Who doesn’t like to hang out and enjoy Tony Stark’s undisputed wit? However, as with any story, it is always a good idea to form that connection with the protagonist to really enjoy it fully. Therefore, it is a good idea to identify the best Iron Man movies. Each Iron Man moves takes you on a ride to discover the Billionaire philanthropist and superhero’s adrenaline-packed and exciting story. 

Yet, this is not all you will experience as each movie builds up Tony stark’s character into the superhero we’ve all come to love.  Thus, to make the journey easier and enjoyable for you, we’ve compiled the best Iron Man movies in order of the best since the franchise’s inception so you can fully immerse yourself in this thrilling action story.

Iron Man 3

The latest release of the Iron Man Franchise, Iron Man 3 movie was released in 2013. You should also remember that a few months before the release of Iron Man 3, Tony stark was still hot on our screens after the first Avengers movie. Therefore, there was no better time to spring him back on to the screen than during the same year to maintain the superstar momentum. 

Yet, Iron Man 3 is not only proof of masterful marketing strategy but writing, directing, and acting as well. Yes, for those who love a lot of suit action, this is certainly the movie for you. However, Iron Man 3 also reintroduces fans to the man, Tony Stark, at a more personal level. Unlike the second Iron man, what makes this release the best iron man movie is it combines the action-packed scenes that many people have come to know and love as well as the genius brain behind. 

Robert Downey Jr. manages to deliver an excellent reflection of Tony stark – his struggles with PTSD, his marriage to Potts, and even his obsessive compulsiveness to build these power-packed suits. Whilst the movie maintains the superpower and genius element of Iron man, it still manages to connect the viewers to Tony stark at a more emotional level.

As if that itself is not enough, Iron Man 3 still goes on to challenge the whole movie build-up and the overall view of the superhero gadgets – the compromises made even with the expense of a loved one’s life. Iron Man 3 truly is a roller coaster; however, it offers a ride that anyone would enjoy. Furthermore, it goes to remind super fans that Tony Stark remains to be human.

Iron Man

Released in 2008, this is the movie that introduced Robert Downey Jr.’s portrayal of Tony Stark – and it was a success. This box office success had a mix of all the best features we like about Iron Man. However, the best part about it is how it addresses Tony Stark’s sides as a fun-loving yet arrogant billionaire, the captive, the genius scientist who works with what he has and all the way to his big reveal to the world.

Sure the movie is a big-budget film, however, every aspect of it was worth the spend. The acting, style, scenes, and even the suit action have all realistically captured the portrayal in the comic book. One can simply say that Iron man truly brings the comic book to our screens. Plus, there isn’t a better option to portray Tony Stark than Robert Downey Jr. as he encompasses all the characteristics covered by tony stark in the comic book.

He masterfully combines eccentrics, cartoony characteristics, an introvert personality, and deep emotions throughout the movie – and at the right times. Iron Man sets precedence for the next two sequels and truly does make the viewer look forward to the next one!

Iron Man 2

The answer to which Iron Man movie is the best becomes hazy during this stage because it depends on the fan’s taste. If you are a fan of Iron Man for its action-packed scenes, masterful hand to hand combat, and the tech craze throughout the movie – the second trilogy is what you want to get straight to. Iron Man 2 was released in 2010-two years after the release of the first Iron Man Movie.

In Iron Man 2, we are even introduced to new supporting actors that solidify the movie and help to create a more comprehensive and stable story. Whilst Iron man 2 on his own is an interesting and captivating main character, the addition of Lieutenant Colonel James Rhode played by Don Cheadle as he transforms into War Machine and Black Widow played by Scarlett Johansson takes the movie to a whole new level.

Yet, some fans and reviewers would argue otherwise. Aside from these small distracting details, Iron Man 2 movie doesn’t do justice for itself but rather sets the solid groundwork for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Unlike many sequels, the Iron Franchise has done an excellent job in its third sequel so far – maintaining the same scene-stealing performance. In fact, this makes Iron Man 3 – the best Iron Man movie. However, as a viewer, this is not where you should fixate your focus on.

If you want to understand the complexities of the movie whilst enjoy action-packed scenes, excellent motion picture work, and appreciate even the offscreen efforts, you certainly want to immerse yourself in all the three Iron Man movies. Nevertheless, each sequel boasts enough of a story to let it stand on its own.

For example, if you want to focus much on the suit action, hand to hand combat, artistic fight moves, and even Tony Stark’s undisputed intelligence – surprisingly, the second trilogy, Iron man 2, is what you want to invest your time in. If you want to focus more on who Tony Stark really is or connect to the superhero at an emotional level – the third trilogy, Iron Man 3. At the end of the day, you can also determine which Iron Man move is the best based on your own preferences.

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