What’s the story?

Well, what do you know guys, we have a DCEU ( DC Extended Universe) film on our hands. “Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)”

With only one week left till the actual release, fans are as hyped as ever. There’s a lot of anticipation for this film. Let’s go over a few things that you should know about, before watching it.Don’t worry, we’ll keep this post short and sweet!

The film in question is going to be released on February 7, 2020. Alright, go mark your calendars.

As obvious as it is from the poster, let’s get one thing clear, this film would be a Harley Quinn film as well as the Eighth film in the DCEU.

Birds of Prey

Harley Quinn has ceased to be with Joker ever since the events of the suicide squad (This film is a follow-up spin-off of the popular film Suicide Squad which was released back in 2016)

Just to make things a little more clear.

The events in this film take place before the Suicide Squad 2 that’s said to be released in 2021.

After the events of the suicide squad, Joker and Harley continue their abusive relationship until Joker gets fed up and kicks her out of the house. Harley gets acquainted with a guy named Doc who is the owner of a Taiwanese restaurant…

When Black mask (A narcissist crime lord) kidnaps a young girl, the whole Gotham city gets turned upside down looking for her.

Among the onlookers is Harley Quinn who has joined forces with the Gotham city Heroines to take down the Black mask and rescue the girl.

The plot confirms that the majority of the characters are going to be girls, which is not so much a leak but oh well.

Is it any good?

It is just as the question implies, the film is going to be R-rated. That totally syncs with what Margot Robbie (The actress playing the role of Harley Quinn) wanted when she pitched the idea of “an R-rated girl gang film.” She didn’t want to be in the spotlight alone, she wanted it to be a part of it.

Still, the real reason why it is R-Rated remains a little too vague. Even the Suicide Squad was rated PG-13.

The youngest person that can legally see the film without their parents has to be at least 17 years old. This is something that doesn’t usually happen, the fact that they have declared the film to be R rated means that they are okay with losing a few thousands of viewers.

This could mean that the movie is going to be incredibly violent or just fluff.


The cost of production of this film is significantly lower than what it usually is. It’s around 75 to 80 Million dollars, while the total cost of Suicide Squad was around 175 Million dollars.

Well, guys, there’s only a week left till the promised day.

Let’s see how Harley Quinn comes back to glory again!

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