9 among the Best Sports Movies ever made

August 27, 2020

Watching sports movies is not just a time pass or entertainment source, but it also offers many health benefits! It includes enhancing muscle nerve activity, brain workout, and less risk of depression.

Their stories generally include suspense, thrill, drama, sportsmanship, and more. You might virtually connect and involve in it! It will help you build self-confidence, team spirit, and even a chance to shred some calories.

So it is good to spend the time watching real or reel life sports events and stories to improve your motivation. It will help to uplift your mood, especially if you are feeling low. You can also watch it with your family, especially children, to help them gain an interest in sports.

After all, in today’s scenario, playing sports is a natural way of working out, especially for kids. It is also beneficial as compared to sitting in one place and playing video games.

If you are already interested in watching them, then here is a list of the best sports movies of all time to check whether you are missing anything!

1)Raging Bull – 1980 – IMDb (8.2/10)

Raging Bull

A biography cum sports drama! The movie depicts the life of Jake LaMotta, an American-Italian boxer and former middleweight champion. His temper and violence not only made him a successful fighter but also ruin his life. Jake had a troubled personality, including suspicion, jealousy, and rage towards his brother/manager and wife. At last, he was left alone, and the destitute person who is seeking redemption. The movie was released in 1980. The main star cast includes Joe Pesci, Cathy Moriarty, and Robert De Niro. It has gained 8.2 stars out of an average rating of more than three lakh voters. The movie is inspired by Raging Bull: My Story, a 1970 memoir of Jake. By the way, Robert has got the Oscar in the category of Best Actor for portraying the role of a controversial 1940’s price boxer.

2)Remember the Titans – 2000 – IMDb (7.8/10)

Remember the Titans

It is a biography or a true story of a high-school team. A newly appointed American-African coach joined them as a racially integrated unit on their first season. The movie is genuinely inspired by real events that happened in 1971. Boaz Yakin has handled the department of direction. According to this, black students are integrated into white southern high school from another nearby school. Both of these schools are popular for football programs and are currently unified. There is a white coach with animosity feeling in the post of assistant coach of the integrated team under a black man who was appointed as head coach. Gregory Allen Howard penned the story of this biographical American sports movie. The average rating on IMDb from about to lakh voters is 7.8 out of 10. This sports drama movie was released in 2000. It was starring Donald Faison, Denzel Washington, Nicole Ari Parker, and Will Patton as leads. The film is also recognized under the category of the best football movies ever.

3)Hoosiers – 1987 – IMDb (7.5/10)


The movie was released in 1986, and it has an average rating of 7.5 stars out of 10 on IMDb as per more than forty thousand voters. Its story is about a basketball team of a high school of small-town trained by a local drunk coach, a former star player who has checkered past. Its main casts include Dennis Hopper, Barbara Hershey, and Gene Hackman. It is exciting for the audiences to determine whether they will win the state championship game of Indiana high school! The film is based on redemption and hailed by ESPN and Sports Illustrated in the list of best sports films ever made in history. It had two nominations in Oscars and released with the title “Best Shot” in some countries. The screenplay delivers lots of excitement and suspense. An American based sports movie that is having the direction of David Anspaugh and written by Angelo Pizzo.

4)Rocky – 1976 – IMDb (8.1/10)


The story is based on a small-time amateur, a struggling slightly dimwitted boxer based on Philadelphia. He got a rare chance in a bout to face a fight against the heavy-weight champion and strives to maintain his self-respect. It is starring Carl Weathers, Talia Shire, Burgess Meredith, Burt Young, and Sylvester Stallone.  He also found his love interest in a reclusive girl who is doing a job at a native pet store. The director of this American movie was John G. Avildsen and is penned by Sylvester Stallone. It is a famous sports drama movie released in 1976 and one of the best sports movies of all time. The film has an average star rating of 8.1 out of 10 from more than five lakh voters. After the massive success of the movie, its seven sequels are made with Stallone in the lead role in all. Also, a fascinating fact is that he has written seven scripts out of them, and even four among the six titular installments.

