Ford v Ferrari - The greatest racing movie ever!

Ford v Ferrari - The greatest racing movie ever!

Added: 08.11.19

Biographical and historical movies in general have been quite abundant in the past few years and Ford v Ferrari is definitely one of the latest efforts in this situation. What makes Ford v Ferrari unique is the fact that it follows a team of American Engineers and designers that are sent by Lee Icocca and Henry Ford II in order to create the Fort GT40. This is set to be a new racing car that fortunately will be able to defeat the Ferrari racing team at the 24 hours of Le Mans race in 1966.

Ford wanted to buy Ferrari and when he saw that would be off the table, he soon realized that the only thing he would be able to do at this point is to create a car that would beat them. Having Matt Damon and Christian Bale in a movie like this is nothing short of impressive and they do a very good job at showing off the differences between characters. It’s extremely interesting and impressive, but at the same time it brings in front a huge range of different features and ideas for you to explore. That’s definitely an incredible venture and one that has the potential to bring in some nice experiences all the time.

What we like about Ford v Ferrari a lot is the authenticity. The movie doesn’t shy away from showing off many locations with old school appeal. The architecture is stunning, the accents are on point and they did a very good job at showing the banter between the two companies. As you can clearly see, that was the real deal and there were some pretty demanding and challenging situations in there.

They do have some cameos, even had Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in some version of the movie too. But then again, the cast does a very good job at offering some creative ideas and building upon the legacy of the two companies shown in this movie. It’s great because it continually adapts and improves on the idea of power and constantly trying to become the best. Stuff like this always has its fair share of challenges, but what really matters in the end is how you follow through and how you choose to adjust the process to become the first in what you are doing.

And that’s great, because the movie doesn’t shy away from anything. They show how creative Ford had to be in order to beat Ferrari at its own game. And watching that is very entertaining and a lot of fun. It does become a bit stale in the beginning because there’s not a lot of action and there’s too much talking. But it works great as an expose and that’s what matters. As the movie continues, the focus on building cars and the intrigue soon continues to grow, and it expands to the point of bringing in something masterful and different. It’s definitely worth the effort, so give it a try and check it out!