9 Best Space Movies of All Time

August 25, 2020

Almost all of us are always excited to know more about our space and universe! Generally, youths from an early age start dreaming of becoming astronauts, but unfortunately, very few of them will achieve it! Anyways, we can always use different source materials like news articles, or astronaut movies to know more about the space. If you like science, then you should definitely watch the best space movies. They can also provide humor, suspense, thrill, horror, and romance to grab their audience’s attention. So let us directly have a look at the best movies about space that you can include in your ‘to be binge’ list.

1)First Man – 2017 – IMDb (7.3/10)

First Man

The film is based on Neil Armstrong, the first man who had placed his foot on the Moon on a legendary space mission that happened in 1969. It also depicts how an astronaut lives his life! A riveting story that also highlights the decade that leads to the historic flight of Apollo 11. The main characters of the movie are Ciaran Hinds, Corey Stoll, Jason Clarke, and Ryan Gosling. You can also see Gavin Warren, Christopher Abbott, Kyle Chandler, and Claire Foy in leads. It is based on the biography of Armstrong, written by James R. Hansen. The credits of the direction go to Damien Chazelle, and Josh Singer performed the screenplay. This American drama based on space was released in 2018. More than one and a half lakh online voters on IMDb have an average rating of 7.3 stars out of 10!

2)Gravity – 2013 – IMDb (7.7/10)


After meeting with an accident, two astronauts stranded up in the space and with each other to fight for life. The lead actors of this film are George Clooney and Sandra Bullock! Alfonso Cuaron had worked on the script (with Jonas Cuaron) and the direction of the story. He also co-edited and co-produced the movie. It is a bit exciting for the audiences to watch the struggling attempt of two astronauts to come back to Earth. They stuck after that when their Space Shuttle gets destroyed in the mid-orbit. Interestingly, about 90% of it has been made with visual effects designed by a British animation company Framestore. A scientific-fiction cum thriller drama film released in 2013. It has a mean star rating of 7.7/10 from more than seven and a half lakh voters on IMDb. It has earned many accolades from different guilds and critics. It is among the list of astronaut movies that are highly praised for the visuals and direction used in them!

3)The Martian – 2015 – IMDb (8.0/10)

The Martian

It is about the story or situation where an astronaut turns out stranded alone on Mars. He relies only on his ingenuity, trying to send some signal to Earth that he is still alive. By the way, he was left over there by his team when they assume him dead on Mars. The movie also shows the efforts made to rescue and bring him back to Earth. It is a space-oriented adventure Sci-Fi drama movie released in 2015. The film has gained 8 out of 10 stars as an average rating from more than seven lakh IMDb voters. The audience of the film can get the chance to enjoy watching a great set of the star cast. It includes Donald Glover, Aksel Hennie, Kate Mara, Sean Bean, Kristen Wiig, Jessica Chastain, and Benedict Wong. It is worth watching Mackenzie Davis, Sebastian Stan, Michael Pena, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Jeff Daniels, and Matt Damon. A film based on survival is inspired from a Sci-fi novel of the same title penned by Andy Weir. Drew Goddard composes the script of the story, and Ridley Scott has directed it.

4)Wall-E – 2008 – IMDb (8.4/10)


The story is based on a waste-collecting small robot that, in the distant future, inadvertently goes on a journey of space. It is also about how the fate of humans is related to it. By the way, he is designed to remove the pollution from the Earth. It comprises the voice-overs of Kathy Najimy, Fred Willard, Elissa Knight, and Sigourney Weaver. Additionally, the voices of John Ratzenberger, Jeff Garlin, and Ben Burtt fit well to the plot. Andrew Stanton performed the story (with Pete Docter), screenplay (with Andrew Stanton), and direction. The film is a romantic sci-fi computer animation. It shows how in the coming future, a single trash compactor is working to clean the garbage from the deserted and uninhabitable Earth. Axiom, the starship, has sent a probe or robot named EVE.

Further, the robot fell in love with EVE and pursues all around the galaxy. It is a 2008 animation, with adventure, and recognized one among the space movies for the family. The film has a star rating of 8.4 out of 10 based on more than ninety-five lakh IMDb voters.

