8 of the Best Cooking Movies that can’t be neglected

August 14, 2020

Food is an essential part of our life! We all like and hate to eat some recipes as per your taste and preferences. It is best to watch some best cooking movies, especially at weekends, this can help you crave more to eat more. And yes, they are not boring enough, since the makers mostly try to add senses of humor and feelings to such genre films. Following is a list of some best movies about cooking that can either inspire you to cook good food or depicts its importance in our life;

1)Burnt 2015 – IMDb (6.6/10)


It’s an American comedy-drama movie based on a talented chef who destroys his career due to a bad attitude. The list of the lead cast includes Omar Sy, Sienna Miller, and Bradley Cooper. It is interesting to watch a man who, after rehab, gets bossy on his love interest to get good ratings for a top-notch cuisine that is generally hard to gain. The story can lock the audience’s attention to know how a crew will help him start a new restaurant. There lies a battle with the hurdles on the way that could help him to earn a third Michelin star. Michael Kalesniko has written the story, while directed and produced (with Erwin Stoff, Stacey Sher) by Jon Wells.

2)Chef 2014 – IMDb (7.3/10)


The list of best cooking movies should include “Chef,” a film based on preparing delicious recipes. The story is based on a man who left a job at a restaurant in Los Angeles and launches a new business of food truck along with his son, ex-wife, and best friend. It is backed by casts exceptional performance, having Sofia Vergara, Scarlett Johansson, and Jon Favreau. The movie was written, penned, and produced (with Sergei Bespalov) by Jon Favreau. You can get to watch some up-close shots of mouthwatering savory skillets, grilled cheese, and more with a dose of comedy in between. If you love to cook food, then you can definitely get inspired by the story!

3)The Hundred-Foot Journey 2014 – IMDb (7.3/10)

The Hundred-Foot Journey

After facing violence, an Indian Family from their native place relocated to a small town in France. Further there, they open a restaurant near another Michelin-starred restaurant. Both the restaurants embroiled in a competition together! It ended up with the love of two chefs belonging to these restaurants. Lasse Hallstrom directed the American comedy-drama movie. It is starring Charlotte Le Bon, Om Puri, Manish Dayal, and Helen Mirren as leads. The story is penned by Steven Knight and based on a novel of the same title by Richard C. Marais. It is all about passion, flavor, and heart with a positive message of multicultural acceptance! The best part is the audience can enjoy watching both Indian and French cuisines.

4)Jiro Dreams of Sushi 2011 – IMDb (7.9/10)

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

If you love to watch food-based documentaries, then this is something you should not skip. It depicts the life of Jiro Ono, who is an 85 years old Japanese sushi master. David Gelb made it. You can watch Masuhiro Yamamoto, Yoshikazu, and Jiro Ono in the main characters of the movie. It also highlights his family and profession. Also, how he uses his elegant and thoughtful meditation as the owner of a sushi-only 3-star restaurant in Tokyo. He has an art of correctly making yummy maki roll, sashimi, and sushi by being a complicated and loving father. His two sons are also sushi chefs who are even dreaming and working on their ways to take their father’s legacy ahead in the future!

5)Julie & Julia 2009 – IMDb (7.0/10)

Julie & Julia

Two books inspire it: Julie & Julia, written by Julie Powell, and another is My Life in France, penned by Alex Pud’homme and Julia Child. The screenplay, directed and Produced (with Amy Robinson, Eric Steel, and Laurence Mark) by Nora Ephron. It has Chris Messina, Stanley Tucci, Amy Adams, and Meryl Streep in lead roles. The story revolves around two women! Julia, who starts cooking profession, and other Julie, a blogger, take the challenge to cook all the recipes of Julia’s first book in a year. It is the first-ever blog based major motion picture inspired by “The Julie/Julia Project.”

6)Ratatouille 2007 – IMDb (8.0/10)


Nobody among us wants a rat to rule in our pantries, but this movie is about a rat, he has a passion for a rodent-phobic profession. One of the famous and exciting films on our list of best movies about cooking to watch! Its story is about an alliance at a famous Parisian restaurant between a young kitchen worker and a Remy (voice given by Patton Oswalt). By the way, Remy is an anthropomorphic rat who can cook and dream of becoming a chef. The animation American comedy movie was written (with Jim Capobianco, and Jan Pinkava), screenplay and directed by Brad Bird. Brad Lewis produced it. The title ratatouille refers to the main character, i.e., rat and a French dish that has been shown at the end of the movie. It is one of the Pixar’s hit comedy movies.

7)Soul Food 1997 – IMDb (7/10)

Soul Food

In the main leads, it is starring Nia Long, Vivica A. Fox, and Vanessa Williams. George Tillman, Jr. has both written and directed the movie. It is an American family-based drama with a pinch of comedy that keeps it interesting to watch for approximately 2 hours. The story leaves a message to the viewers that a person is so essential in maintaining a family together, and what happens if that person is gone. The movie has got many positive reviews from different countries! It is due to portraying a positive image of a black African-American based family. There is an added treat for food lovers. The family’s dinner table shows delicious biscuits, potato salad, fried chicken, cheese, macaroni, and more. So you will definitely crave to eat something good, and enjoy eating your meal after watching the film with your family.

8)Babette’s Feast 1987 – IMDb (7.8/10)

Babette’s Feast

The movie stars Gudmar Wivesson, Bodil Kjer, and Stephane Audran in lead roles. A Danish drama film inspired by a short story of the same name released in 1958. The credit of the script goes to Karen Blixen and is presented by Gabriel Axel. It is the first Danish film to win the Oscar in the category of Best Foreign Language movie. The story highlights a community of Danish village that is strictly religious. A French refugee belonging to Franco-Prussian War joins them as the cook of the two elderly and devout daughters of the late pastor. The sisters allow their servant to make a feast on occasion to honor their late father’s 100th birthday. It highlights how they are spiritually concerned over the decadence and sensuality of French cuisine. The movie will inspire its audience to know the impact of serving a good meal while throwing a party!

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