12 Best Music Movies to Enjoy your Weekends

August 24, 2020

Music is like a therapy that can entice not only humans but animals as well! It has been proven in science that music can help you feel pleasant, stress-free, and boost your mood. It helps to feel energized, enthusiastic as the best option for killing the spare time. Most of us would also like to celebrate our happy times with background music on different occasions. Do you like watching music movies?

Many of them are either fictional or based on a biography of some artists. The best thing about watching movies about music is that most of them inspire us to put effort into achieving our dreams. You can also find flavors of comedy, thriller, suspense, horror, romance, and more in some of the best movies about music! Following are some suggestions to worth checking out.

A Suggested List of some popular Music Movies as per IMDB Ratings

Most of us are having a habit to first check the ratings and reviews about a movie, especially on IMDb before watching it. Here is the list that can ease your task in choosing the best movies about music.

1)Once – 2007 – IMDb (7.8/10)


An Irish musical romantic drama is starring Marketa Irglova and Glen Hansard. By the way, they composed the music with Interference and performed the original songs of the film. The story is about two kindred spirits who met at Dublin’s bustling streets. One is working as a vacuum repairman or street musician who hesitates to play his songs due to a lack of confidence. The other one is an immigrant from Czech. They work together to write, make, record, and rehearse the songs on an eventful week, and this becomes their love story. The duo has already performed together as a folk-rock duo Swell Season. It was both penned and directed by John Carney. As a commercial success, it received critical acclaims! The best part of this musical film is the fact that its soundtrack is nominated for Grammy Awards.

2)Anvil: The Story of Anvil – 2008 – IMDb (7.9/10)

Anvil The Story of Anvil

It is a documentary or a story based on the two teenage schoolmates of Toronto, Robb Reiner and Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow. They united and formed a rock band named Anvil in 1982. They later released a popular album, Metal on Metal that also influenced other rock stars like Anthrax, Slayer, Metallica, and more. Then, the career of Anvil goes on the downside and further lead to obscurity. Recently in 2006, they set out to prepare their thirteenth album after a European tour. The duo is still to overcome fledging and following their dreams. As his debut, Sacha Gervasi has directed this rockumentary film based on the heavy metal band of Canada, Anvil. David Norland composed the music of this movie.

3)A Mighty Wind – 2003 – IMDb (7.2/10)

A Mighty Wind

It is about the reunion of the Folksmen, a 1960s folk trio. The aim is to do a show to be organized at The Town Hall in the memory of a late concert promoter who deceased recently. More specifically, it is a sly mockumentary film with humor. Three folk bands come together after a long in a television performance at a concert. It is a parody of the early 1960s of the American folk music revival, including its personalities. Harold Leventhal’s folk music producer inspires Irving Steinbloom’s character. The script of the film is written (with Eugene Levy) and directed by Christopher Guest. You can see great performances of Harry Shearer, Catherine O’Hara, Jane Lynch, John Michael Higgins, and Bob Balaban. The movie is also starring Fred Willard, Parker Posey, Michael McKean, Eugene Levy, and Christopher Guest.

4)Amadeus – 1984 – IMDb (8.3/10)


A highest rated movie in the list of music movies as per this post! It is based on the hit Broadway play and a Viennese urban legend. It also shows the life, troubles, and success of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a musical genius of the 18th century. The inputs of Mozart’s story as taken from Antonio Salieri, who claimed to have killed him. By the way, Salieri was jealous of Mozart’s talent and is a contemporaneous composer. It is an American biographical period drama movie inspired by Amadeus, a 1979 stage play. Most of the soundtrack used in the film is from Mozart’s music. Milos Forman has directed the movie, produced by Saul Zaentz, and Peter Shaffer was worked for the screenplay. You can see Jeffrey Jones, Roy Dotrice, Elizabeth Berridge, and F. Murray. The lead casts include Abraham, Charles Kay, Christine Ebersole, Simon Callow, and Tom Hulce.

5)Almost Famous – 2000 – IMDb (7.9/10)

Almost Famous

The film is centered on a high-school boy! He got the chance to write the story about Stillwater, an up-coming legendary rock band for Rolling Stone Magazine. It is because the boy accompanies this music group on their concert tour. Crowe himself discussed how he also faces many things among attending such events with many rock bands in his life. The movie also highlights the efforts that he put to publish his first cover story. The film is written, directed, and produced (with Ian Bryce) by Cameron Crowe. The main star casts include Noah Taylor, Anna Paquin, Jason Lee, Frances McDormand, and Philip Seymour. You can also enjoy watching Hoffman, Fairuza Balk, Patrick Fugit, Kate Hudson, and Billy Crudup. Nancy Wilson has composed the music in the film. It is a semi-autobiographical American drama film with some chunks of comedy. Crowe was also a writer for Rolling Stone in the teenage and shares his experiences while touring with different rock bands in the movie. The film audiences will know about the insides of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin, Poco, Eagles, and the Allman Brothers Band.

