Adventure Films That Broke The Hollywood

March 03, 2018

Do you want to see some thrilling action? You need to watch adventure movies in HD. Everybody loves adventure movies. This is because they usually contain a bit of everything which includes comedy, action, war, love, romance, and every other thing in between.

Over the years, there have been tons of adventure movies that were released but only a few broke the Hollywood Blockbuster Billboard. In some cases, these movies are hard to define but when you see one, you will instantly know it is an adventure movie. Most movies are usually about the search for fortune and glory.

Each adventure is unique and will take characters different places in search of a particular thing which could be a fortune. From Star Wars to Jurassic Park, and Lord of the Rings, there are tons of adventure movies that were so popular back in the day.

Apart from the search for fortune and glory, some of these adventure movies are about the search for love and romance. Back in the day, some of them are not in HD. Fortunately; you can watch some of these adventures movies in HD free online.

If you are looking for the best adventure movies to keep you busy throughout the weekend, these 5 movies have been named as 5 best adventure movies of all time.

Pirates Of The Caribbean

As of today, Pirates Of The Caribbean is still regarded as one of the best adventure movies of all time. This movie was an instant hit when it was released back in 2003. If you have not watched this movie, you need to watch it today or even watch it again.

It is also regarded as Johnny Depp’s finest act. It is not every day that you see this type of movie. Many years have gone and fans all over the world still love this movie. It told the story of how a young man teamed up with his friends to rescue a damsel in distress.

Pirates Of The Caribbean combines comedy, action, love, and more to bring to you one of the best adventure movies of all times. This movie was long, around 143 minutes, so you are guaranteed of spending your entire night engrossed in this adventure. Even if you have watched this movie before, you will need to watch it again.

Jurassic Park

This Steven Spielberg finest work will go down as the best adventure movie of all times. For many decades after it was initially released, most people can’t stop talking about how awesome this movie is.

Jurassic Park won all awards in the book when it was released. It was a blockbuster movie that many people have to watch so many times. Jurassic Park told the story of how a scientist cloned a dinosaur and risked the life of tourists. What made this movie so good is that it is well-scripted and well-acted that you will feel that the event actually happened in real life.

If you’ve never seen Jurassic Park before, you need to watch it today in HD. Fortunately, there are tons of adventure movies you can watch today online free.

The Princess Bride

This is an adventure movie based on love and romance. This movie answered the question “if love can conquer all things?”. It was a reenactment of William Goldman’s novel.

This movie told the story of how a young man set out on an adventure to get back a girl who is the love of his life but was forced to marry an evil prince. If you believe in love but you haven’t seen this movie before, you need to watch it as soon as possible. The Prince Bride, as well as other adventure movies, are now available in HD and you can watch them online free.

The Way Back

This thrilling adventure story is very intriguing and it is one of the best adventure movies of all times. It tells the story of how a group of men has to go on an unimaginable 4,000 miles in the wilderness in order to survive after escaping a Soviet Gulag in Serbia.

These men have to find a way to survive in the freezing forests and barren deserts. The movie featured stars like Colin Farrel, Ed Harris, and Jim Sturgess. If you haven’t seen this movie before, you really need to see it today.


Alive is one of the best adventure movies that is based on a true-life story. It tells the grueling story of the members of Uruguayan rugby team who survived a plane crash in the wilderness of Andes. These people have to take desperate measures in order to stay alive. The movie is all about survival and harrowing experience these people have trying to survive. The movie featured actors such as Ethan Hawke.


Adventure movies are fun and intriguing. If you really want to catch the best adventure movies of all time, make sure you watch these 5 movies on our list. But don’t stop there; you can still watch a number of free HD movies online. We have best HD movies you can watch for free on our site.

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