What’s the story?

The outpost is a movie about the war between American troops and the Taliban. This is a movie based on true events that happened in 2009. This movie shows how US soldiers established many outposts in Afghanistan to communicate with locals and to cut off the weapons supply of the Taliban’s. COP Keating is the name of the outpost whose story is being told in this film. This outpost was situated in the middle of three big mountains. This is the most dangerous outpost for the US Soldiers if they even get under attack by the Taliban’s.

During the film, there is a lot of gunfight between US soldiers and the Taliban’s. One day 400 Taliban’s attacked on the Keating outpost and US Soldiers had no idea that they will attack them. US Soldiers were surprised by that attack. Now it was up to the US Soldiers that how to survive and fight with the Taliban’s if they want to go home alive and meet with their families. Taliban’s covered that outpost from all sides and tried to get in. Romesha (Staff Sergeant Clint) prepares a plan of how to take the outpost back.

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Carter (Specialist Ty Carter) suffered from depression during the gunfight between troops and Taliban’s and later also suffer from breakdown. And at the end, they somehow managed to stay alive and fight with all the Taliban’s. They succeed in saving the outpost from the Taliban’s but during the war, they also lost many lives of their friends.

Is it any good?

The outpost is a military movie in which there are a lot of Soldiers who stay together like a family and bleed together also. Scott Eastwood (Staff Sergeant Clint Romesha), Orlando Bloom (CPT Benjamin Keating), Caleb Landry Jones (Specialist Ty Carter), and the rest of the cast played their roles very well. This movie is not just a movie showing a war between US Soldiers and the Taliban’s but this movie also show the feelings of soldiers for their companions and families back home. This movie shows the life of a soldier in the war.

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This movie is best for people who love watching history and documentary movies. This movie shows the heroism of the Troops who fought with all the Taliban. Many of them lose their lives during battle. Rod Lurie is the director of this movie. Rod Lurie and his team made this movie very entertaining to watch and they show the audience how Soldiers present in that outpost fought with their worst nightmare.


The outpost played a very heart-melting tribute to the US Soldiers who fought at COP Keating outpost in 2009. The movie shows that surviving and fighting in that war was like a suicide mission for the US Soldiers present in that outpost. During the fight between US soldiers and Taliban’s two dozen Soldiers were wounded and eight were killed. This is considered to be the worst attack on the US outpost by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The script of this movie is written by Eric Johnson and Paul Tamasy and it is based upon a book by Jake Tapper “The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor”. Rod Lurie directed this movie in such a way that the audience will never lose their interest in this movie filled with action.

The cast in this movie also did their job very well and made this movie very entertaining. This one of the best war movies which is a must-see movie for everyone. The audience can feel and see how Soldiers risk their lives and how they survive in wars.

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