12 Best Football Movies that you can enjoy watching in 2020

August 26, 2020

You might be excited every time after watching a real-life football match, isn’t it? So you could definitely love to watch the scripted or reel-life sports in football movies. Here are some suggestions on some watchable movies about football that you can binge whenever you feel low in energy.

1)The Longshots – IMDb (5.4/10)

The Longshots

It was released in 2008 and a sports drama film inspired by a true story of Jasmine Plummer. She was the first-ever girl of 11 years of age to participate in the Pop Warner Little Scholars football tournament. A lone girl who joins a football league in Illinois was get trained by her uncle. He is a former high-school football star, who is a coach for the team and also trying to improve his personal life. It features Matt Craven, Tasha Smith, Keke Palmer, Jill Marie Jones, Dash Mihok, and Ice Cube as leads. The story was written and produced (with Ice Cube and Matt Alvarez) by Nick Santora. The responsibility of the direction handled by Fred Durst. It is among the few movies about football that can encourage girls to participate in sports with some dosage of humor in between the film! If you love to watch all American football movies, then this is the right choice!

2)The Slaughter Rule – IMDb (6/10)

The Slaughter Rule

It is a story based on a young man who got support from his mother, a young woman, and the football coach belonging to a small-town, Montana’s high school. He is given a chance to quarterback a team of six-man! It also highlights a mysterious relationship that has been set among the football player and a troubled coach. It is a 2002 released indie movie starring David Morse and Ryan Gosling. The main character of the film or teenager keeps questioning about the things happening with him in his life crossroads. It could be listed among the type of football movies that are underrated but still likable by the modern audience! The film was penned and directed by Andrew J Smith and Alex Smith.

3)The Waterboy – IMDb (6.1/10)

The Waterboy

It is a film that highlights the life of a somewhat mentally challenged stuttering waterboy of thirty-one years of age. One day he came to know that he has a unique ability to tackle and later join the same football college team as a member. The movie’s main character has a positive attitude toward serving water to the thirsty athletes as a life’s greatest call. He needs to face constant public humiliation and gross jokes from the players of the university football team for which he works. It is an American comedy and sports film released in 1998. The responsibility of the direction was on the shoulders of Frank Coraci. Adam Sandler and Tim Herlihy penned the story. It was having Jerry Reed, Kathy Bates, Henry Winkler, Fairuza Balk, and Adam Sandler in lead appearances.

4)The Program – IMDb (6.5/10)

The Program

It highlights the life of major university football players from various backgrounds. They are facing pressure from the sport to achieve the bowl game. To deal with it, some of them turn to either drugs, drinking, or even studying. The film is released in 1993 and gives an inside look about a college football team’s cutthroat and aggressive world. After all, the team leader is a coach who wants to prepare a team that will win the national title or quit it from the next season. It was directed and written (with Aaron Latham) by David S. Ward. The lead casts include Craig Sheffer, Halle Berry, Kristy Swanson, Omar Epps, and James Caan. The movie comprises shots of locations belonging to different American universities.

5)Knute Rockne – All American – IMDb (6.8/10)

Knute Rockne - All American

It is a biographical film highlighting the life of an American football coach of Notre Dame, i.e., Knute Rockne, and released in 1940. The film stars Ronald Reagan, Pat O’Brien, and Gale Page. It is written by Robert Buckner and directed by William K. Howard and Lloyd Bacon. You can also see legendary football coaches in cameo appearances. It includes Howard Jones, William H. Spaulding, Amos Alonzo Stagg, and “Pop” Warner. By the way, the film consists of almost everything about Knute’s life! It starts right from his childhood, like how his father and family were shifted to Chicago from Norway in 1892. Further, the movie also highlights how he made star players like George Gipp as head coach of the school. By the way, he is well recognized for motivational speeches!

6)Heaven Can Wait – IMDb (6.9/10)

Heaven Can Wait 1

An over-eager celestial escort takes Joe Pendleton, a professional football player, to heaven before his due death date. His soul is further arranged by erudite Mr. Jordan to enter into a mortal coil of Farnsworth. So he got the new body of a man who is a cold-hearted businessman and was recently killed by his wife. Later, by being within the body of a millionaire, he got the opportunity to buy his former football team and lead to help them achieve victory. He plays in the American Football team as a backup quarterback but dreaming of leading his team in the Super Bowl of NFL. The story was adapted for the second time from a play of the same title by Harry Segall. It is starring Vincent Gardenia, Dyan Cannon, James Mason, and Warren Beatty. Also, worth mentioning, Jack Warden, Buck Henry, Charles Grodin, and Julie Christie performed great in leading roles. Warren Beatty handled the screenplay (with Elaine May), production, and direction (with Buck Henry)! It is a romantic fantasy movie released in 1978.

