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Ages: 16+
Viggo Mortensen, Mahershala Ali, Linda Cardellini
Summary: A world class African American pianist Dr. Don Shirley, plans to go on a concert tour and is in search of a driver who can take him along, he finds a bouncer from an Italian American neighborhood who is known as Tony Lip, who is willing to take him on his tour and they soon develop a strong bond despite their differences and we get to experience this amazing journey.
Director: Peter Farrelly
Genre(s):  Biography, Comedy, Drama 
130 minutes

What’s the story?

Green Book is a comedy-drama film directed by a well known director Peter Farrelly. The Green book is based on a true story which is set in 1962, which defines the journey or a concert tour of a well known African American pianist Don Shirley and his driver and a bodyguard Tony Lip who is an Italian American bouncer. The Green book made its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival held in Canada on 11th September of 2018th.

Green book 2

The Green Book is based on a true story of a world famous African American pianist Don Shirley who is played by Mahershala Ali in the movie hired a driver to take him on his concert tour across the country way back in the 1960s and the driver he chose was an Italian American bouncer Tony Lip who is played by Viggo Mortensen in the movie he also acted as Don Shirley’s body guard and protect him from any kind of problem he faces during his concert tour, they share a unique bond with each other and eventually become friends during the tour and shared all types of problems with each other, and their friendship continued till they died months apart from each other.

Is it any good?

The story starts way back in 1962 in the New York City, where an Italian American bouncer Tony Lip is in search of a job after the place he worked at was closed for maintenance. Soon he finds out that a world famous African American pianist Don Shirley is in need of a driver for his concert tour through the Deep South and the Midwest. He gets approved by the Don Shirley and secures a job. Soon they start their journey and they plan to reach the New York City by the Eve of Christmas. Tony Lip is then handed a copy of the Green Book which he refers to as a guide to find the fuel stations, hotels, and restaurants that serve the African Americans.

They begin their journey through the Midwest before making their way towards the south. Both Don Shirley and Tony Lip are disgusted by each other as they have different culture and habits at first they don’t feel comfortable with each other, but as the time passes by they find the similarities in between them and start to build a greater picture about each other in their minds. Tony Lip likes Don Shirley’s talent and appreciates him and he gets to feel how Don Shirley is treated by the hosts or the judges or even by the people and the discrimination he faces just because he is African American.

Tony Lip helps Don Shirley throughout the journey and tells him not to go out anywhere without him as he is at risk when he leaves alone to go somewhere, Don helps Tony in writing the love letters to Tony’s wife which truly moves her, tony try convincing Don to get in touch with his brother and the Don realizes that in order to pursue his career he has completely ignored his truly close ones and has completely isolated from the outer world. Later, they are stopped by the police officer late at night; Tony punches the officer as he keeps insulting him for no reason at all after being taken into custody Don Shirley makes a call to his lawyer who uses this opportunity to get in touch with Robert F. Kennedy who is Attorney general, he then pressures the governor to let them both free without any charges.

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On the last day of Don Shirley’s performance in Birmingham, Alabama, Don Shirley is refused his entry into the room of the club where he was being hired to perform as the room was only for the whites. This incident makes Tony Lip angry and he proceeds to threaten the owner of the club upon not letting Don Shirley enter for his performance, eventually, Don Shirley refuses to perform for the club as they did not serve him or even let him in. after this incident, they decide to travel to the black blues club where they have dinner and Don Shirley mesmerizes people with his amazing performance. Finally, the journey comes to an end and they decide to travel back and make it home before the Eve of Christmas.

When Tony informs Don Shirley that he is too tired to continue with the drive and pulls over, then Don drives while Tony takes some rest on the back seat of the car. When they reach home Tony invites the Don for dinner in his house but Don Refuses and heads back to his house, after being alone in the house, and by himself, he decides to go visit Tony’s house where he gets greeted and welcomed warmly. The screen goes black after this and we get to see the pictures of the real life Don Shirley and Tony Lip and they say after this Tour Don Shirley continued with releasing records and albums and Tony Lip went back to his work and continued with his life. It says that both Don and Tony remained friends till they died, within months of each other in 2013.


The film Green Book indicates the strong bond occurring between the two men of different cultures and colors as well as their dialogues especially during their last day of performance in Birmingham, where we get to see many ideas about fashion, race, and even identity. You may feel different or may feel a change in the way you think about others and it breaks you by the end regardless of how many times you have watched the movie or experienced this journey.

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