What’s the story?

Frozen 2 is the sequel of frozen 1 and in this movie we see about Elsa’s family fast and how she got all her powers. Elsa one day hears a strange voice which only she can hear. Anna became worried about Elsa and they set on a journey to find about that voice with Olaf and Kristoff. During their journey, they find many secrets of the past. They also save their kingdom at last and Anna becomes the new queen.

Frozen 2 is a Walt Disney produced animated movie. It is the sequel of frozen which was released in December 2013. In frozen 2 Elsa, Olaf, Anna, Sven, and Kristoff sets on a journey to save their kingdom. They also wanted to know about the magical powers of Elsa. The story of frozen 2 starts with Elsa and Anna listening story from their father about the agreement of building a dam in Enchanted Forest that their grandfather King Runeard formed with their neighborhood tribe. But they didn’t follow the agreement and in the result, there was a fight between both tribes.


In the fight, King Runeard died and made the spirits of water, fire, forest, air, and earth very angry. One night after three years of Elsa’s coronation she heard a sound that only she can hear. Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf sets on a journey to follow that sound. During their journey they came across the soldiers of Northuldra and Arendellian. They saw that they both hate each other. After discovering that her mother was Northulra and her father was Arendallian she arranged a truce between both of them. Elsa left Kristoff behind and continued her journey with Anna and Olaf to the north. During their journey they found the lost wracked ship of their father and a map that leads towards the magical river Ahtohallan. After this Elsa left Anna and Olaf behind and continued the journey herself to keep them safe. After continuing her journey alone she came across Nokk the guardian of the magical river. After reaching the magical river Elsa discovered that the voice she can hear only was the old memory of her young mother Iduna. That voice was a message that Iduna telling Elsa that she is the Fifth spirit and her powers are the gift of nature. She also learned the truth about that dam that it was built by King Runerad because he didn’t like the magical powers of Northuldra and wanted to make Northuldra part of his region.

Elsa after learning about the truth sends this message to Anna. Anna concludes that the dam is the main problem between those two tribes and it must be destroyed to regain peace. Anna then uses the earth spirits to destroy the dam. When the dam was destroyed by Anna the water rushed towards Kingdom and Elsa returns and saved the kingdom from the flood. After all this Anna accepts the proposal of Kristoff. Elsa also revives Olaf. Elsa explains the truth about all the past to people. Elsa then becomes the protector Arendelle and Anna were named as the new queen.

Is it any good?

This new animated musical movie by Disney promotes love, sisterhood, empowerment, and acceptance. There were also very good new songs in this movie. The story of the first part of frozen was a little bit more straightforward then frozen 2. Frozen 2 has more twists in the story then frozen 1. In this movie Olaf was maturing and started to understand all the things. He was also a bit clever in this movie. In all the new characters introduced in this movie Wood was the most prominent one.


The music in this sequel produced by Kristen Anderson Lopez and Robert Lopez doesn’t become as successful as the single “Let to go” became when the frozen 1 was released. But the single in Frozen 2 “into the unknown” has the same emotions and voice like “Let it go”. Number of the songs in this sequel sounds the same as “Let it go” but no one became as popular as “Let it go”. You can say that the musical style in the movie was the same as the first part. In this movie there is a solo of Kristoff “Lost into the woods” which was in the 80’s style and has a bit funny video.

The single of Anna “The next right thing” was sweet and melodious. And “When I’m older” the Olaf’s single was funny and sweet as people expected. In this movie Kristoff always wondered that did Anna loved him as same as he and is she interested in marrying him. But Anna in this movie was so busy with her sister on their journey to save their kingdom. There is not much magic in this sequel. This sequel is more about the love between both sisters and how they have each other’s back.


The Disney animated movie “Frozen 2” has all the emotions i.e. funny, sad, romantic, and excitement. The songs in this movie were not as successful as the first part but still was very good. Sometimes will watching the movie you feel like they are trying too hard to get this movie as successful as the first part. Scenes are a little bit too much and there is a lot of stuff going on in this movie. But overall this movie was impressive and entertaining. Writers of the movie know how to engage with the young audience with animated movies. In this sequel we see a lot of Elsa’s family past and their secrets. At the starting of the movie we see the childhood of both and Elsa and Anna. Their parents were telling them a bedtime story about their family’s past. But then someday when they both are grownup Elsa hears some voice which only she can hear. Then they set on a journey to discover that voice. During the journey, they discover many secrets of the past. Frozen 2 also has some flows. Many people are disappointed that there are no villains in this sequel. There was too much focus on the sisters and how Anna was always worried about Elsa. Music was not as good as the first part. But overall this movie was entertaining for the young audience and bit less compelling for adults.

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