What’s the story?

The Umbrella Academy is a Netflix original series created by Steve Blackman and Jeremy Slater. It premiered in February 2019 and caused a sensation among users of the streaming service for its groundbreaking story of a group of failed superheroes.

The series is inspired by the comic of the same name by Gerard Way. In the first season we were introduced to the protagonists, a group of superpowered brothers and sisters who were the most famous and powerful children on earth when they were young, fighting crime and keeping the world safe.

However, the years passed, the children grew up, and the group divided. Everyone still maintains their powers, but now they are no longer super-heroes, but live in society like anyone else and are even a bit of a failure. When their adoptive father dies, the Hargrevees brothers will meet again and rethink their lives.

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The brothers’ names in order by number are: Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, Number Five, Ben and Vanya.

In the first season we saw how Number Five reconnects with his brothers after returning from the future with a mission: save the world. After many twists and turns, fights between brothers, hunters who travel in time and after Vanya unleashes all his power and almost kills his sister, Number Five saves them all by taking them on a journey through time escaping from the Apocalypse that he had to avoid.

Is it any good?

There are three things that work well in the two seasons of The Umbrella Academy, the first and most notorious is the nature, relationship and chemistry of their characters, everything really feels dysfunctional with them and we cannot imagine more different beings forced to live together, There is no doubt that the characters are the most attractive of this proposal, the same quite well performed by its actors and actresses.

The other thing that works quite well is the narrative arc and character development “Number five”, I almost dare to say that together with Ben (of great importance in this second season) and The Handler are the only characters that after 10 episodes. They have some interesting emotional development, Vanya is there too, but this character unfortunately is a dejavu of actions and emotions that do not stop repeating in the two seasons.

The third point in favor is the character The Handler, wonderfully played by Kate Walsh, she really is an unscrupulous antagonist and her development within the story is consolidated very well. Now before going into what does not convince me so much about this series, I must say that this second season was better for me than the first, it has better musical sequences, handles very well and uses in favor of its characters some historical contexts from the history of USA and in general it is more entertaining, because that if I am not going to deny it, in general The Umbrella Academy is a quite entertaining and simple series to enjoy.

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Now my biggest buts with the series is that it is too difficult for him to start, in the two seasons the same thing happens, his proposal does not land until the 4th or fifth chapter, also when handling so many characters he forgets to develop some and what he does is move them On recycled motivations, clear examples are those of Luther and Klaus.

Of course Vanya also falls for this. I do not deny that this second season is better developed than the first but it also feels repeated about the same conflict (almost that the plot of these heroes is to be late for everything), and the other thing that seems not so well used is some resolutions of conflicts or character endings, in fact, in this second the murderers of the time commission do not seem to contribute much, something that did not happen in the first season with that couple of murderers very much in the style of the Coen.


In general, there is material and talent wasted in the proposal, time travel will always be a plus for me and it seems that it is and will always be what moves the destiny of this dysfunctional family.

The Umbrella Academy is a series with notable scriptwriting and character development errors, but it makes up for it with good characters, some very good visual sequences, good use of music, and in this second season two really remarkable final chapters.

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