9 Best Actors who have Gained Popularity by Reprising the Role of Robin

November 13, 2020

Robin is a DC comic’s character who was prepared to serve as a junior fellow to the famous superhero Batman. It has gained its own identity as an alias of many fictional superheroes of American comic books. By the way, the Robin’s character was created by Bob Kane, Bill Finger, and Jerry Robinson.

There are many incarnations of Robin that we have seen in the past! Among all, Dick Grayson debuted first in 1940 in the 38th episode of Detective Comics released by DC comics. The other fictional characters assumed as Robin in the DC comic’s world are Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Damian Wayne, Stephanie Brown, and more.

Batman, no doubt he is among the famous superheroes and personalities of all time. Robin is also one of the superheroes in the DC Comics world. By the way, Robin has long been mentioned inside the Batman comic books as Batman’s companion.

The team of Robin and Batman work as the Dynamic Duo. Many actors have played Batman’s role across the 60+ year history of the films and TV Shows. But who has been the best amongst those?

Robin was first appeared in Detective Comics episode number 38. He is also recognized as the Boy Wonder. It was released on 6th March 1940, and he, along with Batman, were almost inseparable and ruled the war against crime.

Whenever we think about Batman, the first thing that comes into our mind is Bruce Wayne. By the way, there are the following options in case of Robin those who are eligible to get Robin’s crown.

What are the Best Actors Who Played Robin?

Following are the Details of some actors who had to win the hearts of robin fans from their personalities;

a) Johnny Duncan

He had portrayed Robin’s role in a 1949’s serial of 15 episodes named Batman and Robin made by Columbia Pictures. The series is a sequel to the serial Batman released back in 1943 but with a different cast. Jonny was born in the New York city of the US. He had begun his career by playing the role of Townsboy in The Arizona Wildcat, released in 1939.

b) Douglas Croft

Yes, he is the Robin of the Batman film serial stated in the previous point, released in 1943. Croft was born in Seattle, based in the Washington of the US. His full name is Douglas Malcolm Wheatcroft, and he played the identity of Dick Grayson while he is 16 years old. By the way, Croft has started his career from Remember The Day, released in 1941 as he played the role of Dewey Roberts.

c) Chris O’Donnell

He is the personality behind the robin’s attire in Batman & Robin, released in 1997, and Batman Forever, released in 1995. Chris was born particularly in Winnetka, Illinois, United States of America.

Chris started his carrier from an American Comedy-drama titled Jack and Mike in Evan’s role, released in 1986. Chris was recently seen in ‘American Dad!’ Released in 2017.

d) Joseph Gordon-Levitt

He played the character of John Blake in The Dark Knight Rises, released back in 2012. However, his role is inspired by Robin’s first three characters in the comics, as his real name in the movie is Robin. His birthplace is Los Angeles in California. In addition to a successful actor, he is also an entrepreneur, singer, and filmmaker.

e) Curran Walters

We saw him playing Jason Todd or Robin’s role in the movie released in 2018 named Titans. He was born at Oak Park, based in California. Walters started his career in 2014 by portraying chad’s role in the TV film series ‘Growing Up and Down’. He was recently seen on Legends of Tomorrow released this year!

f) Burt Ward

During the 1960s, we saw Burt playing Robin’s role in the Batman movie and TV series. He was born in California, USA, specifically in Los Angeles. His original identity was Bert John Gervis Junior.

He was selected to perform Robin’s role and later adopted Ward, inspired by his mother’s maiden name while he was 19 years old. He also changed Bert to Burt for a more punchy title!

g) Brenton Thwaites

In 2018, a TV series named Titans was released in which Brenton has lived the character of Richard or Dick Grayson, aka Robin! He was born in Cairns, located in Australia. In 2011, Brenton had begun his acting career with the series ‘Slide’. The actor had won the awards for his 2014s work in The Giver.

h) Ariel Winter

She is the voice behind Robin’s character named Carrie Kelly in 2012/2013 released The Dark Knight Returns of the Batman animated series. By the way, Ariel is also recognized as Alex of Modern Family and won many awards. Her birthplace was Virginia, US. Winter is the younger sister of Jimmy Workman and Shanelle Workman.

i) Jensen Ackles

He has given the voice over to Red Hood/Jason Todd in Batman: Under the Red Hood, it is a 2010’s released animated movie. Jensen had won the best male newcomer award of Soap Opera Digest for the 1998’s release Days of Our Lives. He has got many awards for his performances in the Supernatural series released in 2010, 11, 14, 15, and 2016. The birthplace of Ackles is the United States, specifically in Dallas, Texas.


Who is the number one actor to play the role of Robin?

It’s not a helpful question to ask which Robin actor is the best. It’s hard to judge; all of them have played a perfect role. But according to us Still, Brenton Thwaites, whose iconic portrayal of Robin has made replacing him seems to be an impossible task.

He has got everything you would expect for the role. He’s handsome, he’s young, Brenton can act, and he’s got the skills to perform those stunts too. So you can say he is made for the role.

Though you cannot say that others haven’t done well, everyone who played Robin, the movies and TV shows have done a great job!

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