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Ages: 16+
Chadwick Boseman, Taylor Kitsch, Sienna Miller, Keith David, Stephan James
Summary: An NYPD detective discovers a huge conspiracy and joins a countrywide manhunt for the two criminals that murdered the cops. As the night unfolds things take an unexpected turn and now he doesn’t know who he is pursuing or who is in pursuit of him. When the search deepens, the authorities close Manhattan’s 21 bridges to prevent the suspect from leaving the city.
Director: Brian Kirk
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Mystery, Suspense
Rating: P
Runtime: 99 minutes

What’s the story?

21 Bridges is an upcoming action thriller with Chadwick Boseman, widely known for the Black Panther role. In here he is playing the role of an NYPD detective that’s shutting down the city as he tries to find two suspects. The thing that matters here is that we have a duo of cop killers that are harassing the city in a masterful way, and they really need to be shut down.

In order to do that, the NYPD detective played by Boseman uses all the resources at his disposal in order to deal with the situation. This is extremely challenging and despite having a lot of training, there’s definitely a lot of hassle and challenges going on here. But that’s the thing that really makes 21 Bridges stand out, the fact that the killers they are after are very good, they are heavily trained and innovative.

Each time the NYPD tries to get them, they are devising a new way to stay afloat. And that’s the cool thing about the movie, it shows the challenges that the duo brings in to the police while also showing off how the police are actively handling this type of situation. It can be the best of both worlds if you think about it, as it brings in challenges and solutions in a single package. It’s certainly very immersive and unique, and at the same time, it does bring in front some nifty experiences for you to explore and enjoy every time. That’s the type of thing that really matters and in 21 Bridges you really get to impress yourself with the process and how everything works and adjust to the process itself.

Is it any good?

There are obvious challenges related to the movie’s action, because you always have a sense of being on the run. Even if the city is being shut down slowly, the duo is still constantly on the run and we get to see them on par with the police too. It’s very creative and the numerous action scenes in the game are designed to really push the boundaries and bring in something cool and different into the mix. There’s definitely a whole lot to be had in here and the challenges that come with every move they do are very interesting. It just shows the large creativity and incredible quality that the movie has.


The talent behind this movie is amazing, and it shows the hard work and commitment put into it. Which is great, because it constantly brings in some rewarding experiences and the value on its own is second to none. What really matters, at the end of the day, is that the story continues to shine and the ending itself is unexpected. There are some filler moments especially the interaction between the two enemies, but the NYPD and the chase scenes in particular are very well done. The movie is great, immersive and it continues offer a nice approach towards how the NYPD deals with all these things and how great the action can really be.

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