Terminator: Dark Fate

September 19, 2019

Movie details

Ages: 16+
Linda Hamilton, Gabriel Luna, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Natalia Reyes, Mackenzie Davis
Summary: A modified liquid terminator, the Rev-9 model arrives in Mexico City to kill a young factory worker called Dani Ramos. Also sent from the future is a hybrid human cyborg, Grace, who is to rescue Ramos from the robotic assassin. Grace finds help from a pair of allies and they are out on an incredible battle.
Director: Tim Miller
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Animation, Drama, Science Fiction, Fantasy
Rating: P
Runtime: 128 minutes

What’s the story?

Terminator: Dark Fate is offering a new story and new characters while also tying in to the old movies as well. It’s something refreshing and also quite exciting to see with this movie, and the best part is that they are paying homage to the old series while also pushing things towards a new direction.

We are now 27 years after the action took place in Terminator 2. The problem that arises is that a modified liquid metal terminator is coming from Skynet and their focus is to terminate a cyborg human hybrid and also her friends.

But the kicker here is that we get to finally see Sarah Connor back from the old movies and there’s also the original Terminator coming in here. The fight is for the future, but it takes place in the present and it really is one of the nicest ideas they could have brought in at this time.

The interesting thing with the liquid metal terminator is that he is pretty much unstoppable. He works extremely hard to bring in something powerful and new into the mix and the best part about all of this is there are some new moves, attacks and so on. The fact that this terminator is liquid does involve a lot of CGI, but based on what we saw the CGI is decent and the immersion factor is still there despite having quite a lot of unrealistic stuff on the screen.

Is it any good?

It’s amazing to see some of the old stuff and some of the new Terminator ideas coming into play in such a creative and powerful manner. It’s certainly very different and also quite demanding at the same time, and the best part is that we have tons of action and insane battles. It’s something different, exciting, powerful but also super creative and extremely tricky to pull off at the same time.

The action scenes are insane as always, in true Terminator fashion. And they did a very good job in basically taking everything off the rails and providing us with a very high octane, extremely intense set of ideas that are working a lot better than you would ever imagine in a movie of this caliber.

One thing is certain, Terminator: Dark Fate is bringing in a lot of CGI and unexpected story twists. We will not share any spoilers, but you can easily imagine that there are tons of things they are not showing in the trailer. And that’s true.


Terminator: Dark Fate on its own is a feast for the eyes and it comes with surprisingly good story too. They are trying to create a new Terminator trilogy with this and the ending is quite unique for the entire series too. It’s definitely something a bit unusual, but it sets the tone for some rather unique and super interesting changes we might be able to see in the future. We believe Terminator: Dark Fate is bound to be one of the top movies of the year, especially for fans of the previous ones!

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