Interesting Facts About Iceman

August 21, 2020

Robert “Bobby” Louis Drake, one of the founding members of X-men, is a mutant born with superhuman abilities just like other students of Xavier’s school of gifted youngsters. Usually known by his team members as “Frosty”, Robert’s powers are the exact opposite of those of Human Torch. Here are a few facts that prove that Iceman is the “coolest” X-men character:

First Appearance

He debuted in the X-men #1 in 1963. He was created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby.


His main powers include the manipulation of water vapors to convert them into ice. He can even turn objects and human beings into ice. In times of danger, he can convert his own body into ice which serves as a protective armor which is rumored to be about -73 degrees Celsius. He can shoot ice and create weapons of ice out of mere water vapors in the atmosphere. Apart from freezing, he can unfreeze any frozen object as well. He can also act as a human thermometer and is also able to tell the temperature of any object in his vicinity.


Iceman can also protect himself by creating many clones of himself made of ice. The exact number of clones he can make is unknown but hypothetically, if he chooses, he can create an entire army of clones at his side.

Second member of the X-men

Professor Xavier had interacted with future X-men even before creating the original team. The first official member of the X-men was Scott Summers who would later go on to become Cyclops. After that, Xavier decided to reach out to more people like him.
Bobby first unlocked his powers after a bad date when he unintentionally turned a local bully to ice. He was chased by an angry mob and later put in jail. Scott Summers freed him from there and took Bobby to Xavier’s school of gifted youngsters where he joined as the second member of the X-men team.

Omega Level Mutant

Several people have come up with a classification system to sort out the mutants according to their powers and the damage they can cause. These classifications are not definite since the powers of superheroes in comic books keep changing with the writer’s will. However, the most accepted classification uses the Greek letters alpha, beta and omega to classify the mutants. According to this, the omega level mutants are the ones who can hypothetically destroy the whole world if they choose to.

Iceman is an omega level mutant and is feared among the Marvel Universe. He can decrease the thermal energy of any object and there is no extent to how far he can go. He can even freeze the whole world if he unleashes his true powers but he chooses to keep them in check because he is low-key scared of the extent of his powers.

He is gay

Since 1963, Iceman has been involved with his fair share of female characters including Rogue and Kitty. In the All-New X-men #40 when Jean Grey inquired about his sexuality, it was revealed that he was gay. This took everyone by surprise since he revealed that he had always been gay from the start. He has been acknowledged as one of the most prominent gay superheroes to exist. Although Stan Lee was not expecting this surprise, but upon asking, he said that he is completely okay with it.

Increase in size

Iceman has the ability to make a layer of ice on his skin’s surface by using the water vapors around him. So, he can greatly multiply his size by assimilating water or ice around him.

Create Ice Golems

Iceman has learned to master his skills by experimenting with his powers over time. In the Battle of Atom in 2013, he learned that he is capable of creating perceptive and somewhat operational ice golems who follow his direct orders. However, some of them have also turned against him and joined the opposite side.

Possessed by the White Queen

Emma Frost has been one of X-men’s fiercest enemies and she even formed a team with the Hellions to destroy the X-men. When she was injured in an attack, she was taken under the X-men’s care and was kept in a medical lab in the mansion under a coma. One day, while Bobby was guarding her, she awakened and possessed his mind to flee the mansion.

Iceman 2

During this time, she used Iceman’s powers in frightening new ways that no one had seen before. After Bobby was recovered by the X-men, he started to train himself to expand his powers.

Other States of Matter

Although Iceman is most commonly associated with his ice form, he has many other forms and can transform into other states of matter as well. He can change his body to liquid to travel through large bodies of water. He can even change his body into a gaseous cloud and can travel long distances in this form. Apart from that, he can transform other people into liquid forms to travel through water with him but this is only possible for a short duration.

Froze his Father’s Heart

Iceman was never able to gain the approval of his father and had daddy issues. Under the influence of the Death Seed, he confronted his father and began to mentally freeze his heart which almost resulted in his father’s death.

Left the X-men for College

Bobby realized that being a part of the X-men team is not going to pay his bills so he left the team temporarily to get a college degree. He joined UCLA and got a degree in accounting. During this time, he served as a backup member of the X-men and was called when needed.

Kidnapped by Loki

Loki was planning to increase the size of the ice giants of Jotunheim. He knew that Iceman was the only person who could help him in his purpose to defeat the other gods. He kidnapped Iceman and enhanced his powers to the point that they became uncontrollable. After being freed, he had to wear a special belt to keep his powers in his control.

The above details about Iceman show that he is not just a guy with freezing powers but much more than that. More importantly, he has only gotten better with time.

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