Interesting Facts about Invisible Woman

August 18, 2020

Susan “Sue” Storms a.k.a Invisible Woman is a female superhero published by Marvel Comics. She is one of the founding members, and probably the most well-rounded, of the Fantastic Four. As her name suggests, she has the ability to turn herself invisible but her powers consist of much more than that. If you would like to know some amazing facts about Invisible Woman, keep reading.

First Appearance

The character of Invisible woman was created by writer Stan Lee and artist/co-writer Jack Kirby. She first appeared in The Fantastic Four #1 in 1961. She is also the first female superhero created during the Silver Age of comic books by Marvel.

Known Family

  1. Father: Franklin Storm
  2. Brother: Johnny Storm
  3. Husband: Reed Richards
  4. Children: Franklin and Valeria


Invisible Woman has the powers of creating and controlling psionic force fields of any size and shape which allow her to create invisible shields, move distant objects, shoot blasts of psionic energy and even fly. She can bend light rays to make herself and anything she touches invisible.By generating more power into her invisible constructs, she can also convert them into various weapons. These superpowers allow her to harness a wide range of abilities making her a useful ally against many powerful enemies. Susan is also a competent martial artist and was trained by Iron Fist, She-Hulk and the Thing.


Susan’s superpowers are limited to her power of concentration on the psionic force fields. Any interruption in her concentration will cease the existence of the created shields or objects. The larger the force fields, the less strong they are since there is a limit to how much a human mind can concentrate.

Invisible Woman 1


Susan and her brother lived a rough childhood after their mother died in a car accident. Her father, Franklin Storm, was a renowned surgeon but he could not save his wife’s life. Unable to cope with his wife’s death, he succumbed to gambling and became a chronic alcoholic. After a fight at a bar, he accidently killed someone and ended up in jail. Ashamed of his actions, he considered himself unworthy of his children and asked Susan not to visit him in jail and tell her brother that their father was dead. Left without a caretaker, Susan and her brother were left under the care of their aunt who owned a boarding home.


While living at the boarding house, Susan met her future husband, Reed Richards, who was a tenant at the home and they both liked each other. When Susan became a little older, she moved to California to purse her dream career in acting. She crossed paths with Reed again in California and they started dating. Reed was a brilliant scientist whose dream of exploring outer space was shattered after the government cut his funds. He decided to take Susan, Johnny and his friend Ben Grimm on an unauthorized space endeavor which ended badly. Their spaceship crash landed and their bodies were bombarded by cosmic rays which left all of them with superpowers. Not having any idea of what to do with these new found powers, they decided to fight evil and founded The Fantastic Four.

Her Children

After she married Reed Richards, Susan gave birth to two children, Franklin and Valeria. She nearly lost both of her children during pregnancies since it is incredibly dangerous to use her powers during that period. Although she seems like a deadly woman, she is actually really compassionate and maternal since she had to take care of herself and her brother since an early age.


Susan’s costume is also made with unstable molecules after being bombarded with cosmic rays so her costume is able to turn invisible along with her body. The fabric of her costume is also woven with a bunch of sensors that track her location and condition at all times.

Invisible Woman 2


During the early years, Susan was known as the Invisible Girl and was not a person of consequence in The Fantastic Four team. She was usually portrayed as a damsel in distress in various scenarios and frequently required assistance from her team members to be saved. However, her powers became more versatile when John Byrne acquired authorship in the 1980s and she became more confident and impressive. Her name was changed to Invisible Woman and she is now known as one of the most powerful female superheroes in the Marvel universe.


Psycho-Man and Hate-Monger were able to bring out a dark side of Susan during their battle. This version of Invisible Woman was called Malice and she had no conscience whatsoever. Without her moral resistance, she started using her powers for evil and was ultimately defeated by The Fantastic Four. After she regained control of her body, she had to absorb this dark side of her back inside whenever it made an appearance.

The Quiet Man

The Quiet Man, whose real name is still unknown, has been an enemy of The Fantastic Four since their existence. He was responsible for various attacks against them and aided many villains by creating opportunities for the destruction of the Fantastic Four. It was revealed that he was actually a secret admirer of Susan and loved her before she met Reed. After she fell in love with Reed, he became insanely jealous and became a sworn enemy of the Fantastic Four.

Invisible Women vs. Hulk

In the comic books Hulk #15, Invisible Woman defeated the Hulk by forcing him to drink a microscopic force field and then expanded the size of this force field, specifically to the size of “a Yankee stadium”. So, despite seeming like her powers cannot hold against strong opponents, in reality she is most powerful member of The Fantastic Four.

So apart from being a key member of The Fantastic Four, she acts like a maternal figure to them, keeping Reed’s intellectual indulgence at bay and levelling off Johnny’s impulsiveness. It is safe to say that she is the heart and soul of the team.

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