Rambo: Last Blood

September 18, 2019

Movie details

Ages: 16+
Sylvester Stallone, Yvette Monreal, Paz Vega, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Adriana Barraza
Summary: John Rambo is a Vietnam War veteran that is trying to find peace by keeping horses in Arizona. He is also getting close to a woman known as Maria and her teenage granddaughter, Gabriela. When a malicious Mexican kidnaps Gabriella, Rambo gets back into the game by going on a bloody quest to rescue his friend.
Director: Adrian Grunberg
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Mystery, Suspense
Rating: P
Runtime: 89 minutes

What’s the story?

Rambo: Last Blood is an action thriller movie that finalizes the story of Rambo in a very creative and distinctive way. We get to see Rambo once again, and this time around he travels to Mexico because he has to save his niece. He is dealing with the Mexican cartel who stole his niece trying to make him come to them and do some work for them. As you can imagine, Rambo is very hard to bring into this type of mission, so it’s very interesting to see how everything unfolds.

At this point in Time Rambo: Last Blood is all about Rambo’s days as an older man. He is actively trying to stay out of battles and trouble by living a normal life. But obviously normal is not in the vocabulary for Rambo, so chaos ensues and we end up with Rambo dealing with all kinds of trouble and he doesn’t really have any way to go other than solve those things and eventually figure out a way to tackle every issue that appears in the best possible way that he can. Obviously this is not a walk in the park for him.

Despite the fact that this movie was shot in Bulgaria, the action is in Mexico and they did a very good job at making the movie extremely personal and also super focused on the power of Rambo. That really says a lot about Rambo himself and we finally get to see him a little bit older.

There has been quite some time since the past Rambo movies, so being able to see a new way to look at our hero is downright interesting and also quite impressive. You will definitely find the normal array of explosions with Rambo: Last Blood, and the movie does a very good job at keeping the experience as fun and as authentic to the Rambo lore as possible. Which is obviously for the best, because the gameplay itself is convenient, unique and it totally brings in front some powerful mechanics you can see early on.

Is it any good?

With a lot of attention to detail, Rambo: Last Blood focuses a lot on growth and on bringing in a huge range of options for the players. They did a very good job with characters in this movie, because we get to see a new side of Rambo and we are also introduced to his family. That does change the overall spectrum quite a lot and it shows some new relationships and unique moments that Rambo is bringing in to the equation. We found that to be rather exhilarating and also a bit tarrying at first.


Upon seeing Rambo: Last Blood you will be amazed with the tremendous attention to detail and the huge action set pieces provided here. Yes, Rambo might be older and this might very well be his final movie. But it definitely goes out with a bang and you will find some nice creative choices that bring in a lot of homage to the series.

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