What’s the story?

The six-episode thriller tells the story of Mia Akerlund, a young medical student seeking the truth about the death of her brother, who was related to a leading researcher.

The basic summary of “Biohackers” is presented like this: “Mia just wanted to meet a professor of Medicine apparently related to her family tragedy, but she ends up in the world of biohacking.”

Biohackers 1

But … What is biohacking? It is mainly understood as a type of science that aims to improve the basic capabilities of the human body through technological elements. In addition, it is intended that these techniques and knowledge are available to everyone and not only in small laboratories.

Is it any good?

“Biohackers” is in principle an interesting mixture of a youth series and a biological manipulation thriller, which promises but remains half, especially due to a mediocre script and short of ambition.

The best thing about history is the issue and its ethical implications: is eugenics legal? What limits are we crossing with modern synthetic biology, barely knowing it?

Well directed, with excellent photography at times (those views of Freiburg …), however, it has many shortcomings that affect the final result, starting with a too predictable script and with manifest weaknesses: that investigation in the basement of the house is really credible and for so few people? have they ever had an audit, even a routine one, of the ethics committee? And despite the courage to raise the ethical problems of eugenics in a country with a rather dark history on the subject, for me it remains too superficial, without really going deeply into the toughest dilemmas, such as that of Jasper. Not to mention that final cliffhanger glued with superglue …

The protagonist is pretty and acts passably, bad luck that the role does not give much more and has very singing weaknesses, like that supposed academic brilliance a week after starting the first year. Where I have really missed some more nuances is in the character of the perverse protagonist doctor, who is flatter than La Mancha in Albacete … no history, no family, no lovers, no explanation: she is like that, and she has that super design house, period, because I’m worth it.

Biohackers 2

Also a bit flat is her self-sacrificing (and expendable) assistant, whose motivation, as befits a mediocre script, they tell us instead of letting us find out through their behavior.

The best characters, the roommates, and the unexpected gift of this series, that refreshing side portrait of university life in Germany, where you can live in a flat that is falling apart but the faculty facilities look like something out of a competition of design architecture.


The series has a few proto-cyberpunk points that are almost endearing: the staff handle genetically modified pets and pots as if they were made in the kitchen (in fact, they make them in the kitchen), or that roommate who insists on getting chips on the body with the nail scissors.

In short, it can be seen and has interesting aspects, if the subject attracts you I recommend it as entertainment, and perhaps as a reminder of the need for ethical procedures in research.

The series faces, with a certain lightness and with a partial development of its bioethical implications, two aspects of biohacking: the modern, individual and “playful”, linked to transhumanism and cyborgs and the “eugenic“, the latter highly (and perhaps involuntarily ) disturbing in a series originating from and taking place in a country with a German past.

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