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Ages: 12+
Liu Yifei, Donnie Yen, Jason Scott Lee, Yoson An, Gong Li
Summary:  Arthur Fleck is a failed comedian. People have made him a laughing stock, and now he is forced to wear two masks. During the day, he pretends to be comfortable being a terrible clown, while at night he dies inside for connection. Bullied and isolated from the society, Flecks starts getting mad and eventually turns into a criminal mastermind known as the joker.
Director: Todd Phillips
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Drama, Mystery, Suspense
Rating: R
Runtime: 122 minutes

What’s the story?

We all know Joker from the Batman comics, but this reiteration of the character tries to stay away from the world of superheroes. Instead, it shows the story of a bitter, unsuccessful man that delves into madness little by little based on what happens to him.

The main premise of this movie is that Arthur Fleck, the main character is a failed startup comedian and he constantly sees that nothing in his life and no one is taking him seriously. The constant failures and lack of opportunities are the things that make Arthur step away from the normal life and instead he focuses on turning towards a life of crime and chaos.

Is it any good?

The challenge with this movie is actually bringing in a representation of Joker that you can’t find anywhere else. As most of us know, in the comics the Joker didn’t really have a name, so that alone is a major change. And then you have things like new characters related to the Joker which we didn’t really see before. We have Frances Conroy as his mother, Zazie Beetz as his love interest and so on. Each one of the characters and experiences were carefully picked to show how Arthur’s changes in life changed the people around him too. This is one of those situations where you can clearly see that life is going to change you, it will bring in massive challenges and all you can do is to commit to those and make them as powerful and as creative as possible.

Instead of seeing Bruce Wayne as Batman, we will actually get to see Thomas Wayne, which is Bruce’s father. There are some interesting things related to this story and the best thing about this unique story is that it’s a one of a kind. The creators are not interested in a new story with the character, so they ruled out all the sequels. What they want to do is to show a new side of the Joker. One side that we didn’t really see before.

If anything, this is an origin story with a lot of character and a true focus on making things clear, unique and extremely powerful at the same time. It definitely is something creative, distinctive and also just a pleasure to try out all the same, no matter what.


All in all, Joker is very creative and it’s coming with a great social commentary. But the most impressive part is definitely the story itself and the growth of this character, alongside its demise into madness. The actors do a very good job here as they get to work on multiple layers of madness and growth for every character.

The movie has already received a lot of critical praise before it was launched, and it’s set to be quite the financial success. Which is a great thing, because it’s a very creative take on Joker and one that was never tried before. That’s definitely something extremely nice and fun to work on, and it’s something everyone should check out!

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