The Lion King 2019 Review

The Lion King 2019 Review

Added: 13.06.19

The Lion King is one of the favorite movies from Disney for a lot of people, so it’s very important when it comes to this CGI retelling to make things right. What you should know right from the start is that this is the same movie as it once was, but it’s entirely created in CGI and they changed only a few bits here and there. For the most part they wanted to bring in The Lion King to a more realistic tone, all while still offering a modern version for kids as well.

A great premise for an amazing movie

The movie’s premise is pretty much the same. You have Simba, the son of Mufasa that wants to go on his father’s footsteps. But Scar, Simba’s uncle wants to betray Mufasa and take over the Pride Lands. Simba has to go in an exile and he will then meet with Timon and Pumbaa. In order for Simba to survive he needs to make an alliance. And then he will use that in order to take what’s rightfully his back.

When it comes to stories, The Lion King was very creative and it did bring in front some really impressive features. But the thing that really matters the most here is the unique attention to detail and how accurate the visuals are here. There are a few returning voiceover professionals here, but we also have some new stars too, so there’s  pretty much something for everyone here.

Is The Lion King on track to become the best movie this year?

The Lion King has always been a classic ever since it was released. Having a retelling of the original movie can go really well or it can go wrong at times too. Which is why the best thing you can do at least at this time is to support this and just go to see the movie. The more realistic orientation of the movie does bring in CGI animals into the mix, with Timon and Pumbaa being a very good example in this regard.

Some early screenings suggest that there are some changes to the original story. We don’t really know what changes are there, but we can expect them to make some small changes, if any at all. These things are definitely important when it comes to how we see the story as a whole, but for the most part it’s extremely interesting and super creative as well.

The Lion King has a soundtrack from Hans Zimmer, which also scored the original. He did make some improvements but he did want to add in some things too, so the creative process is quite astonishing and impressive for what it is.

There are some major expectations when it comes to The Lion King and its box office performance. But fans also expect a great retelling with an astounding style and some very rewarding results. It’s definitely going to be a tricky thing to match the original, let alone surpass it. But the potential is there and the trailers definitely generated a lot of hype for it. So hopefully the movie will deliver! Find "The Lion King" and all the entertaining movies here.