7)Concussion – IMDb (7.1/10)


The 2015 sports drama film is inspired by a real story of a pathologist in America. Once, he comes to know about the chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTE brain damage among football players. He discovers about this disease after doing an autopsy on the body of a dead NFL player. Due to this, the players will generally face repeated concussions during the routine play. He further faced the uphill battle while informing the public about this information. The script and direction are by Peter Landesman, and is based on Jeanne Marie Laskas’s Game Brain! The main star cast includes David Morse, Luke Wilson, Arliss Howard, Alec Baldwin, and Albert Brooks. You can also watch Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Paul Reiser, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and Will Smith as notable characters.

8)We are Marshall – IMDb (7.1/10)

We are Marshall

It is one of the movies about football that are inspired by real events. So specifically, this is a biopic historical American drama movie released in 2006. It is based on a plane crash in 1970 that killed 75 people, including the football players. After a month, Jack Lengyel, a compassionate and energetic coach, decided to rebuild the football team. He started with a group of inexperienced players at Marshall University, has little chances of victory. The movie is about a true-life story full of thrills from football, healing, and heart. Jamie Linden handled the screenplay and story (with Cory Helms). It is directed and produced (with Basil Iwanyk) by McG. The list of star casts includes Brian Geraghty, Kate Mara, Ian McShane, and Matthew McConaughey. The performances of David Strathairn, January Jones, Anthony Mackie, and Matthew Fox are even great.

9)Jerry Maguire – IMDb (7.3/10)

Jerry Maguire

It is a comedy-drama romantic sports movie based on Leigh Steinberg, a sports agent who played the role of the crew’s technical consultant. It is one of the famous all American football movies of all time! The film has highlighted the life of a maverick sports agent. He is fired for expressing the moral epiphany and further started works independently with his new philosophy. Two unlikely allies will join his way to redemption, a former athlete, and a former colleague. It was released in 1996; written, produced (with Laurence Mark, Richard Sakai, and James L. Brooks) by Cameron Crowe. The main star casts comprise Jay Mohr, Regina King, Renee Zellweger, Tom Cruise, Bonnie Hunt, and Jerry O’Connell. There are also Kelly Preston and Cuba Gooding Jr. in significant roles.

10)The Freshman – IMDb (7.5/10)

The Freshman

It is a silent comedy film released back in 1925. The story was penned by Ted Wilde, Tim Whelan, Sam Taylor, and John Grey. The movie shows a college freshman who is a bespectacled regular guy. He believes college life is the same as shown in the films, but after experiencing it, it came to know that it is not much similar. Further, joins the football team of the college to gain popularity. It is a comedy film directed by Sam Taylor, and Fred C. Newmeyer and produced by Harold Lloyd. You can see James Anderson, Brooks Benedict, Jobyna Ralston, and Harold Lloyd in leading roles. A well-crafted and popular short movie of only about 75 minutes highlighting a satire on the life at college! It is recognized as the first-ever Sports College-based comedy.

11)Brian’s Song – IMDb (7.6/10)

Brian’s Song

A sports drama biography released in 1971, is based on an autobiography “I Am Third,” written by AI Silverman and Gate Sayers. Buzz Kulik has directed the movie, and William Blinn penned the script. It is inspired by a real-life relationship of teammate football players of Chicago Bears, Gale Sayers, and Brian Piccolo. The bond goes stronger when Piccolo comes to know that he is dying due to cancer. You can see both Billy De Williams and James Caan in lead roles. It is an unforgettable and moving movie that highlights the timeline of two professionals football players. It depicts they were once roommates, then become best friends and further support each other in the hard times!

12)Friday Night Lights – IMDb (8.6/10)

Friday Night Lights

It is a stirring action drama released in 2004. The film shows a football coach of high school, Billy Bob Thornton, who helps his small-town Texas team win the state title. It is inspired by a book of H.G. Bissinger that is based on The Permian High Panthers. By the way, Panthers is a high school football team of a depressed town in Odessa, Texas. The story was written (with David Aaron Cohen) and directed by Peter Berg. It is starring Garrett Hedlund, Jay Hernandez, Billy Bob Thornton, Tim McGraw, Lucas Black, Jay Hernandez, and Billy Bob Thornton. A popular NBC TV series of the same title was released in 2006. The story includes excitement, thrills, and drama based on high school football.

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