Charlie's Angels (2019) is reboot of the previous amazing series.

Charlie's Angels (2019) is reboot of the previous amazing series.

Added: 13.11.19

Charlie's Angels is a soft reboot of the previous amazing series and it’s bringing in some pretty creative and exciting ideas into the mix. They are paying homage to the previous Angels, while also taking in some really interesting ideas and adapting everything to the modern day, which is actually a plus in this situation. The movie tries to continue the previous stories while also updating the idea with something new and more interesting every time.

The idea is pretty much the same as always, we have Charlie's Angels that are continually offering security and assistance to private clients. The new angels are interesting in their own right and they are constantly coming up with clever and powerful ideas. It seems that now there are tons of teams of angels that are going around the world with the idea of eliminating the same target.

In the movie itself the issue comes from a systems engineers that blows the whistle on a very dangerous tech. The angels are called into action and they have to put their lives on the line to protect our society. It’s a nice premise, and it really is something different than the others.

Having more diversity into the Charlie's Angels is what a lot of directors wanted and it clearly comes with its fair share of benefits. This makes the movie a lot more open and different people can identify with the new characters. However, it also brings challenging, because they are trying to improve on a classic, and that can be a tricky thing to do in a situation like this. We like the fact that Charlie's Angels wants to do something different and distinctive, but at the same time there are challenges to deal with as well.

One of them is that the new Charlie's Angels team takes a bit to gel together. The actresses seem to work well with one another, but the acting does take a bit of getting used to. However, the action sequences are great and quite elaborate especially in the beginning and towards the end. We believe there’s a lot of story that doesn’t really go anywhere, but if you get past that you will find the results to be staggering and very impressive. It’s the type of thing that continually pushes the boundaries while making the experience very rewarding and unique. You do want to check it out and give it a try if possible, as it’s a really good set of results and the value you get is super interesting.

Overall, Charlie's Angels is an interesting movie with lots of potential. The only trouble is that the new team is highly subjective, you either like it or you hate it. The team they chose is definitely distinctive and interesting, but there’s definitely a some getting used to it. If you like them, then you are bound to like the movie too. But it does feel forced at times due to the new team’s lack of emotion and a powerful bond.