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Ages: 12+
John Ortiz, Tomer Sisley, Melinda Page Hamilton, Mehdi Dehbi, Michelle Monaghan
Summary: Right on the first day of 2020, i.e., Jan 1, Netflix came up with its web TV series ‘The Messiah’. Michael Petroni has created this American thriller series of ten episodes. The story revolves around a man who suddenly appears in the Middle East and how modern people react to him. CIA officer is investigating who is Al-Masih (called by some). The story revolves around a man who suddenly appears in the Middle East and how modern people react to him. CIA officer is investigating who is Al-Masih (called by some). It is something mysterious to know how he can do some apparent miracles that are growing the attention of the international people. His followers claimed him to be the return of Jesus. The web series has got some negative receptions from the Muslim community. Also, there was a request from Jordan’s Royal Film Commission to Netflix in December 2019 to not stream Messiah in their country. It is due to controversial religious content and provocative subject matter included in this series. The main suspense is to find out whether the man is any divine entity in reality or only a deceptive con who is gaining attention. Roma Downey and Mark Burnett produced it. It is no different than a full-featured film that has an international cast and also filmed on various locations of the globe, mostly kingdom.
Director: Michael Petroni
Genre(s): Drama, Mystery, Thriller 
Rating: PG-13

What’s the story?

Netflix’s Messiah series season 1 introduces an enigmatic character whose identity is yet to be fathomed. Created by Michael Petroni, Messiah focuses on how much the world is not prepared for a sequel to a story that billions already believe in. The Netflix drama, Messiah is a political thriller, built about the advent of a young charismatic preacher in Syria. The trailer for this TV series was released on YouTube on December 3, 2019. The 10-part Messiah season 1, directed by Kate Woods, was premiered on Netflix on January 1, 2020. The story revolves around a mysterious young man who catches people’s attention by sudden appearances and disappearances and apparent miracles.

The American thriller web television series, Messiah, is written by an Australian film writer and director, Michael Petroni, who’s credited as an executive producer and creator. Up to this point, the show has received much appreciation from varying believers and non-believers as it is based on religion and faith. The show has earned a rating of 7.7/10 on IMDb, 40% on rotten tomatoes and 3/5 on common sense media, which is a significant victory on such a controversial subject. You can effortlessly watch the series on Netflix.

Is it any good?

The trailer opens with this puzzling statement “He’s come out of nowhere”, leaving the audience in awe and amazement. The central role played by Mehdi Dehbi is a secret character, not revealing his own identity. ‘He’s leading desperate people” without even disclosing to whom he’s associated. The narrator in the trailer suspects ”he could be creating an army” or he could be a detective. The narrator also adds that ‘’He clearly had help’’ which means a kind of mystical support that makes him do superhuman activities.                                                   

A CIA officer investigates this strange young man who’s attracting international attention and followers through acts of public interference. Messiah is arrested by police and seems to have unwarranted knowledge of his personal history. He is interrogated by a man in the Israeli Army about his objective. To answer, Messiah says “Delivering a message” from my father. Messiah’s father is another enigma in the trailer. As the trailer progresses, we can see miracles performed by Messiah, like saving a girl’s life and then disappearing supernaturally. Jailed, Messiah was captured in the trailer saying that ‘‘It’s the nature of my work” when questioned by CIA officer about his work’s designation, he replies, it’s ”God’s work”. The CIA officer is seen firmly determined to reveal his true identity but later it brings troubles to the officer’s own life. At the end of the trailer, we hear Messiah saying ”This is bigger than what you can imagine”.                                                                                                                                            


‘’Messiah’’ actually means an anointed one rather than Jesus Christ himself. In the show, Mehdi Dehbi being a Messiah fearlessly spreads the message of love, peace, and unity. The show is zeitgeist as it is concerned with spreading awareness about what is going on in the world. The series is created in such a way that it gives an open invitation to the viewers to argue about it according to their perspective as it is not a singular experience. The show will increase the conversation globally, not just in America only but across the globe. The series is going to be helpful in the understanding and connection with the divine. People all over the world are in search of knowledge and meaning, the show is made for such curious ones to find an answer. It is an entire mystery that is successful in keeping the spectators hooked with suspense until the very end.

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