Will There Be Blood and Water Season 2?

July 23, 2020

A not so old Netflix series, with a fictional story picturized in a manner that looks like the real-life of twin sisters who were separated at birth! It has got a high rating of 6.2 out of 10 on IMDB with more than 1200 votes.

You might be awaiting for Blood and water season 2, a South African teen drama series. By going through this post, you will get many updates that you should know about this Twist-loaded mystery!

In 2015 at Zwaanswyk High school, a student, Miche Solomon, shocked seeing Cassidy Nurse, who arrived at the same school with similar looks.

The season one was released with six episodes. The story revolves around the life of Puleng Khumalo, a teenage girl who joins Parkhurst College. A contemporary drama based on the high school life of South African young adults!

The first season ends with Puleng uncovering the truth behind the mystery to Fikele. She has been forced to join there with a quest to search for his missing sister. She needs to prove whether Fikele is her same sister who got abducted at the time of their birth 17 years before. By the way, Fikile Bhele (Khosi Ngema) is a star swimmer of the college.


The season one has got substantial positive responses both from worldwide fans and critics. So it looks like Netflix will soon give a nice treat by presenting a new relationship between the two Cape Town teenagers. In the climax, the series ended up with a dramatic cliffhanger. In the final episode, Puleng revealed that they are secret sisters.

Will there be a Second Season?

Season one was released on May 20, 2020, in a small-time, after that fans asking, is there a second season of blood and water! To answer this, recently, in the previous month, Netflix has confirmed its next series.

Also, there is no final confirmation about the castings. But we can surely come to see the main characters in the upcoming season as well. Season one is ended in a way that the story has a lot more to deliver to its audiences.

So we can expect its next season by the summers of next year or nearby. But, the whole world is facing the Corona pandemic, and the production of many series is on halt! So it could be no surprise if the release of season 2 will get delayed.

When Will It Release?

No official trailer is released yet, but we can expect it sooner from the showrunners. A video has been released recently in which Nosipho Dumisa, the director, is telling the cast members they are chosen for the next season. As per rumors, the season 2 might be released in the mid of 2021!

What Could Season 2 Include?

There are no inputs on what will be going to happen in the second season either from the crew or cast of the series. As per the ending of season one, Fikile and Puleng both are trying to know whether they are real sisters!

So in season 2, we will hope to see more about the relationship between the two and people involved with them. Makers will sure let us know whether Fikile will accept Puleng, and they end together as Sisters!

We probably will come to know whether Chad and Fikile have broken their relationship for a good cause. Will Zama and Mark will be in a three-way relationship together with Chris! Also, whether the relationship between the KB and Puleng will be affected!

blood-and-water (1)

We will see some complicated love lives of other main characters. Among Wade or KB, who will be chosen by Puleng as her romantic partner! Wendy has shared report details to local news regarding the affair of a student and teacher. It could be interesting to watch how the students and the school are going to deal with this scandal.


The season one of ‘Blood and Water’ TV show has built a great buzz among its fans to watch its next season. The series is full of controversy, drama, and surprising plot twists. People liked South African teens who are tasked to reveal the past secret of his family and face the complicated world of a high school.

Netflix has confirmed the release date of its next season on its official page. They have mentioned that the award-winning director Nosipho Dumisa will lead their talented star cast of teens. Together they will continue in their tense drama series full of mysteries.

If we consider the list of casts, then we will see;

Duane Williams as Mark, Thabang Mobala as KB or Karabo Molapo, Cindy Mahlangu in the role of Zama, Mekaila Mathys as Tahira, Natasha Tahane in the role of Wendy, Ryle de Morny as Chad, Arno Greef as the character of Chris Ackerman, Dillion Windvogel as Wade, Thabang Molaba as KB, Khosi Ngema as Fikile, and Ama Qamata as Puleng.

People still want to question why Puleng’s father trafficked his daughter at birth! Even puleng’s initial reaction as a shock to the Fikile revelation about all her investigation at the end of a heated argument. And, many more mysteries!

Like, what happened after the birth of Phumelele at the hospital to find the real reason for the Fikile’s abduction! Puleng came to know that other than her sister, she needs to uncover many secrets that her family and friends keep.

Overall, the story is still not over yet!

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