March 30, 2020
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What Is Rainierland?

When it comes to streaming Hollywood blockbusters, nothing is better than using a free website. Only a few streaming sites can beat Rainierland. Its interface is a lot like Netflix, but the users don’t have to pay a penny for entertainment. From the front page, you can choose a film from the array of genres that the service features. Also, the innate layout allows browsers to search for movies by the year of their release. 

After choosing the film, you want to stream on Rainierland; getting to the player part is straightforward. The primary page gives you a brief description of the film as well as at least 20 working links to the content. The films are usually available in 720p resolution. Another advantage of streaming movies using Rainierland is that it has a low concentration of advertisements compared to competitive sides. 

Features of Rainierland

  1. Free – As mentioned earlier, Rainierland doesn’t charge its users for watching content from the sites. 
  2. Hundreds of series, TV shows, movies, and drama films – whatever movie there is out there, Rainierland is sure to have it listed on the platform. The service invests in acquiring loads of content to keep its viewers entertained. 
  3. No downloads involved – if you are into downloading films to watch later, Rainierland may not be ideal for you. The platform only allows streaming and doesn’t support download. 
  4. Simple navigation – all you need is a few clicks, and you will get to the content you are looking for. 
  5. Constant updates – the latest movies are available on the website. 
  6. It doesn’t require registration – you can use Rainierland without having to sign up on the site. The advantage of this feature is that there’s no need to give away your credit or debit card details.

Is Rainierland Legal And Safe?

If you have encountered a few fake websites, you may not want to have a repeat of that experience. That brings us to the question, is Rainierland a scam website? The risk factor depends solely on your location. Some countries discourage pirating, which means that going to this site might put you in trouble with the authority. However, Rainierland is a secure site because it doesn’t contain malware or viruses. It’s best if you keep off ads because some might lead to malicious websites. Also, using a VPN might help in hiding your identity and consequently protecting yourself from legal issues. 

Free Alternatives to Rainierland


The video service offers thousands of gaming, fantasy, documentary, and sci-fi films. Viewster is an online platform suitable for people that love spending time online streaming content. The movies are appropriately categorized into genres. Although you might find it a little less updated than many of the available free video streaming websites, it is quite useful too. You should sign up on the site. Also, Viewster can be used on mobile devices; thus, there is no need to worry if you don’t have a PC.  


If you are looking for a perfect alternative to Rainierland, consider using Dailymotion. The website is run by a community of people who upload content. You can access the videos from any browser and stream the films for free. The only disadvantage is that the video quality is low because the maximum pixel is 480p. Despite that, Dailymotion remains one of the most popular online streaming websites.


Housemovie features an array of TV series and movies. The admins update the content regularly. Considering many of the free sites available on the internet, this one has a fast loading speed. Unfortunately, there are many advertisements on the website that make navigating the site challenging.


Genvideos is one of the most convenient rainierland alternatives which allows guests as well as users and members watch and stream free HD movies and shows online. They can do this continuously even without registering but features like download may need you to register. Users can go through this site to browse for movies as well as genres that can suit their tastes. The interface of this website is classic and it would attract users back for more.


This site became very popular recently due to the fact that other movie streaming sites were shut down including Primewire. It is also an alternative that users can use in case rainierland is also down too. It has a very classic and modern interface which on it, lies a selection of movies, tv shows, movie players with advanced estates, and also multiple servers to choose from. The creators made sure that this site was not irritated with ads so when using, it can run smoothly and freely. It also has a search bar in which users can search for their favorite movie titles.


Spacemov isn’t a website about space, no, it is one of the best free streaming services which can knock out rainierland in a head-up competition. On this site, users can stream, watch, and download any of their desired videos completely for free! This site has an archive of movies that runs in the tens of thousands. You can also find your favorite movies using genres that suit you such as comedy, horror, war, thriller, adventure, action, etc. to get movie updates, you need to be registered as a user.


When you hear about popcornmovies, you would know this talks completely about movie streaming sites. This site is a web-based BitTorrent client that gives users a media player to access the files and the movie folder online. It can definitely serve as an alternative when it comes to sites like rainierland. It is completely free and you don’t pay for it like Netflix. It gives you high valued HD movies that are constantly updated to keep users engaged.  Users can search for their favorite movies using the search bar and they can select their desired episode or mode of play, once that is done, it would play right away.


Watch32 is about watching all your favorite movies and tv shows anywhere anytime for free. This site provides a platform for users to freely come and explore movies. It can be said to be a replacement to Rainierland In case the site ever goes down. Just like rainierland, this site allows users to go through the series of movies by names or genres. You can also use the search bar to find any movie you are having a hard time locating. Just click the movie and it will automatically load.


Megashare9 is known to be the easiest and convenient movie streaming site one can use. It has a simple interface just like rainierland and it is also free to use. It has genres like anime, horror, thriller, adventure, action, etc. You can easily find movies hereby also using the search button while you do that. One thing we really loved about megashare9 is the fact that it shows movies in subtitles and other languages.


M4ufree is one platform in which users can actually get free movies at the comfort of their homes without ever paying a dime. This site is recommended for users who want to watch high-quality tv shows and movies without paying a subscription-free. This site has different genres like action, romance, comedy, an adventure that one can discover movies from. You don’t need to sign up or register, all you just need is an internet connection. To get notifications on new movie releases, you are required to register.  

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