What’s the story?

You might be among many people who are unfortunately living or had lived a kind of life that is different than you always wish to have. If yes then you might relate to any character of the Netflix show, I AM Not Okay with this, available to stream online.

The story is based on a teenaged character named Sydney Novak (role played by Sophia Lillis). It is shown how she is facing and coping with managing the detention and bullies as high school hardships in her life.

Her father had committed suicide! Also, she is trying to fit with the contentious bond with her brother and mother. At the same time, she came to know a certain kind of affection towards her best friend, Dina (played by Sofia Bryant).

Is it any good?

Now you might think it will be another everyday drama. But to add a reason for the audiences to watch the show, Sydney also has some superpowers that she can use when she feels angry and emotional.

The show was available online for the first time on 26 Feb, and from then, it is gaining the attention of many audiences, and still, the count is increasing! As per Sophia, she related to the emotions of Sydney and learned much from her character.

You will hook up with the story and want to binge all its episodes at once. Yes, you can relate to it, if you can understand the feeling of not so perfect child who is continually dealing with the obstacles in her life. She always wants to handle them all alone without informing nor taking the help of anyone else even when others want to do something for her.

Lilli admitted the fact that she was so excited to work again with Oleff (who played Stanley) after a horror film IT released back in 2017. Together they had a romantic relationship with having sex with each other for the very first time.

I Am Not Okay with This

However, later Sydney came to know that she has a special feeling towards Dina, and further, the crush of Stanley on Sydney remains unrequited. Sydney tried to kiss Dina, but not reciprocated. So with the feeling of rejection, Sydney got angry a lot, further also bullied by Brad Lewis (played by Richard Ellis), who is the boyfriend of Dina.

Later at the time of detention at school, she realized that she likes girls, and also she does not want to let-go her feelings towards Dina. In the last episode, Sydney is dancing with Dina. At that time, she finally finds that Dina liked her kiss.

But before Sydney would come to know about the feelings of Dina towards her, Brad reads Syd’s diary and interrupts their slow-dance session. It was an embarrassing moment for everyone!

As a result of Brad’s Bullying, Sydney’s anger arouses her superpower, and this led to exploding his body. It was unrealistic and surprising for everybody there at the high school gym. It was filled with chaos when everyone finds stains of guts and blood on their clothes.


Most of the viewers might attach with it while watching the show since every character has a different story and are dealing with their problem. So the makers have tried to serve something that can relate with and gain the emotions of its viewers.

Thus, it is a visual treat for all the teenagers, especially for those whose life is not going well or are not happy with it. They can get some inspiration and strength to fight with the hardships of life. It is a great try by the makers to save the life of some teens who are not happy in their life and might commit suicide!

Hence, this will surely help our society much to avoid such feelings and inspire people to deal with their hardships with courage! And this is something that keeps us happy every time! According to Ellis, The show looks almost real since it does not include any fairy tale or glamorized mix.

Also, the fact that no one on this earth is perfect! So whatever happens in your life either wrong or right, you have to deal with it. By the way, every phase of our life will teach a lesson. So we should be thankful to God always and deal with it anyhow because whatever is happening is for the Good!

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