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Ages: 17+
Andy Samberg, Cristin Milioti, J.K. Simmons
Summary: It is a story of two people getting stuck in an endless time loop. Nyles (Andy Samberg) and Sarah (Cristin Milioti) meet each other at a wedding. Nyles was already stuck in the endless time loop and Sarah also gets stuck with him. They both fall in love with each other in the time loop and in the end, Sarah finds a way to escape that time loop.
Director: Max Barbakow
Genre(s):  Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery
90 minutes

What’s the story?

Palm Springs is a romantic comedy movie starring SNL star Andy Samberg. It is a movie about two youngsters who get stuck in the time loop. At the start, Nyles (Andy Samberg) wakes up every morning at the same location. Every time he wakes up he was in a room with his girlfriend preparing to go to a wedding. By going on the same wedding for so many times Nyles know everyone there. Nyles already attended that wedding so many times that he had done everything like insulting people, fighting with them, hooking up with men and women, killing himself but every time he sleeps he wakes up on the same day where he was stuck. Nyles stop caring for himself and time due to getting fed up by the time loop.

One day he takes the bride’s sister into the dessert but there he gets attacked by an arrow. After getting attacked, he goes into a strange cave and stops the bride’s sister (Sarah) from coming into the cave. Sarah does not listen to him and goes into the cave. Due to not listening to Nyles, Sarah also gets stuck in the time loop with Nyles. Sarah after waking up the next morning sees that she wake up in the day that she already lived. she confronts Nyles then he told her all the truth. They both then spend somedays together having fun and Nyles tell Sarah that the man who attacked him with an arrow was Roy. Roy also gets trapped in this time loop by him. There was always guilt inside Sarah of waking up each day with the husband to be of her sister. Sarah then gets fed up by that time loop and fight with Nyles and step in front of the bus to restart her day.

Palm Springs 2

On the next reset, Nyles try to find Sarah but Sarah was long gone to find a way to escape that time loop. After that Nyles come to the room of groom where they were taking drugs and coincidently smell the pillow of the groom. After smelling that pillow he releases why Sarah was upset when he asked her about her previous night. He goes to the bride and tells her the truth that Abe slept with Sarah and Abe starts a fight with Nyles. After multiple tries of telling the truth to the bride, Nyles releases that he is in love with Sarah.

One day Sarah wake up Nyles and tell her that she found a way of how to escape from this time loop. Sarah explains to Nyles that if they blow themselves up in that cave on the prefect time then maybe they escape from this endless time loop. Then they both go to the cave after attending the wedding and blow themselves up. In the next scene, they both were chilling in the pool and revealed that it was November 10 the day after the wedding. And in the post-credit scenes, Roy comes to the wedding to meet Nyles about the message that his girlfriend left about escaping from the time loop. He asks Nyles about the message but Nyles does not recognize him which made him realize that they found a way of escaping.

Is it any good?

This is a very entertaining and thought-provoking movie directed by Max Barbakow. The humor, flow, and acting of all actors was very good. This movie has a lot of surprises. The audience will always feel excited while watching this movie about what Nyles and Sarah are going to do in the next reset. The chemistry of Nyles (Andy Samberg) and Sarah (Cristin Milioti) made this movie worth watching.

Palm Springs 1

The building of the relationship between Nyles and Sarah in different resets was very amusing to watch. They both were the type of characters the audience gets attached to. Palm Springs is a good romantic comedy movie to watch. Palm Springs is pure 90 minutes of entertainment. This movie is like a fantasy where both Nyles and Sarah reinvent themselves and made themselves better. They both explore themselves and get to know themselves more clearly. It is a love story presented in a very entertaining way and has a touch of both romance and fight. Sarah and Nyles both in this movie are messy, sad, happy, and hilarious which was very amusing to watch.

The concept of the time loop in this movie was presented very pleasantly. There is an interesting message of time loop and how in the end Sarah and Nyles escape from it using quantum physics in this movie. This movie is best for fans to rom-com.


The performances of Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti made this movie very engaging. At the start, the movie was a little slow but when Nyles meet Sarah the movie become very entertaining.

The scenes like Nyles don’t care about the future and doing different drugs, Nyles and Sarah mocking people in bar and Nyles and Sarah breaking in other homes were very amusing to watch. The filmmaking of this rom-com was also very solid. Each scene was made properly and clearly. The audience can see every scene very clearly. Max Barbakow directed this movie very well.

The storyline of this movie was not very realistic. Nyles and Sarah stuck in an endless time loop were not very realistic but there acting made this movie worth watching. J.K. Simmons, Tyler Hoechlin, and Camila Mendes also acted very well in their sporting roles.

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