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Ages: 13+
Eddie Redmayne, Himesh Patel, Tom Courtenay, Felicity Jones
Summary: A wealthy, young widow, Amelia Wren and a headstrong scientist, James Glaisher set out to release a balloon that will fly higher than anyone else in history. As their dangerous “flight” minimizes their chances of survival, the pair goes through a period of self-discovery. Soon, they find their places in the world.
Director: Tom Harper
Genre(s): Action, Adventure
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 110 minutes

What’s the story?

The Aeronauts is a stunning, visually impressive balloon adventure where the idea is to show off the true power of balloons and how using them can be quite a staggering experience. In the movie itself we are exploring the adventures of James Gaisher which is a headstrong scientist and a widow named Amelia Wren. They are mounting the balloon and their idea is to go and fly higher than anyone in history. The ascent becomes perilous and it reduces the chances of survival to the point of being too afraid about it.

But as they do that, the duo soon learns more about themselves and a variety of things that continue to show just how unpredictable humanity can really be. It’s a very distinctive and creative movie with charging romantic moments and a plethora of adventures. The Victorian style is very well done in here and they are doing a very good job at offering some amazing vistas.

The movie is inspired by a book written by Richard Holmes in 2013 and it particularly focuses on the record that Glaisher tried to break on his own with help from the stunning widow. A lot of people will like The Aeronauts because it’s about innocence and love at the end of the day. It becomes extremely interesting and creative, and it constantly pushes the boundaries to bring in something nice and fun all the time. It’s an enjoyable movie and the fact that it comes with such sweet ideas is incredible and exciting at the same time.

Is it any good?

We like the overall theme and the great ideas behind the movie to begin with. They are constantly striving to make this very enjoyable and the characteristics, as well as the experiences themselves, are very intricate and unique in their own right.

Of course, we do end up dealing with the decisions that they have to make under the influence of hypoxia and the lack of oxygen. The air is getting thin and they are constantly trying to survive the best way that they can. It’s very different to any other movie out there, through its action and story. At the same time, it comes with tons of exciting challenges and the story doesn’t become stale even if we don’t really have too many active characters inside the movie to begin with. At the end of the day, the focus is still on our main characters and they do a very good job at exploring their life and what they had to do in order to reach this moment.


The movie is fun, interesting and certainly something different when compared to all the other movies out this fall. They are taking quite the risk with such a movie, but at the same time it’s fun, it’s quirky and it continues to show that yes, challenges can appear and you have to deal with them the best way that you can. It’s all the little things that matter and in the end it really is something clever and different.

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