Review Game of Thrones - Season 8

Review Game of Thrones - Season 8

Added: 23.04.19

Game of Thrones is the hit TV series just about anyone is enjoying right now, and its final season is upon us. What makes this final season very interesting is that it manages to bring together everyone in a very comprehensive and downright amazing spectacle. Of course there are people that hate each other, parties that try to not work with one another and even go behind their backs, so they really try to push the boundaries in terms of storytelling.

Now that almost everyone is in the North preparing for the white walkers to arrive and attack, we get to see interactions between Jamie Lannister, the Targaryens, the Starks and everyone in between. The first two episodes of the final season are up at the time of this writing and they bring in a great introduction of how people prepare for the big fight. It really is something downright scary and many of them believe that they might end up dying. It’s nice to rejoice that every final night is different for each characters.

Having a final battle with the Night King and his army really pushes the boundaries and everything prepares as a huge lead up to all of that. It’s a great and resounding opportunity and a powerful experience that you do want to see and which was hyped up for many seasons now. It’s quite ravishing to see how everything is finally coming up together in a great manner.

That being said, there are signs of remorse from some parties, not to mention that we also get to see some fun moments too. Basically everything adds up and it does bring in front some great moments that series fans have been waiting for a very long time.

As you can imagine most of the action is set to go down in the third episode, when we finally get to see the battle with the white walkers in all of its glory. This episode is one of the longest ones this season and it’s easy to see why. It took more than 55 nights to shoot the battle scene which is supposed to be one of the most interesting and also one of the most powerful scenes in the entire series. Considering the battles and special effects that they did up until this point, it’s clear that we will get something big.

And after the battle we get the fallout, we see who dies, who is living and how everything will go down in the end. The cast stated that this is not going to be a happy ending, and if you know Game of Thrones you should expect that by now. But there will be some sort of an ending, one that will finalize storylines and which will bring in a definite end in regards to who ends on the iron throne. There are still many speculations online, but what we do know is that Game of Thrones is not afraid of taking chances, so we are bound to see lots of deaths even from the most popular characters, as well as some amazing and downright distinctive and defining moments!