Spiderman and Wolverine are certain to be in the top 5 most famous and most loved superheroes of all time. A fight between these two would last for a fairly long time since both of them would never fight to kill. A battle between the two was published in “Spiderman vs. Wolverine” in 1987. To get to know if Spiderman’s agility can beat Logan’s expertise, keep reading.


Peter Parker, the high school science nerd turned superhero, is one of the most utilized character in comics and different actors have manifested this character on screen in the past years. Spiderman has a huge number of strengths that he can use to his advantage against adversaries much stronger and larger than him.


1)Spider Webs

Spiderman uses wrist-activated spider webs that he can shoot across large distances. Described to be twice as strong as steel, he can use these webs for basically anything, including pinning down his adversaries, swinging from one place to another, closing entrances and even as weapons to hurt his foes.

2)Superhuman Strength

Spiderman’s strength is equivalent of a spider that can lift 10 times its body weight. Keeping this in mind, he can lift upto 25 tons normally and there are circumstances when he is known to lift upto 50 tons as well. Once, he lifted a huge part of the Daily Bugle building above his head. In other scenarios, he has lifted and thrown jeeps, train cars and even tanks.

3)The Way of the Spider

Spiderman is an expert in hand-to-hand combat and has been trained in martial arts by Shang Chi. His fighting style is unique which he has established by training alone for long hours. This distinct manner of hand-to-hand battle is commonly known as The Way of the Spider.

4)Spidey Sense

Spiderman’s sharp senses give him an upper hand against his adversaries allowing him to foresee their moves and attack accordingly. He can hear and smell things that normal people cannot. He can also sense danger from afar and even sense the layout of the land beforehand. This allows him to not only gain all the information about his adversaries, but also makes him a poor target for traps and surprise attacks.

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Spiderman can cling to most surfaces which makes him free from the restraints of gravity. He can easily crawl on walls and ceilings while his opponents are restricted to stay on the ground if they cannot fly. So basically, Spiderman can use all of the space in the room which requires the opponent to keep up with where he is.


Perhaps the most helpful feature of Spiderman’s powers is his agility and speed. He is much faster than other superheroes and can dodge their attacks quite easily. He can even dodge bullet from point blank range or create a web around the bullet in midair.


7)Endurance and Toughness

Spiderman can dodge most attacks that come his way, but if he does by any chance gets a direct hit, his body will not be able to heal as quickly as to get him ready for the next attack. This makes him susceptible to damage and even death, but that is only if the opponent is fast enough to keep up with Spiderman.


James “Logan” Howlett, commonly known as Wolverine, is a mutant associated with the X-men. He is among the top 5 most beloved superheroes worldwide and has quite a fan following. Wolverine’s keen animal sense and strength make him a powerful member of the X-men and he has fought many supervillains.


1)Healing Factor

Wolverine has regenerating healing powers that allow him to heal from minor and well as serious injuries in a matter of seconds. This makes him indestructible because no matter how many times the opponent harms him, he will heal before the opponent can strike again. Wolverine mostly relies on his healing powers which are the biggest factor of his victory in battles.

2)Adamantium Skeleton

Wolverine does not have a skeleton of bones like most people; rather his skeleton is made of adamantium, which is the strongest metal alloy known to man. A skeleton of adamantium combined with Wolverine’s healing powers make him impenetrable and almost immortal. This is probably the reason why he has been alive for 200 years.

3)Retractable claws

Wolverine has three retractable claws, also made from adamantium, on each hand. A single slash of these claws are enough to render the other person seriously wounded. Because his claws are stronger than anything, he can easily cut through large objects thrown his way, and even slash through Spiderman’s webs.

Spiderman vs. Wolverine Who Wins

4)Animal-like reflexes

Wolverine has keen animal-like senses which allow him to hear and smell over large distances. He can see at far greater distances with absolute clarity than normal humans. His sense of smell allows him to smell and locate targets even in total darkness. Wolverine can also use his keen sense of smell to detect lies due to chemical changes within a person’s scent.


Wolverine has been around for 200 years which gives him an upper hand at being more experienced. Over the years, he has honed his skills and learned almost all the different martial arts that exist in the world. His excellent hand-to-hand combat skills make him among one of the best combatants on Earth, even without the use of his claws.



Having an adamantium skeleton comes with its downsides as well. Wolverine is susceptible to magnetic fields, which makes him helpless in face of giant magnets, which can interact with his atoms and molecules suspending him in a levitating prison.

7)Attack Range

Although Wolverine is close to indestructible, he can only attack his enemies at arm’s length. His best weapons are his adamantium claws, but he cannot use them unless his enemy is close by, making him incapable of attacking opponents that can fly and launch attacks from afar.

Who Will Win?

So the question of who will win in a battle between Spiderman and Wolverine depends on the scenario. If it were a simple knockdown, Spiderman would easily win because he is far too fast for Wolverine to even scratch. Spiderman could dodge all of Wolverine’s attacks while cracking jokes at the same time. However, if it were a fight till death, Spiderman does not stand a chance because no matter how many times he puts Wolverine down, he will simply keep coming back due to his healing powers. This would go on till Spiderman tires down and a single slash of Wolverine’s adamantium claws could kill Spiderman.

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