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You might be in search of a new movie of your interest to watch the coming weekend! If yes, then we have a good suggestion for you. It is an Oscar-winning Little Women movie.

Most of you might have already watched it before! But you might be unaware of some fascinating facts about the movie that you likely to know to add up to your information base. Hence, kindly read this post thoroughly to understand the uncommon details and reasons behind why you cannot avoid watching the movie. So, here are they;

The story is based on a novel written by Louisa May Alcott. It has been called as her semi-autobiography based on the locations of Massachusetts in the nineteenth century. The story is based around four sisters during the civil war who live together with their mother (played by Laura Dern) only in America.

They need to face social values and practices that make wealth and propriety superior in comparison to pure love. There is a neighbor Laurie who is a lonely orphan boy and became friends with the girls. Timothee Chalamet plays the rich boy’s role in the latest adaptation of the Little Women.

Alcott, through the novel, has highlighted the female experience, ideas of society, and life of a middle-class American family during the war. Her story brought forth their artistic struggle, helplessness, and sacrifices in the 19th century.

The sisters are have got a unique talent as a writer, budding pianist, aspiring actress, and sketch artist. The story depicts the time when the only options in front of women are marriage and death.

Is it any good?

This post does not include the full story so that it will not ruin your joy of watching this 19th-century drama if you haven’t till now! It is not another classic romantic love story, but it focuses more on a relationship and understanding between the sisters. Overall, it is an original and straightforward story targeted to especially younger generations of women.

Both the credit of writing and direction goes to Greta Gerwig. It was released on 2019 Christmas by Sony Pictures Entertainment. Greta has done tremendous work in bringing new life and color to someone else story.

To meet the expectations of the modern audiences, the creators have done an excellent job in different departments being it either wit or swiftness of the dialogues. The film has every element to move your mind in a separate earlier era of civilian war as a unique treat of entertainment in this Sci-fi era.

Little Women

The novel was published in 1868-69 back amid the nineteenth century. A useful fact to know about the movie is that this was not the first time when a featured film was made on the same novel. In 1933 George Cukor had done this, and it was the first adaptation with voice overs.

It had won the Oscar for the best-adapted screenplay, and the same was used in the 1949 version. In the year 1994 another version by Gillian Armstrong and written by Robin Swicord with many creative inputs of women who worked behind the scenes for the film for the first time.

By the way, there were two earlier adaptations of the Little Women movie as well released in 1917 and 1918. But, they both were silent films, and today it is hard to find them in any studio archive, and hence people cannot watch them. So we can remember them just on papers since they are almost extinct.

There was also a musical adaptation of the story made as TV episodes in 1958. Yes, they are also considered as lost at present, since they are difficult to find anywhere on the internet!

In 1949, the story was released with first color adaptation with exciting castings. Its script and score had been matched precisely to the 1933 adaptation. But still packed with great performances and worked well to gain the attention of its viewers. Back in 2018, a contemporary movie version of the novel was released to celebrate its 150th anniversary of publishing. Clare Niederpruem directed it.

The new 2019 version can be said as the 21st-century version of the classic story. It revolves around the sisterhood among Jo March (Ronan), Beth (Eliza Scanlen), Amy (Florence Pugh), and Meg (Emma Watson) at the time of the American Civil War.

The film has gained millions of audience’s hearts and proved itself as a blockbuster at the box office with a worldwide collection of more than $160 million. The total budget of Gerwig’s Little Women movie was about $40.

The film had been nominated in the Oscars in six different categories on Jan 13 under Adapted Screenplay, Supporting Actress, Actress, and Best Picture. The film has also been awarded at the 92nd academy awards for the best costume design.

At 73rd British Academy film awards, the movie had been listed among five different nomination categories. Finally, it won one for Best costume design. The film was also included under two nominations of 77th Golden Globe Awards.

Unlike copying the novel’s version, Gerwig has given a different touch to the original script. By completely changing the sequence of events happening in the movie. Hence, this worked well to add poetry and new depth to its 2019 adaptation.

March sisters are no longer children but grownups who are managing their households and life. Hence, the name Little Women! The movie switches between two timelines many times to depict the complete story of the sisters as girls and women.

It might be hard to catch what’s happening if you are watching it for the first time without being familiar with the story of the novel, neither if you have watched any of its previous adaptations.

You can see different flavors of the life of all the sisters. Overall it is intelligently composed and worth watching the movie. If you are interested in viewing the 19th century’s grand pianos, carriages, big skirts, and cottages, then Little Movie is something that you could not miss!


By the way, the film is not limited to girls and ladies as audiences, but a grown-up man can also adore and learn much from it.

A screening of the movie was done at the International film festival as an opener in Rio de Janeiro on 9th December 2019. The world premiere of the movie was shown on 7th December 2019 in New York City at the Modern Art’s Museum and later released globally by Sony Pictures.

For those who do not have an idea about the film! It is 2.15 hours of romantic drama and poetic representation of a bestseller novel backed with appealing characters and their notable performances.

It seems like the sisters have got lifelong beauty god gifted! After all, they look almost the same, even after a difference of seven years in their two different ages, as shown in Gerwig’s story.

No doubt, the makers have added the right amount of realism to locations, costumes, and sets with vibrant, soothing background music. As per Rotten Tomatoes, based on more than 350 reviews till now, the Little Women has got an average rating of 8.56.

The 2019s Christmas release has already got an IMDB rating of 8.0 with more than 64.5k votes. Now you might be more eager to plan it to watch on your coming weekend. Isn’t it?

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