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Summary: The man in this series is going on about with his regular life when a stranger approaches and tells him a secret. The stranger is a young lady wearing a baseball cap. As the show progresses, we discover that she is related with more secrets. The man is affected by the information and consequently, his wife disappears.

What’s the story?

Recently a British TV series named “The Stranger” has been released on Netflix and has gotten colossal attention of its viewers! As a result, it is a big hit for Netflix. It is trending on social media with full of discussions of its audiences posting their opinions as reactions. One truth is the fact that this thriller series is based on a novel with the same title, released in 2015!

In December 2019, the twitter handle of Netflix UK and Ireland had already revealed the first look of the series. It has mentioned the main character of the upcoming episodes of their new show in a few words. Further, on 16th Jan 2020, a new trailer was released. It was to confirm the release of nail-biting thriller series to be released on 30th Jan 2020 on Netflix!

The best fact about the series is the story is divided into eight parts (each of them is about an hour long) and works well in engaging its viewers. Hence, it is worth to watch ‘the Strangers’ as a UK crime thriller series available to stream on Netflix!

You might haven’t watched the series before! Are you excited in knowing about the summary of its story? The title is based on an eerie woman. She is a stranger for people but still knows their deepest secrets.

Her motto is to reveal the secrets of happy families and disturb their relations. She is dealing with personal demons, also having some past experience while facing them. She targets families to gain money from them by blackmailing!

On the other hand, Adam Price is a family man and a father of two. He is living a peaceful life suddenly needs to face ups and downs when she informed him about the secret past of his wife, Corinne.

She met him in a bar and offered some super-secret information that adds doubts to his mind about his wife. Further, it raises to become a big conspiracy that completely breaks his whole family.

Thus, the story runs with many thrills comes alongside. They are enough to grab the attention of viewers on what will be going to happen next. No one wants to skip an episode since each of them includes the essential part of the story.

As a quick outlook on the casting, the lead character of Adam Price is played by Richard Armitage. The title role of ‘The Stranger’ has been performed by well-known villain Hannah John-Kamen. Siobhan Finneran has done a great job to play the role of cop DS Johanna Griffin.

The famous actress Jennifer Saunders is appearing as Heidi (the close friend of Johanna). Also, you can see notable performances by other actors like Kadiff Kirwan, Dervla Kirwan, Jacob Dudman, Paul Kaye, Shaun Dooley.

Is it any good?

You might have watched the TV series, but do you know that it is not the exact copy of the novel from which its story has been inspired! Let us check out them.

There are many differences between the script of the TV series and written version of the story penned by Harlan Corben. Here are they:

1) Addition of New Twists

As per the novel version, the stranger is Chris Taylor, yes, who is a man. The author didn’t want the TV makers to include exactly everything in the story as in the Book. You can identify it well by comparing the conclusion of the novel with the last episode of the TV series.

Thanks to the author again! He tried his best to present the TV series with something refreshing, especially for those who have already read his novel. Hence, there is a notable change in the subplot. There is an addition of the character named Edward Price with some related twists in the story in the TV version that does not feature in the novel.

Another change is according to the novel’s story. The character Martin Killane’s who cares for his wife who has dementia and she do not want to leave their home due to familiar surroundings. In TV series Killane is a murderer of his wife and stored her body behind the walls of his house.

In the TV series version, there is a slight twist in the way Adam was found as the suspect of Ingrid’s death as specified in the novel. The writers of the TV version of the story has taken some ideas from the personal life of Richard Armitage.

It has been done with the help of Corben has added many biographical things into the character of Adam Price from his own life. He was the author’s choice for the role hence selected for it directly without audition!

2) Alterations in Story

In the Netflix episodes, there is only a single partner of ‘stranger’, i.e. Ingrid who is sometimes also known as Gabrielle. But, in the novel version, the stranger has a team with four other people named Merton, Eduardo, Gabrielle and Ingrid who are two different persons.

In the novel version, the story belongs to the place in New Jersey, United States. There the family of Price lives and the Stanger operates from Pennsylvania. However, in the TV version, the fictional story has been directed on the visuals of Greater Manchester, England.

There is a character named Patrick Katz who has three sons as per the novel, but in the Netflix TV version, he has one daughter. In the novel, the investigation of various crimes and murders is done by the Johanna Griffin along with Norbert Prendergast. Now in the Netflix version, the police chief is partnered with DC Wes Ross or ‘the infant’.


A large number of online content streaming community has appreciated the episodes of The Stanger TV Series. Critics have also acclaimed it as anxiety-inducing, compelling, and bingeable drama series.

So there is a massive demand for its second season, but Netflix has not confirmed about it yet. However, the rumors say it will be back sooner probably by the start of next year! Till the time you can enjoy watching the series repeatedly as homework.

You can brainstorm the secrets that are left unrevealed in the first season and probably they will be highlighted and cleared in Season-2. Also, if you are good at reading and interested in this Novel full of mysterious pages, then this is the right time to get a copy for you!

We didn’t reveal its complete story here that might ruin your joy to watch or read it by yourself from start to end! The post is an insight into the story for people who haven’t experience the thrill of ‘Strangers’. By the way, it has got the IMDB rating of 7.5 with 10k+ votes! So, if you haven’t watched it yet then give yourself a nice thrilling treat!!!

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