Interesting Facts About Hawkeye

August 17, 2020

One of the unsung heroes of Marvel, who is not given enough praise in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is Clint Barton a.k.a. Hawkeye. Even though he is a vital part of The Avengers as well as a great solo fighter, his story is seldom heard of and most of us have very little information about his past and how he came to be a part of The Avengers.

So here are some facts about Hawkeye that you probably do not know:


Created by writer Stan Lee and artist Don Heck, he debuted in Tales of Suspense #57 in 1964 as a villain. Later, he joined The Avengers and appeared in Avengers #16 in 1965.


Although he is a mortal human being and does not have any superpowers, he is the greatest archer this world has known. He is also nicknamed as The Golden Archer or The Marksman. Apart from that, he is also an expert motorcyclist and an excellent acrobat.

3)Specialized Arrows

He owns an array of different arrows, ranging from some with explosive tips, releasing clouds of smoke to some charged with electricity. His arrows are made from materials like adamantium, magnets, shrapnel, vibranium or even EMP.

Hawkeye 2


His father was an abusive alcoholic. Clint was orphaned at a young age after his parents died in a car crash. He and his brother, Barney, were left to fend for themselves and they had to bounce from one foster home to another. Eventually, they ended up at a circus and started working there.


Before his career as a superhero, he used to work at a circus called Carson Carnival of Travelling Wonders, where he performed trick shots as Hawkeye. He started training with the help of The Swordsman, a performer who specialized in tricks with blades. After Clint caught The Swordsman stealing from the circus owner, he fought him but was severely injured. After that, he trained to become a master archer under the apprenticeship of Trickshot. One day, a ride broke down at the carnival and Iron Man came to save the day, and the lives of the people stuck in the malfunctioning ride. He saw people warmly cheering for Iron Man and became jealous, which inspired him to become a costumed superhero. He created a costume and mask and went alone into the streets to fight crime.

6)His Brother

Clint and his brother, Barney, worked at the circus together, but after Clint decided to train under the apprenticeship of The Swordsman, his relationship with his brother deteriorated. His brother grew up to become a supervillain by the name of Trickshot and they had to fight each other on several occasions.

7)Relationship with Black Widow

After Hawkeye decided to work as a vigilante, he went to stop a robbery at a bank but the police mistook him for the robber. Black Widow came to his rescue in a car and helped him flee the scene. Hawkeye was instantly smitten by her appearance so, when offered, he agreed to work with her. She was a brainwashed spy controlled by the Soviets and her mission was to destroy The Avengers. He worked with her to steal from Iron Man and got his hands on some Stark technology secrets. Later, he helped her realize that she was being used as a weapon by the Soviets and they both joined The Avengers together.

8)Relationship with Scarlet Witch

Clint shares a close bond with Scarlet Witch that has led him to lose his life multiple times. While in the state of a mental breakdown, Scarlet Witch killed Clint but brought him back to life using her powers. He was later killed by Scarlet Witch and brought back to life by her again. All of this happened in the span of one year.

9)Special Sight

During one of the comics, it was revealed that Hawkeye has an extraordinary vision. A normal human being contains 150 million rod cells in their eyes, but Hawkeye had 400 million rod cells. This not only allowed him to see distant targets clearly but also gave him the ability to change his focal length which means that he can focus on objects far better than normal humans.


10)Female Hawkeye

The title of Hawkeye was owned by a female archer at one point in time. When Clint was dead (for a while), Kate Bishop took the title of Hawkeye and continued his crime-fighting in his absence. After he returned, however, Kate Bishop still wanted to continue fighting for the greater good and she started to share the title of Hawkeye with Clint.


During one of his missions, his bow broke down and he had nothing to defend himself with. In a rush, he drank a serum which consisted of Pym particles and became a colossal superhero known as Goliath. He fought as the giant Goliath for a few years against many enemies but was returned to a normal-sized human being.

12)Captain America’s shield

Hawkeye and Captain America did not see eye to eye at first and fought over being the authority figure, but soon they learned to respect each other and became good friends. Hawkeye’s extraordinary speed, reflexes, strength and wisdom allow him to be among the very few people capable of using Captain America’s shield. He is frequently seen using Captain’s shield to throw it at enemies as a weapon during fights.

So, as deduced from the above facts, Clint Barton a.k.a Hawkeye is not a part of The Avengers just because he is a good archer, but rather because that is only a small part of the list which goes on and on.

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