Why Does Batman Hate Superman?

November 10, 2020

Batman and Superman are two such names that do not need any introduction. These names are not only comic or movie superheroes’ names, but they define Western society’s culture and even values.

People follow these superheroes to a stage of craze. Even every child sets it model superhero and then tries to copy his moves, tone, and willingness to get those superpowers.

Today, Batman and Superman were considered the Leader heroes, and all other heroes were under their assistance. The whole audience fell in a clash when they heard the news of controversy between Batman and Superman.

Everyone just split up into two groups, one in the acceptance of Superman and others in favor of Batman. After going through the trailer of Batman vs. Superman, everyone confirmed the news. But the question arises Why does Batman hate Superman? Why are they fighting? Here is a post that will solve your queries.

Why Batman and Superman are fighting in ‘Batman v Superman’?

Here are 11 main reasons for the contradiction between Superman and Batman that we have seen ever;

1) Superman’s no work attitude

Batman is sick of the lazy and no work attitude of Superman. Superman does not want to spend his time chasing his rivals or finding their clues. He considers it a waste of time and believes in the “Go and rock” thing. Superman is directly given the target’s position, and he goes there and performs the rest of the work.

Whereas, Batman catches his target from the very beginning. He properly hunts his rivals. Batman is a great detective, and he finds his enemies by himself. !Batman himself monitors the whole case

2) No accountability on Superman

Superman has the most superpowers among all the heroes. From great body strength to epic hearing power, he has every superpower we can imagine. Batman’s point is that no accountability on Superman and his unchecked powers are threatening the world. If he is not checked shortly, his presence can threaten the whole world’s peace. Batman believes that there should be a check and balance on everyone.

3) Short Temperament of Superman

One of the most significant drawbacks of Superman is that he is such a short temperament person. He does not have patience at all. Even many enemies used this weakness of Superman to catch him in their trap.

It is a fact that dealing with your rivals with mind power is easier than tackling them with body power. Many sharp enemies play with the emotions of heroes to weak them emotionally and get over their minds.

Batman is an emotionally strong hero, and he prefers to use his mental power more instead of fighting physically.

4) Destruction made my Superman in League of Justice

In the starting scene of the league of justice, Superman was fighting his rival in Metropolis. He was making destruction on a gigantic level. It was not pre-planned, but the descent is complimentary during the interaction of the hero with evil. During that destruction, many people of Bruce Wayne were killed. That killing of innocent people led to the sparkle of hate towards Superman of Batman.

5) Role of Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor was a sharp but evil-minded person. He wanted everyone to hate Superman so that he can quickly achieve his evil missions. That sparkle of hate Batman had in his heart against Superman was boosted up by Lex Luthor. He convinced Batman that he has to stop Superman for saving this world. He gave him an opinion that you are the one who can stop Superman from further chaos.

6) Hypnotism attempt of Superman

Batman’s hate towards Superman got an increment when Superman tried to use his powers evilly. He tried to hypnotize Batman into ” Nightman.” Nightman was a character who had the same powers as Batman but different intentions. Batman somehow broke through his trick and hated him the most.

7) Equal but Opposite

It is known that Batman and Superman are two sides of a single coin. Let’s have an example of physics described by Sir Isaac Newton when he said, ” Two equal but opposite forces cancel each other.” One apparent reason that two superheroes cannot bear each other’s existence at a single place and single time.

It is one of the main facts that not everyone thinks on it. Both our heroes have the opposite way of working one takes time, detects his rivals, safely acts, and gets the mission accomplished. On the other hand, Superman is a follower of the fight and comeback method.

8) Rumor of Killing Robin

Robin is the best partner of Batman in every comic, as well as a movie. He helps Batman like no one ever does. He is the best helper of Batman even in finding clues, detecting the real culprits.

It is not confirmed although, it is a rumor spread by some comics and audience that Superman is the actual killer of Robin. If Batman finds this truth, this rivalry is not going to end.

9) Wonder Woman

We have heard well single girl for two people causes chaos. Similarly, in early times we saw wonder woman attracted to Batman. But then she started to consider Superman more than that of Batman. It is an emotional reason why Batman hates Superman.

10) The Selfish attitude of Superman

Some comics and some fans also tell that when Batman’s family was in a severe threat, Superman denied to help him. Batman, when he saw this selfish attitude, Batman declined to accept him as a real superhero.

11) No Trust attitude of Batman

It is a bitter reality that to trust someone is good but to trust no one is better. Batman is a follower of the mentioned above the line, but Superman is in favor of making friends. He prefers to do teamwork instead of working single-handed. It is also a significant difference between Batman and Superman.


This famous and intense rivalry between Superman and Batman attracted many audiences towards it. Mentioned above are some significant reasons for the contradiction between Superman and Batman. So whose side you have got?

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