What’s the story?

Knives Out is a movie filled with mystery and crime.The writer and director of this movie is Rian Johnson. There are big Hollywood names in the cast of this movie Danial Craig, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, Don Johnson, Katherine Langford, and many more.

This is a movie about a crime novelist who died in a mysterious way and his whole family blame one another of killing him.

Wealthy novelist by name of Harlan Thrombey invites his whole family on his 85th birthday. And then next morning Harlan found dead by his housekeeper in his room. Police with an experienced investigator came to the house to find the murderer of Harlan. Investigator speak with all family members but all had their own story to tell.

Knives Out

All pointed fingers towards the caretaker of Harlan, Who took Harlan to the room at the night when he was murdered. Marta the caretaker of Harlan said to him that it is time to take night medicine then she accidentally gave him the wrong dose of 100-milligram morphine. Harlan knows that Marta accidentally gave him the wrong medicine so he gave her the instructions on how she can escape safely without any suspicion. He then slits his own throat and made it look like a murder. Investigator Benoit Blanc sees Marta and sees that she cannot lie because every time she lies she throws up. Blanc then interrogates Marta but she successfully made it without vomiting but Blanc suspected that something is wrong.

The next day police and Blanc search the house for clues but Marta successfully covered up all her clues. This was also the day of Harlan’s will reading and everyone got surprised when they heard that Harlan left all his wealth in the name of Marta his caretaker. Everyone turned on her and she ran to escape from home. Ransom the grandson of Harlan helped Marta in her escape. After escaping, Marta and Ransom sat down in a restaurant, and Marta told Ransom all the truth about that night. On the other side family members at home realized that if Marta proved as a murderer than they can each get their part of Harlan’s will. Marta received a letter in which someone wrote that “I know what you did” with the toxicology report of Harlan. Then Marta and Ransom drove towards the medical examination center and saw that building was on fire. Blanc also chased them as they were going towards the medical examination center and arrest Ransom on the witness of Harlan’s mother Wanetta. Wanetta saw Marta at that night climbing from the house but thought that was Ransom so she told Blanc that she saw Ransom that night climbing down from the house. Before getting arrest Ransom told Marta to check her email and when Marta checked she find an address and time. After reaching that address she saw the drugged body of Fran. She called an ambulance and then told everything to Blanc.

After telling Blanc she was about to tell the whole truth to the family but Blanc stopped her because he finds some suspicion in the Toxicology report. Blanc than bring Ransom to the house and placed him in the private room where Marta and Blanc were waiting for him. Then Blanc reveals all the truth about the murder. He said that Ransom was one who murdered Harlan. He climbed down the wall after swapping the medication and removed the antidote of morphine. He was the one who sent that letter to Marta. Blanc said that the toxicology report showed that Harlan wasn’t poisoned at all. Marta gave him the correct medication but thought that she gave him the Morphine because the label was changed by Ransom. 

Marta then tricks Ransom in admitting the truth by lying to him that Fran was alive in hospital and she is ready, to tell the truth. Ransom then admits and Marta vomits from which Ransom realized that he has been tricked.

Is it any good?

This is a very entertaining movie made by Rian Johnson. This movie keeps the audience focused on every scene. Rian Johnson made this movie a very great mystery film in which people who love this genre of the movie will appreciate it. There are big names of Hollywood in the cast of this movie.

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Actors played their role perfectly to make this movie wonderful to watch. While watching the movie you always see clues and suspect everyone which makes the ending of the movie very satisfying when the real murderer is revealed. In the movie, a very successful mystery novel writer got murdered. Fran his housekeeper found his body and then whole mystery starts. His whole family was suspected by the very famous investigator named Benoit Blanc which was played by Danial Craig in this movie. Harlan left his will in the name of his caretaker Marta which was played by Ana de Armas.

This movie always keeps the audience on their toes by leaving the mystery of what will happen in the next scene. This movie also has a comedy which makes it more entertaining. Audience always thought that they realized who is the real murderer but there was always another twist.


This movie is a kind of old fashioned whodunit which is a very entertaining movie mixture of mystery, suspense, and comedy. The writer and director of the movie Rian Johnson know how to make a perfect movie that keeps people entertain.

This is a murder mystery movie that has a very famous investigator who solves the murder of a very famous mystery novel writer. His greedy family becomes suspects of his murder. All the cast of the movie played their role well and make this movie a work of art.

While watching this movie audience will always assume that they know who the real murderer was but at the end after revealing the truth they will become shocked. The crime, drama, mystery, and comedy in this movie make one of the worth watching movies.

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