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Ages: 17+
Charlize TheronKiKi Layne, Matthias Schoenaerts
Summary: The old guard has a very interesting story, very talented actors and it is also very well directed. This action-packed movie having a lead role of a female star (Charlize Theron) is a must-watch movie. The directing of action scenes, script, and concept of immortality in this film make it one of the best action movies on Netflix.
Director: Gina Prince-Bythewood
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Fantasy 
125 minutes

What’s the story?

The old guard is a movie of immortals who go on dangerous rescue missions to save people. They were all very skillful and trained. They are a team of four including Andy, Booker, Joe, and Nicky. One day they were set up by a security agent named Copley. Copley set them up by giving them a location of school children held hostage in South Sudan. When they arrive at that location they saw that they are being trapped. They were attacked by the army of Copley but they survive.

After they survive that attack their senses tell them there is also another immortal present on earth. Nile was the name of the fifth immortal. She was serving in Afghanistan as a US marine. Andy extract Nile from the base in Afghanistan and ask her to be the part of their team. Nile was first very confused but later Andy explains to her all the powers that she posses. Then Nile agrees to become a part of their team of immortals. On the other hand, Copley shows the video that was taken when they were attacked by the army in South Sudan to the CEO of pharmaceutical company Steven Merrick. Merrick then sends his army to capture all of them to perform scientific experiments on them.

The old Guard 2

The army of Merrick attacks them in Paris and capture two of them (Nicky and Joe). Andy tries to fight with the army and stop them from taking Nicky and Joe but she fails. She gets injured during the fight and finds out that her power of immortality is gone. Booker on the other hand finds out the location of Copley. When Andy and Booker reach that location, Andy finds out that Booker was betraying them and he is the one who told them their location in Paris. Andy asks Booker why he betrayed them and Booker replies that Merrick laboratories might help them to end their immortality.

During this Booker realizes that Andy lost the power of immortality and she is not healing. But the forces of Merrick take them both to the Merrick laboratories. Copley then later realizes that Merrick is not finding a cure they are torturing them to death. Nile then prepares to rescue her team from the Merrick laboratory in London. Nile then rescues her team and kill the CEO Merrick. In the end, they all agree to punish Booker by not contacting him for 100 years.

Is it any good?

The old guard is a movie filled with action. There are a lot of well-directed action scenes in this movie. This movie has all the feelings like great villains, the backstory of the main character, betrayal, rescue missions, and a perfect ending for the sequel. The film was directed in such a way that the audience will fully understand all the characters and get attach to them.

This film was inspired by the comic book written by Greg Rucka. One of the best scenes in the film is the fight between Andy and Nile on the plane. That scene was very well displayed that you can see every move of both of them. This movie is different from other superhero movies because this movie has its taste and something new. All characters have their stories and two of them are couple that are together from the crusades.

The old Guard 1

This is a Netflix Original movie and it has the potential of being a franchise. At the start of the movie, it feels like a regular action movie but later it is much more than a regular action movie. This movie has its own story and feels that audience gets attached to it. Charlize Theron played the character of Andy very well. The visual effects in the movie were world-class. All the visual effects in the movie make you feel like an original scene.

People who like action movie this is perfect for them. This is a must-watch movie for the action fans. It is an excellent movie for fans of comics and superhero movies. Gina Prince-Bythewood the director of movies like Beyond the Lights directed this action pack film. The script for this film was written in Rucka. The characters of this movie are very compelling and the plot was very well told. Charlize Theron always plays the action roles very well and she also put the soul in this movie by her action scenes.


The movie told the story of all the characters in this film very clearly and beautifully that audience fell attached to them. The origin of their immortality and their story of fighting wars for a long time was also told very beautifully. As the old guard was based on the comics but still it is showed in such a way that the audience sees it as a new story. Gina Prince-Bythewood is the director of this movie. This one of the best movie she ever directed. It is written by Greg Rucka.

The cast of this movie has big names like Charlize Theron who played the role of Andy. Charlize Theron as usual always does her best and make the movie worth watching. There also other talented actors in the cast of this movie including KiKi Layne (Nile), Matthias Schoenaerts (Booker), Marwan Kenzari (Joe), Luca Marinelli (Nicky), Chiwetel Ejiofor (Copley), Harry Melling (Merrick) and many more. The old guard is a worth watching movie.

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