5)The Right Stuff – 1983 – IMDb (7.8/10)

The Right Stuff

It is a biographical adventure drama released in 1983 and currently has a star rating of about 7.8 from 10 as per more than fifty-four thousand IMDb users. The film has highlighted the true story of Mercury 7 astronauts and how they handle the space program. Overall, it comes into the category of the best space movies that depict the U.S space program. In this, you will see how the space program of the U.S, came into practice. Its leading roles include Veronica Cartwright, Kim Stanley, Sam Shepard, Scott Paulin, Ed Harris, and Charles Frank. You will also like watching Pamela Reed, Barbara Hershey, Fred Ward, Dennis Quaid, Lance Henriksen, and Scott Glenn. The film is inspired by a 1979 book of the same title written by Tom Wolfe. Philip Kaufman handled its screenplay and direction. It is an epic American historical drama movie. The movie had received many critical acclaims from all over the world and nominated for eight different categories in Oscar. Out of them, it has won half at 56th Academy Awards.

6)Jupiter Ascending – 2015 – IMDb (5.3/10)

Jupiter Ascending

It is a space opera movie based on the story of a normal cleaning woman. She is also an interplanetary warrior who let her know that her destiny is beyond the Earth. According to Booth, the movie’s fictional universe is a cross among Star Wars and The Matrix. The film is recognized in the category of underrated sci-fi movies released in the past two decades. It is a 2015 Feb release adventure, action, wonderfully camp, and fantastic imagery drama movie. At present, the film has an average star rating of 5.3 out of 10 from more than one lakh seventy-five thousand voters on IMDb. The main star cast includes Eddie Redmayne, Mila Kunis, Douglas Booth, Sean Bean, and Channing Tatum. The Wachowskis managed the story, direction, and production (with Grant Hill) of the film.

7)Solaris – 2002 – IMDb (6.2/10)


The film has romance, mystery, drama and was released at the end of 2002. It is the story of a troubled psychologist! He goes to an isolated research station in an orbit of a bizarre Solaris planet intending to investigate its crew. After arrival, he found two dead crew members on a bloodstained and almost empty space station. The movie has a star rating of 6.2 out of 10 based on more than seventy-eight thousand IMDb users. It is based on a philosophical science novel of 1961 having the same title penned by Stanislaw Lem, a Polish writer. Steven Soderbergh had managed the screenplay and direction of the movie. The lead actors includes Viola Davis, Natascha McElhone, Ulrich Tukur, Jeremy Davies, and George Clooney. It is an American Sci-Fi movie that lets its main character to wonder what is real that is happening with him and what isn’t!

8)Contact – 1997 – IMDb (7.4/10)


After years of search, Dr. Ellie Arroway came to know about conclusive radio signal proof. It is based on extraterrestrial intelligence. So, she is chosen to send the signals and make contact for the first time! The main list of the star cast includes Tom Skerritt, James Woods, Jodie Foster, Angela Bassett, John Hurt, and Matthew McConaughey. It’s a scientific mystery drama film released in 1997 and has gained 7.4 stars on IMDb as an average from about two lakh fifty thousand voters. Ann Druyan and Carl Sagan have composed its story. The film is inspired from a novel based on the hard science fiction of the same title written by Carl Sagan. Robert Zemeckis had handled the responsibility of direction and production (with Steve Starkey) of the film.

9)Pandorum – 2009 – IMDb (6.7/10)


It is one of the few best space movies based on horror. Overall, a British-German action mystery released in September 2009. It has an average star rating of 6.7/10 based on more than one lakh and forty thousand votes. Two crew members belonging found that their other colleagues are missing. It happened after they wake up from a hyper-sleep on an abandoned spacecraft. They do not identify their mission or who they are! Later, they came to know that they are not alone, and the situation goes more horrifying. The lead star cast includes Cung Le, Cam Gigandet, Dennis Quaid, Eddie Rouse, Antje Traue, and Den Foster. Travis Milloy penned the screenplay and story (co-written) of the film. Christian Alvart is responsible for co-writing the script and direction of the movie. This Sci-fi movie has some elements of survival adventure and Lovecraftian horror.  The film title was taken from a slag used to identify a type of psychosis, ODS, or Orbital Dysfunctional Syndrome. It is a health problem that happens due to outer space and occurs due to emotional stress!

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