Putlocker is the best place for you to visit. The links on this website are to H.D. content, which means that the users receive premium entertainment.
  • Old and new films – The website features a range of both old and new movies. The links have a high download speed to ensure that you enjoy the film quickly.
  • User-friendly – Some streaming services have a complex site that makes it difficult for internet users to maneuver through the pages. That’s not the case for Putlocker because their design is minimalistic. Also, their customer care service is top-notch.

Is Putlocker Legal And Safe?

Copyright regulations vary from one country to another. Therefore, Putlocker’s legal status is dependent on the state of residence. While it has a history of run-ins with the U.K. authorities, other nations may not necessarily have an issue with the services that Putlocker offers. The site uses a string of many domains and extensions so that it isn’t easily blocked. There is a misconception that all the links on Putlocker are pirated, and that’s not the case. Many of the links are legally allowed.

You will need to check the laws in your country to establish whether Putlocker is a safe site for you or not. Also, avoid clicking on the advertisement links as some of them could be malicious. Beware of links with viruses. You may consider using a VPN service to avoid these risks.

Free Alternatives To Putlocker


It is considered one of the convenient streaming services in the market. Megashare not only has a user-friendly platform, but it also features an extensive library. Your internet speed determined the movie quality you may watch. Another important feature is the inclusion of subtitles in the films.

Popcorn Time

The website enjoys a similar level of popularity, like many of the popular streaming services like Prime Video and Netflix. Users have a grand collection of movies and T.V. shows in its library. You may also download your preferred T.V. series and movies from Popcorn Time to watch later. It’s easy to navigate the website because of its categorized sections.


Here is yet another great alternative to Putlocker. Fmovies features a modern interface that makes it different from its competitors. You can browse the film you wish to watch by checking the various genres and categories. In case you experience low-quality issues, consider using a VPN connection service. Fmovies is a free site, which means that there could be a few ads before the movie starts. 

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