5)Rudy – 1993 – IMDb (7.5/10)


A boy is dreaming of playing college football after being told that he is smaller for it. He further decided to tackle the odds and achieved his mission to play for Notre Dame. It is much entertaining and exciting for the audiences to watch how a working-class boy will make his hard dream to come true. Angelo Pizzo was written the story while David Anspaugh manages the direction. It is a 1993 release sports drama or a biography movie with an average star rating of 7.5 out of 10 from about fifty-five thousand voters on IMDb. The main star casts comprise Lili Taylor, Ned Beatty, Robert Prosky, Charles S. Dutton, and Sean Astin. This American movie was shot in Indiana and Illinois! As per two ESPN polls, this movie had been included among the top 25 sports movies in 2005.

6)Miracle – 2004 – IMDb (7.5/10)


The film is a historical biography drama inspired by the real-life of Herb Brooks, a hockey coach, and the former player. He is known to lead the men’s ice hockey team of the U.S. in the 1980’s Olympics. He also helps them win a Gold medal over the Soviet team, a seemingly invincible squad. Mike Rich and Eric Guggenheim penned the story. It is a 2004 release with an IMDb star rating of 7.5 from 10 from about forty-seven thousand online voters. Gavin O’Connor was responsible for the direction of this American sports movie. The list of personalities in lead roles includes Noah Emmerich, Patricia Clarkson, and Kurt Russell. Critics have praised the performance of Russell for portraying the character of Herb!

7)Caddyshack – 1980 – IMDb (7.3/10)


A brash member or destructive dancing gopher has joined an elite country club exclusive golf course.  This film was premiered in the year 1980! It is a sports American comedy movie that has a rating of 7.3 from 10 based on the average score of more than one lakh voters. It has been written by Brian Doyle-Murray, Harold Ramis, and Douglas Kenney. The main casts include Michael O’Keefe, Rodney Dangerfield, Bill Murray, Ted Knight, and Chevy Chase. It had gained a cult following, and ESPN mentioned it under the list of so-called funniest movies based on sports made till the time. A sequel of the film was also released in 1988 titled Caddyshack II. Harold Ramis had handled the responsibility of its direction.

8)The Pride of the Yankees – 1942 – IMDb (7.7/10)

The Pride of the Yankees

It is a romantic drama or biography inspired by the true story of the career and life of Lou Gehrig, a famous baseball player. He is recognized as a first baseman or a great American hero who is a fan of Iron Horse. Also, he wants to become a pro ballplayer when he is a child in New York. In his college time, he became a famous athlete and joined the New York Yankees. Later in 1939, he came to know that he is suffering from neurological disease. The main list of star casting comprises Babe Ruth, Gary Cooper, Waiter Brennan, and Teresa Wright. Paul Gallico has composed the script of the film, and Sam Wood performs the direction of the same. The movie was released on theaters in the year 1942! Till now, the film has got an average star rating of 7.7 from 10 based on about ten thousand users.

9)A League of Their Own – 1992 – IMDb (7.3/10)

A League of Their Own

It is a family comedy-drama and a contender among the best sports movies released back in 1992. It highlights the story of two sisters who joins a professional female baseball league.  You will like the performances of Bill Pullman, David Strathairn, Lon-Petty, Madonna, and Tom Hanks. The film is also based on their struggle to get success among their increasing rivalry. It is a fictionalized representation of the real events of AAGPBL. The movie consists of the real-life exploits from the Baseball league of All-American girls. Kim Wilson and Kelly Candaele wrote the script of the film. Penny Marshall has taken the responsibility of direction. The main list of star casts includes Garry Marshall, Jon Lovitz, Rosie O’Donnell, and Geena Davis. It has an average star rating of 7.3 from a total of 10 on IMDb based on more than ninety-one thousand voters.

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