6)West Side Story (The Making) – 1985 – IMDb (8.2/10)

It is a documentary movie that shows the making of the entire music score conducted by Bernstein for the film “West side story” in great detail. It includes many operatic stars like José Carreras and Kiri Te Kanawa, who gathered to create the music for the movie. It shows various exciting moments about how Bernstein, as an artist, conducts his incredible music. It is full of his schmaltzy, angsty, crunchy, heartbreaking, crazy, inspiring, and ambitious. Audiences of this film came to know more about Bernstein as a funny, feisty, smoke cigarettes, and impatient person. By the way, the west side story is an American romantic musical drama movie released in 1961. The main list of casts includes Richard Beymer, Natalie Wood, George Chakiris, Rita Moreno, and Russ Tamblyn. The film had got high praise from the viewers and critics at that time. It has also won 10 out of 11 Academy awards in which it was nominated. A new adaptation of the movie with the same title will be released sooner, probably in 2020 by Steven Spielberg. It will be having Rachel Zegler and Ansel Elgort as main leads!

7)This is Spinal Tap – 1984 – IMDb (7.9/10)

This is Spinal Tap

It is a fateful tour of one among the loudest bands of England, Spinal Tap. In other words, it is a mock rockumentary based on the Heavy Metal band. The music in this movie was composed by Harry Shearer, Christopher Guest, Rob Reiner, and Michael McKean. The story’s credits go to Harry Shearer, Christopher Guest, Rob Reiner, and Micheal McKean. Rob Reiner has directed the movie, while the praises of the production go to Karen Murphy. The main star cast includes Tony Hendra, Rob Reiner, Michael McKean, and Bruno Kirby. Additionally, you can also appreciate the roles of June Chadwick, Harry Shearer, and Christopher Guest. The film shows the inside world with a hilarious perspective on a British fictional heavy metal band titled Spinal Tap!

8)Trainspotting – 1996 – IMDb (8.1/10)


British funny black drama movie inspired from a novel of the same title written by a Scottish writer Irvine Welsh. The film shows the life of a group, including heroin addicts and how they deal with it in a specific area of Edinburgh that is economically depressed. It also highlights the squalor and urban poverty in Edinburgh. By the way, the movie’s main title is inspired by a scene mentioned in the book. The star casts comprise Robert Carlyle, Jonny Lee Miller, Ewan McGregor, Kelly Macdonald, Kevin McKidd, and Ewen Bremner. Andrew Macdonald has produced the movie, and the credit of the direction goes to Danny Boyle. John Hodge had given the screenplay that was nominated in the Academy Award.

9)Bird – 1988 – IMDb (7.2/10)


The film is based on Charlie ‘Bird’ Parker, a legendary jazz saxophonist. It shows how he gets favored in a bebop innovator, the days of his fame, and the final years when he gets addicted to drugs. So the audience will come to know about the career and troubled life of Parker or famous jazz musician. Joel Oliansky had written the script of the movie. The story also shows his relationship with Red Rodney (his influencer for both good and bad), Dizzy Gillespie (band leader), and his wife (Chan Parker). Lennie Niehaus has composed the music of this feature film. It moves through the present and past of the Parker to uncover some truth in his life. It has Diane Venora and Forest Whitaker in lead roles. Clint Eastwood handled the responsibility of both direction and production.

10)High Fidelity – 2000 – IMDb (7.5/10)

High Fidelity

It is a story of a compulsive list maker, and record store owner, Rob Gordon. He recounts the top five breakups, including the present one. He is a music lover but has not well understanding of women. He seeks out to his old partners and tries to know why he failed in his past relationships after being dumped by Laura, and she is his long-term girlfriend. Makers have changed the name of the main character and moved the plot to Chicago from London. Howard Shore composed the music of the movie. Stephen Frears has handled its direction. The humorous romantic American drama movie is inspired by a novel having the same title written by British author Nick Hornby. It is starring Lili Taylor, Iben Hjejle, Joan Cusack, Lisa Bonet, John Cusak, and Natasha Gregson. By the way, Wagner, Todd Louiso, Sara Gilbert, Joelle Carter, and Jack Black also done a fantastic job.

11)Don’t Look Back – 1967 – IMDb (8/10)

Don’t Look Back

It is a documentary movie showing the tour of England of Bob Dylan that happened in 1965. The film also comprises the roles of Donovan and Joan Baez. Donovan and Bob Dylan have composed the music for the film. The story is written and directed by D.A. Pennebaker. It shows Dylan in his young age who is contrary, charismatic, and confident, if not contrary, confrontational, & arrogant. The movie casts include Derroll Adams, Tito Burns, Joan Baez, Albert Grossman, Horace Freeland Judson, and Donovan. Alan Price, Bob Neuwirth, and Bob Dylan have even done a great job with their roles. You might also notice a glimpse of Allen Ginsberg, Ginger Baker, John Mayall, and Marianne Faithfull.

12)Searching for Sugar Man – 2012 – IMDb (8.2/10)

Searching for Sugar Man

Two South African fans of Cape Town named, Craig Bartholomew Strydom and Stephen “sugar” Segerman are on a mysterious quest. They want to uncover the truth behind what happened to their hero, Rodriguez, an American musician whose music was popular in South Africa. So it highlights the strange true story of a 1970s rock n roller icon. It is entirely different what is being rumored about his death that he commits suicide on a stage by setting fire to himself. Rodriguez has composed the music of the film. Malik Bendjelloul has not only written the story but also directed and produced (with Simon Chinn). It is a Finnish, British, and Swedish based documentary movie that highlights the cultural phenomenon of South Africa. It is among the music movies that realize when the internet is not standard; then the difficulty one faces to find a lost star. The film depicts how people into mythology can elevate musicians as culture beacons, and it is the story of an underrated guy.

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