March 30, 2020
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What Is Vexmovies?

Ditching the cable cord is something we are all glad to do, especially if we have a free substitute. Thanks to free movie streaming and downloading sites like Vexmovies, it’s possible to save on entertainment costs. Whenever you want to watch a TV show or a film, all you need to do is Google “Vexmovies,” and the site will show up. The homepage features an array of both new and old films from which you can choose one and entertain yourself. 

Features of Vexmovies

  1. Newest movies – Vexmovies features most of the latest releases. When a movie is entirely new, it might be in CAM quality. However, over time they get the HD version of the film that you can watch at your convenience. 
  2. Limited advertisements – Many of the available free movie download websites have too many ads. Vexmovies has a few commercials, which means that you will not experience excessive disruptions while streaming content. 
  3. Vast movie library – With Vexmovies, you don’t have to worry about not finding the film you want, because there is an extensive catalog. There are different genres on the site for you to select from. 
  4. No registration needed – some online streaming sites require users to load their credit card details before they are allowed to watch any film. That is not the case for Vexmovies, which makes it an attractive website to use for your entertainment needs. 

Is Vexmovies Legal And Safe?

Most online users want to know whether Vexmovies is a safe website before they use it to stream movies. That is why many of the Google search results cover the security of the website. It is understandable why this would be a concern because nobody wants to have their PC infected with malware and viruses. We can confirm that Vexmovies is safe to use for your entertainment needs. While at it, avoid clicking on ads because they might lead you to malicious sites. 

The legitimacy of Vexmovies is not confirmed. Therefore, you may want to run it by a legal expert before choosing to download or stream a movie from the site. On the brighter side, many countries don’t restrict content streaming, which means you might be safe, depending on where you live. 

Free Alternatives to Vexmovies


The free movie download platform has an overwhelmingly large section of all movie genres, including adult, animation, biography, comedy, family, history, news, romance, war, fantasy, thriller, sci-fi, and adult. Therefore, there is no dull moment on MovieWatcher. The service is free, just like Vexmovies. 

Yes! Movies

Yes! Movies site is an excellent substitute for Vexmovies because of the similar resemblance in the design and architecture. You can browse your preferred genre and then locate a movie that seems interesting to stream in that category. The simple menu and dark theme will make your search efforts easier. The only challenge you might encounter is that the loading times are slow, especially if your internet connection is sluggish. 

5 Movies

It is an online cloud that hosts a plethora of movies and TV shows. Its interface is easy to use and doesn’t require much effort in tracing your preferred title. There are also several ways of filtering content on the website by considering the IMDB rating, genre, year, and country. You don’t require credit card information or registration. Simply search for the site and start streaming content. 


The name might make you imagine that you can watch more than one movie at a time, but that’s not the case. However, the website has a massive catalog with thousands of TV shows and movies. The interface is straightforward to use and offers a considerable search bar. From there, you can search for the genre, year, or any other feature. 


Gomovies is one of the best sources for exclusive tv shows and movies from a vast selection of genres. This site has a very classic interface which makes it easy to navigate and a search bar in which you can search your favorite movies and shows. All you just need to do is to click on the movie and it would start streaming in no time.


Genvideos is one alternative of Vexmovies one doesn’t have to overlook. This platform offers users an extreme level of entertainment by giving them access to tons of movies and tv shows which is entirely free for guests as well as members. All movies are streamed in HD and the download rate is very fast but you need to register to download the movies. Genres like action, comedy, adventure, thriller, horror superhero, and war can be found on its directory.


123Movies is a classic site that I myself have used over the years and it has proven to be of good and authentic quality. Just like vexmovies, the first page contains a search bar in which users can search for the type of movies they want through title or keywords. You don’t need to sign up before you can play the movie, just click on it and it would start loading immediately. To download, you then need to sign up because ethos free attire is entirely meant for only members. This site can come in handy and as an alternative Incase vexmovies is down at the moment.


Watc32 is a free website in which you can download unlimited movies and tv shows. This site is a web application that allows users to be able to access classic and recent movies while streaming and possibly downloading it too. This platform was created solely for movie streamers and people who want access to HD movies. On its library, you would find a vast selection of movies that span across various categories. You don’t also need to register to make use of this site.


Megashare9 is one site that truly serves as an alternative to vexmovies. It is a site that has the interest of movie streamers at heart. On this site, users can get access to exclusive Hollywood blockbuster movies and series which most sites would charge you for. Its library contains tens of thousands of movies which you can access from the comfort of your home. Megashare9 is rated as one of the sites with the largest movie databases on the internet. It would literally take years before you get to watch all the movies on this platform. Users can sign up to get updates and new releases of movies too.


9movies is a platform that offers users a vast range of movies and tv shows which are divided into categories as well as sections. Most of the movies on this site have high definition features and you can also get Blu-ray movies as well. You don’t need to sign up or register to stream any show and the site does not store the movies on its servers. There are different servers and mirrors users can use to access their movies.

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