Will There Be The Society Season 2?

July 27, 2020

You might be well aware of a web series based on a group of high school youngsters who got stuck in a place where no way to connect with the outside world! Yes, it is the teen television drama “The Society”, an American mystery premiered on May 10, 2019. This post will give you some updates about the society season 2 Netflix mystery drama!

Before continuing ahead to discuss the next season, let us remind the basic story from season one. After returning to the town from a canceled field trip, the local high school students find that no one else is there.

A dense forest surrounds the town, and no idea is there about whether there is any other world or not, outside. So after being separated from the families, Teenagers learn to run their community. After all, no other people are there other than them in the town of West Ham, Connecticut.

The mysterious place does not have any internet or phone connection to contact others. So the teenagers need to use their limited resources and make rules to survive there.

Hence, the place is like an alternate reality that almost looks like their home town. After Bean’s and Gordie’s research, they came to know that they have been trapped in a parallel universe. Altogether, they started forming their society from the start.

Will There Be The Society Season 2? 1

Luckily, some of them have special powers that they can unite and use them as a team to survive there and came out of it. So the story is still not over, and people are keen to know what will happen in season 2.

Will there be a Second Season?

In July 2019, there is an official confirmation by Netflix regarding the second season of “The Society”. They released a self-filmed video montage. It includes cast members like Jose Julian, Jacques Colimon, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, and Kathryn Newton. Also, there is an announcement that consists of a big message full of encouragement and excitement for its audiences.

When Will It Release?

There is no official confirmation about the society season 2 release date. The makers have released neither teaser nor clip from season 2, but it is under production. Once the returned season 2 Netflix date of ‘The Society’ gets final, possibly we can get the opportunity this year to watch its next season.

What Could Season 2 Include?

In an interview, Campbell or Toy Wallace discussed his role in the next season of the series. As per him, the quest for domination of Campbell will not get successful. Also, he stated that the end of season one opens many possibilities of relationships among its characters like in between his and Elle.

According to the showrunner Chris Keyster, the coming season will focus more on social class and race. You might be interested in knowing one or more of the following secrets that might reveal in season 2:

  1. Whether New Ham belongs to a different universe?
  2. Whether the kids will get help from their parents to come back to their homes?
  3. The logic behind how a dog can travel among the dimensions on earth?
  4. Whether Eden is the actual father of the daughter of Becca?
  5. The science behind turning the world completely, with a smell.
  6. Will Helena come to know about the lie of Luke, her fiancé?
  7. How will Elle escape the Campbell?
  8. The Guard’s next step towards Will and Allie
  9. Who is Pfeiffer? Why he had transported the kids, how is it possible?
  10. Whether Sam and Grizz will end up with a relationship?

Other than the above, the audiences are confused about many things shown in season one, including the puppy. Also, the fans might see:

  1. The rich kids, Harry, Lexie, and Campbell with assumed power, will someday go back to their real town.
  2. Harry, who was not happy when Ally was taken for imprisonment, might help her.

Will There Be The Society Season 2?

As per the sources, the story will highlight more on how young people are living with the viewpoints of their parents into a new world. Additionally, a caste system will be formed in New Ham.

Who’s Returning?

It is proposed that the next series will also consist of the original castings! The list includes:

  1. Rachel Keller (Cassandra Pressman, suffers from congenital heart defect, a natural leader and older sister of Allie).
  2. Toby Wallace ( Campbell Eliot, having psychopathic personality traits, older brother of Sam, and cousin of Cassandra and Allie).
  3. Alexander MacNicoll (Luke, former quarterback and boyfriend of Helena).
  4. Jose Julian (Gordie, a smart kid and likes Cassandra).
  5. Kristine Froseth (Kelly Aldrich, ex-girlfriend of Harry).
  6. Alex Fitzalan (Harry Bingham, ex-boyfriend of Kelly, wealthy and famous son of the Town’s Mayor).
  7. Olivia DeJonge (Elle Tomkins, girlfriend of Campbell).
  8. Jacques Colimon (Will LeClair, love interest and best friend of Allie)
  9. Natasha Liu Bordizzo (Helena, religious girlfriend of Luke).
  10. Sean Berdy (Sam Eliot, He is love interest of Grizz and a cousin of Cassandra and Allie).
  11. Gideon Adlon (Becca Gelb, pregnant lady and a best friend of Sam).
  12. Olivia Nikkanen (Gwen, girlfriend of Clark).
  13. Kathryn Newton (Allie Pressman, the love interest of Will and younger sister of Cassandra).

So most probably we won’t be seeing Dewey (who was found guilty behind the murder of Cassandra) and yes Cassandra (who was shot dead. But, it is not confirmed yet since we have to remember it is a mysterious drama, and they are living in a place where anything can happen.

Bottom Line

You can find statements of different characters of the series in their various interviews. They had shared their views about their future roles and point of view of what will be going to happen in the next season of ‘The Society’.

The story wholly revolves around solving the mystery. So the coming season might also engage you to find out will the teens will be going to stuck in the same place forever? Or, they will manage to return to their real town!

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